Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

"Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings"

Who is the Apple of your Eyes?
When a person looks at something or someone and it is the object of their affection it fills the pupils of their eyes. Long ago the word aeppel also meant eyes as it did apple. So blurring the vision with the object of love became 
"The Apple of One's Eyes."

A Bit of Fun For Single People Only!
That reminds me of another bit of scroggling. Well not really that would have to be a rotten apple. Don't do this if you are married. If you can manage it, peel an apple without letting the peel break so it is in one continuous circle. Didn't you watch Sleepless in Seattle? When your done, don't throw it away. Hold it over your head with your right hand and circle it around the top 3 times. When your done drop it over your left shoulder. The letter it forms when it falls to the floor is the intitial of your future mate.
Lostwords & Meanings
Belly timber-food
Lip clap-a kiss
Mally-affectionate, fond
Yoske-to hic cup
Snapsauce-licking one's fingers
Wog-food on the face
Scork-corer for apples
Inkle-to attend a party uninvited
Pingle-to eat with a small appetite
Glop-swallow greedily
Poplolly-a special loved one
Yarken-to prepare
Yix-a hic cup
Snawk-to smell
Reelpot-person who passes the drinking jug
Chank-eat noisily, chomp
Lug-a fruit basket
Quaggle-to shake like jelly
Harvested from Lost Words of Love by Susan Kelz Sperling

P.S. Today is also the anniversary of the birth of Mattie Knight. At twelve years old Mattie Knight was often referred to as "The Lady Edison." 


  1. How interesting I had never heard of these lost words of love.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for visiting. The author has quite a few books to her credit. There are so many interesting "Lostwords"

    I just chose a few for today!


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