Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cookie Month Cookie Jar

Cookie Month! What a perfect time to pay tribute to "The Poet of the People" Michigan's Poet Laureate, Edgar A Guest. Cookie Month, Cookbook Month, I'm in heaven! It just so happens that I have the cutest little cookie jar cookbook titled of course The Cookie Jar filled with recipes for cookies, cakes & candies.

The Cookie Jar by Edgar A. Guest

Like the love of the mother it shines through our years,

It has soothed all our hurts and has dried away tears;

It has paid us for toiling; in sorrow or joy,

It has always shown kindness to each girl and boy;

And I'm sorry for people, whoever they are,

who live in a house where there's no cookie jar.

I suppose cookbook collectors are like any other collectors, we tend to branch off down different paths in our collections. When I first began collecting cookbooks, I would scavenge anywhere and everywhere just to get another book. I asked everyone I knew to give me a cookbook in lieu of anything else. I didn't care whether it was brand new or, tattered and loved. As my collection grew, I thought I would taper off a bit. So, I devoted my time to locating different cookbooks from every state. That was taking longer then I cared to wait so while I was collecting state cookbooks, I also discovered my first issue of American Cookery Magazine. I was in LOVE! Still am actually. I have hundreds of them now and I plan to share their signatures with you. Within my collection of cookbooks and now anything food related, I grew a fondness for advertising booklets. You know those rewards you get from companies promoting their products. Send in 2 box tops with your name and address and we'll send you our attractive little booklet with all our recipes. These days, you usually include money. I guess you could say I was on the advertising cookbooks kick for a while. I decided it was time to narrow down my paths. No, I don't want to... Let's see, I'll go through my collection (once again, I don't need an excuse) and see if I have duplicate cookbooks or food notes and magazines that I can part with? I did and I'm sorry...When I finally recuperated, I focused on die-cut cook booklets. (as I call them:)

They in themselves have an unique history. Let's see if I can remember. Something about the printing industry developing a technique (this is in the early 1900's I believe. Maybe late 1800's.) They made an outline of a product on wooden rollers. Say for instance a can of soup. Then, printers put thin blades on the outline. The outline was cut out into shapes. I think they did this for many items at the time, like, greeting cards, menus, and other advertising items. Die-cut booklets for the masses. Not only were they darling, useful, and filled with tempting recipes, people remembered the product! I don't collect them for decorating effects but, if my email is any sign of the newly found interest in them, many people use them to decorate their walls. indeed, many of them look like works of art. One more thing, and I really shouldn't be telling you this, if you're a cookbook collector or are just looking for something original and cozy to decorate your walls, search them out! They are difficult to find, but after you get your first, there's no turning back.

As a new blogger, I'm still stumbling my way through the amazing maze of blogging websites related to food. Each day, I try to visit at least one new blog in Google. Someday, I hope to make one of those Favorite Blog headings in my sidebar. Kathy's blog at Food Company Cookbooks will certainly be in that list. As a matter of fact, I'm going to leave my very first ever comment at her blog. Her blog is filled with advertising cookbooks, from what I did get to see, many times she includes recipes. The best part though is her knowledgeable insight and her enthusiasm for sharing. She even has a website where she sells them. I went right over to see if she had any die-cut cookbooks but all I could find was a Wesson Oil one which I already have. I will be watching though. She does have a wonderful assortment of advertising booklets though and I will be going back. Here are a few more resources:

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