Friday, October 5, 2007

Thimble Club Cookbook

By now, you must know, I LOVE cookbooks! I especially like cookbooks that offer a bit more than recipes. The Thimble Club Cookbook is one of those books. This little gem was compiled by The Thimble Club of North Adams, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, like many fund raising organizational cookbooks, this edition is undated. The only glimpse into its past is the caligraphy ink inscription to Annie L. Snyder Fish April 21, 1911.

I simply adore the headings for each chapter in this book. I know it may sound silly, but, I just think they are so cute. For instance, under the heading chapter for vegetables, we find this little diddy.

The onion strong, the parsnip sweet
The twining bean, the ruddy beet;
Yea, all the garden brings to light,
Speak it landscape of delight.
Here's one for salads:
A Man's Reason
I love her for her pretty face,
Her eyes seductive splendor,
I love her for her winsome grace,
Her heart so true and tender.
I love her for her manners gay,
The way she sings a ballad;
I love her best, though, for the way
She makes a lobster salad.

There are a few more chapter headings dolloped with sweet sayings that I will probably use to decorate other entries someday. But for now, I leave you to ponder this:
Rhymes To Remember
Veal cutlet dip in egg and bread crumbs:
Fry till you see a brownish red come.
In dressing salad mind this law.
With two hard yolks use one that's raw.
Your mutton chops with paper cover.
And make them amber brown all over.
Broil lightly your beef steak, to fry it
Argues contempt of Christian diet.
To roast spring chicken is to spoil them;
Just split them down the back and broil them.
The cook deserves a hearty cuffing
Who serves roast fowl with tasteless stuffing.
Egg sauce-few make it right alas!
Is good with blue fish, or with bass.
Nice oyster sauce gives zest to cod-
A fish, when fresh, to feast a God.
But one might rhyme for weeks this way,
And still have lots of things to say.

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