Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October is Cookbook Month

Have I mentioned I LOVE! cookbooks? Not that I need much of an excuse to celebrate cookbooks, but, October is National Cookbook Month! I found this little poem in a cookbook titled Granny's Kitchen by Theone Lefel Neel (Granny:)

I am a lonely cookbook
a sittin on the shelf
Although I'm full of goodies
I'm no good there by myself
I need someone to pick me up
and look inside my cover
And if you do, I promise you
A new world you will discover.

Today is National Fried Scallops Day. The scallop is perhaps best known for its beautiful and distinctive shell. The beauty of the shell has inspired many works of ornamental art dating back thousands of years.

I prefer my scallops simply fried in a little bit of butter and lots of garlic. However, I am more than intrigued by this recipe from the Fall issue of Art Culinaire. Its title; Catfish and Scallops with Lobster Foam. Enjoy:)

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3. Catfish, Scallops & Lobster foam

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