Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Online Cookbooks

As Cookbook Month comes to a close, I have sifted through a few of my notes and websites to gather a collection of online cookbooks. Most of these places are dedicated websites that offer a glimpse into the enchanting journey American cookbooks have taken through the years. A couple of them offer lists of published cookbooks which can be very helpful when adding to a cookbook collection.

  • Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project

    The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum have partnered to create an online collection of some of the most influential and important American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The goal of this project is to make these materials available to a wider audience.

    Digital images of the pages of each cookbook are available as well as full text transcriptions and the ability to search within the books, across the collection, in order to find specific information.

  • Historical Culinary & Brewing Documents Online

    This page contains links to a growing number of old culinary & brewing texts that are now available online. We are compiling a list of people who are working on additional transcription or translation projects involving old cookbooks and cookery manuscripts in order to avoid duplication of effort.

  • Nicole Di Bona Peterson Collection of Advertising Cookbooks

    Advertising cookbooks are a means for food companies and appliance manufacturers to promote use of their products by providing recipes and home hints. Whereas early examples often are simple and printed in black and white, later booklets increasingly were attractively printed with color art or photographs. Advertising cookbooks provide information about American foodways, kitchen technology, gender roles in the household, and much more. The Title Page and Table of Contents or Index for each cookbook have been transcribed and are searchable. The publications in this category may be browsed by subject/product name and by title.

  • The David Walker Lupton
    African American Cookbook Collection

    This is a list of African American cookbooks donated by Mr. Lupton. The University of Alabama Libraries recently received one of the largest collections of African American cookbooks in the country – some 450 volumes covering the period from 1827, when the first book with recipes by an African American was published, through the year 2000.

  • Recipe Pamphlets in the Chef Louis Szathmary Collection of Culinary Arts (list)

    Presented to the University Libraries as part of the Chef Louis Szathmáry II Collection of Culinary Arts, the recipe pamphlets represent another facet of culinary history. These ephemeral publications, which were generally produced and distributed by various food companies and kitchen appliance manufacturers to draw attention to their products, often wore out from heavy use, or were thrown out because they outlived their usefulness.

  • A Cookbook Lover's Guide to The Culinary Arts Institute and Culinary Arts Press

    This website proposes to be a history of the Culinary Arts Institute, based in Chicago, which has published many useful cookbooks throughout the years and which at one time was the leading publisher of cooking literature.

  • A Guide to Pillsbury Cookbooks

  • Not By Bread Alone America's Culinary Heritage (Cornell University Library)

  • The Hearth Project

    HEARTH - Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History
    Mann Library at Cornell University has begun work to preserve and make available electronically essential and influential books and journals in the field of home economics, focusing on items published in the United States before 1950.

  • Food Company Cookbooks

    Food Company Cookbooks is a blog where Kathy shares historical notes and recipes from her many promotional cookbooks. Advertising cookbooks have become very popular avenues for collectors to gain access to how products have evolved through the years.

  • Books for Cooks @ The British Library

    This unique collection of cookery books will transport you back in time. It will take you to medieval banqueting tables laden with peacocks and pastry ships; to the medicine cabinets of noblewomen; and to royal picnics in the jungle. It will show you how the poor were encouraged to re-use coffee grounds in Victorian London, and how a rationed population attempted to stay healthy during World War 2. You will find recipes for puddings and roasts, for beauty treatments and bed bug repellents, for pies made with live birds and frogs, and for dishes spiced with ingredients as valuable as jewels.

  • Lost & Found Cookbooks (blog)

    This blog is a place to examine some of the more interesting or charming old cookbooks that come our way in more depth. Whenever possible, we also post corresponding recipes and other relevant links to definitions or other related cookbooks.


  1. Hi Louise-- Gosh, your site(s) are chock full of interesting info along with some really incredible links. I am sure I could spend an enormous amount of time wandering through your blogs without ever getting bored. Someone would have to pry me away from the computer.

    :) Jane

  2. Hi Jane, I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. I do have a tendency to get a bit carried away when it comes to cookbooks. I really need to check these links to make sure they are all in proper working order:)

    Thanks again. October is National Cookbook Month so I suspect I'll be posting more about cookbooks in the future!!!

    Drop by anytime, the "door" is always open:)

  3. You have full of ideas. Keep it up.


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