Wednesday, January 30, 2008

February is...

All around looks sad and dreary,
Fast the flaky snow descends;
Yet the red-breast chirrups cheerily,
While the mitten'd lass attends.

February is...

...Do you get a case of the mubblefubbles in February? How about the mulligrubs? Me too sometimes, but, not this year. No not I. Why you ask? The month of February has so many tantalizingly tasty days to nourish us through the rest of the winter, why be melancholy? What's the first day that comes to mind? Valentine's Day? Yes, can't deny Valentine's Day. It sure can be a cure for bouts of the blues, not for everyone though. Some rather celebrate National Gum Drop Day baking a Gum Drop Cake. Let's talk Ground Hog day. Now groundhogs and Kiwifruit are both cute, cuddly, brown and furry. Cuddly and furry Kiwifruit? I had to think about that for a moment also when I read it on the California Kiwifruit site. Mmmm...Kiwifruit day is February 2nd. Chinese Gooseberries even sounds like a good cure for grumpiness, don't you think? A case of the "blue devils", Super Bowl Sunday is February 3 this year. Although, I don't watch football, I will certainly be able to gain a smile once I share some tailgating recipes with you. And you, you get to prepare them if you like. February 6, 2008 is Food Check Out Day. Food Check Out Day is part of Food Check Out Week which is a weekly celebration of the American harvest. Come on now, you can crack a grin for the American harvest and it's unsung farmers. Widen up that grin, "When applied to calendar days, the average American will have earned enough income to pay for the family's annual food supply just five weeks into 2008, Food Check Out Day. And while your checking out those groceries, don't forget to return those shopping carts. It's Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month too!

Feeling miserable? Eat some potatoes. February is Potato Lovers' Month. Sweet potato, red potato, yellow potato, Idaho potato, any ol' potato will lift that depressed spirit. Wait a second, potatoes don't do it for you? How about a nice bowl full of cherries? February is National Cherry Month too! You just can't feel bleak with a big bowl of cherries in front of you. Can you? Still feeling melancholy? February is National Grapefruit Month. You must admit, churning up that face to the first taste of a grapefruit is enough to send anyone singing into the month of March. Don't believe me? Try it in front of a mirror. Don't have time for grapefruit? Running out the door are you? If you really want to get those doses of Vitamin C, I suppose you could (do I dare:) try canned grapefruit. Stop! don't do it, I couldn't stand myself for recommending canned grapefruit even if Del Monte says it's Canned Food Month. Have a healthy snack instead. It's also Snack Food Month. Have a a convivial gathering celebrating the Great American Pie this month (pie day was in January) after all, it's Bake for Family Fun Month also. If that doesn't make you jovial, I know just the dish you need. You need to celebrate National Pot Roast Month. Just the thought of Pot Roast eases those pangs of sadness and evokes slow simmering Sunday dinners with family, friends and loved ones.

No gloomy days here, February is going to be quite a busy month at Months of Edible Celebrations. I haven't even nibbled away at the many morsels to come. The calendar (upper left corner) will give you a glimpse, but even that isn't filled to the brim---YET!

No Grumps Here

I'm also looking forward to February 11, it's Inventors' Day. I actually thought February was Inventors' Month but that's not until August. I'm kinda glad about that because as I said, there's a lot going on this month and I haven't totally updated my Tasteful Inventions page. I compiled it a long time ago on AOL and have left it up there until I can figure out how to transfer it to blogging. I was quite choosy about the links I chose when I did it way back when so most of the links are still good. Thank goodness. So my plan is to work on it but now I can at least procrastinate a bit longer:) I do want to celebrate Inventor's Day though, but, there are also so many birthdays this month. I suppose the best thing to do would be to start with those inventors who have a birthday this month such as Margaret Knight (of paper bag fame) continue with a few additional inventions and then introduce birthday stars such as Fernand Petiot (of Bloody Mary fame), Ruth Siems (Stove Top) author Peg Bracken who was also born in February. Whoops, I almost forgot Claude R. Wickard (sliced bread fame). Oh, what's the sense, there are so many more. You will just have to visit often. Smile:) Here are a few nibbles...

Resources (you will leave this blog when you open these)

  • 1. Great American Pie Month
  • 2. Canned Food Month (Del Monte web site)
  • 3. Cherry Month
  • 4. Snack Food Month
  • 5. Grapefruit Month

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  1. When i think of February, what first comes to my mind is Valentine's Day.


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