Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day: Recipes in the Signs

I wanted to post something special as a tribute to election day but, I just couldn't figure out what. First, I thought state recipes would be possible candidates. Perhaps, a recipe from Illinois, Delaware, Arizona and Alaska. I could have gone through a few of my political cookbooks and picked a few Democratic and Republican recipes. Honestly, I really would have liked to have done that but, alas, I plum ran out of time. (I had to make my way back to PA in time to vote:) I know, I'll post a few "governmental recipes." I doubt that's what they are really called but hey, it's still a free country and I can call them anything I want. You may know them better as recipes with names such as Senate Bean Soup or Election Day Cake, traditional government recipes. As you will see below, they've all been pretty well hashed out.

Presidential Plums

A funny thing happened on the way to my old Aol pages. They are all gone. I mean completely gone. I tried to do a search for Delaware Cry Babies, a recipe I posted a very long time ago on the 4th of July, and lo and behold, gone! As was another page I posted for Presidents' Day back in 1995. It was called Presidential Plums and it too is gone:( I could write a whole post about how I feel about this particular situation; I won't. Instead, I will design a new Presidential Plums post, so there!

I suppose I'm feeling a bit feisty today. I'm going to attribute that to the fact that tonight is the eve of Election Day 2008. I don't mind saying, Whew! I'm glad it is coming to an end. Who will become the new "political plum" is anyone's guess.

Democratic Donkey & Republican Elephant

Did you ever wonder why the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is Election Day? Actually, I never gave it much thought until a few weeks ago. I remember exactly when if not what channel...

For much of our history, America was a predominantly agrarian society. (I didn't know what it meant I figured maybe someone else didn't either:) Law makers therefore took into account that November was perhaps the most convenient month for farmers and rural workers to be able to travel to the polls...source

How about the donkey and the elephant logo's? Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified.

The now-famous Democratic donkey was first associated with Democrat Andrew Jackson's 1828 presidential campaign. His opponents called him a jackass (a donkey), and Jackson decided to use the image of the strong-willed animal on his campaign posters. Later, cartoonist Thomas Nast used the Democratic donkey in newspaper cartoons and made the symbol famous.
Nast invented another famous symbol—the Republican elephant. In a cartoon that appeared in Harper's Weekly in 1874, Nast drew a donkey clothed in lion's skin, scaring away all the animals at the zoo. One of those animals, the elephant, was labeled “The Republican Vote.” That's all it took for the elephant to become associated with the Republican Party.

Recipes in the Signs

Granted whomever (or is it who ever:) wins this presidential election, there's lots to be done. They have not fallen upon an economic windfall. Quite the contrary. I thought it curious to explore the personality traits of each of the candidates by their astrological culinary signs. Now, I know nothing about astrology. To aid me in this endeavor, I will be referring to three astrological cookbooks I have with me. In this way, I thought it would be fun to not only investigate foods which would be complimentary to individual personalities, but also a sort of candidate dish with a dash of insight. I'm beginning with the the first house of the zodiac spectrum pertaining to this presidential election. In which case "Colorful Leo" is the natural Fifth House.

The book which I'm using for descriptive personality traits is titled Zodiac Cookbook by Greg and Beverly Frazier, copyright 1969. "Of the many ingredients that go into a well prepared dish, the personality of the cook is by far the most important. Each of us is a different and unique individual; each has his own way of doing things, and cooking is no exception. At birth we are all endowed with certain general characteristics based on the Sun's juxtaposition to the twelve zodiacal constellations...The suggestions for entertaining contained herein were made after careful study of the general personality traits of each of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac..."

Senator Barack Obama

Barack Obama: Under the sign of Leo, Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961.
Leo is a fixed fiery Sign, best characterized by an authoritative bearing, strong pride, and immense courage. Leo's great physical strength and prowess are likened unto the lion. Just as the lion is the King of Beasts, so is Leo a King among Men. His is the Sign of the King or President. He is a natural leader, but sometimes a harsh and demanding one, and his marvelous powers of organization are much sough after in business and professional circles. He is considerate, and will go out of his way not to offend. Punctuality is a must when dealing with a Leo...Leo's great need in life is to have people pay attention to him. He can't stand being ignored and will go to great lengths to make his presence felt...Leo projects his self confidence to his fellow man, always willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. His sympathy and concern for the plight of others makes Leo an empathetic and warm hearted individual. He is an optimist; the future holds the most excitement and challenge for him.

Senator John McCain

John McCain: Under the sign of Virgo, John McCain was born on August 29, 1936.
Virgo, a mutual earth Sign, is portrayed byt the Virgin, symbol of charity, virtue and purity. Virgo is chaste of body, virtuous of soul, and pure of heart. He believes that the best things in life come to those who work hard and live byt the Golden Rule. At times the Virgo is truly materialistic, preferring congenial company and elegant surrounings. He is a realistic; level-headed and steady to the core. He makes decisions on the basis of the facts as he sees them, not as he imagines them...His criticism sometimes approaches the the level of the absurd, however, and he is often hyper-critical of those closest to him. Virgo is a fussy fellow who keeps himself and his surroundings fastidiously neat and clean...Virgo is acutely health conscious, adhering to the adage that a healthy body makes a healthy mind.

Perhaps you are curious as to how the candidates would behave as guests. The book A Taste of Astrology by Lucy Ash, copyright 1987, has that aspect covered.

Guest: Barack Obama

Leos thoroughly enjoy being invited out to dine; luxuriating in being fed good food, in the same way as they enjoy all the pleasurable things in life. Leo's warmth and sunny nature is bound to brighten your table, so dinner should be a delightful occasion...This is a fire sign, and Leos possess a personality full of force and heat characteristic of their elements. But theirs is the balanced harmonious part of the fire-the art of fire, which is contained and controlled and dignified...Because this sign of the zodiac is ruled by the Sun, Leo embodies all the strength and force of this hot aggressive planet...Leo will flatter you guests because flattery is something they love to receive and because they possess an ability to have fun. You won't have to fuss over the details of the food too much with this sign of the zodiac, so long as the overall effect is spectacular. The grand gesture is what interests Leos, so perhaps feed them roasted meats rubbed golden with saffron, a color traditionally associated with kings. Or a flaming Crepes Suzette, to match the fire that burns within the sign. And feed them well formed, rounded foods such as tomatoes, oranges, or apricots to match the golden orb of their ruling planet, the Sun, foods that have proportion and symmetry with clear dignified lines, or you can give them a steak tartare to appeal to the beast in them...Really, the only drink for this noble creature is champagne, but failing that, try your Leo guest on a rich red or a golden wine the color of the Sun. Don't sit them in a dark corner-the head of the table is the place for the Sun, the god of light.

Guest: John McCain

Persuade your Virgo friend to stop whatever he or she is doing-this sign of the zodiac is bound to be doing something-and invite him to dinner. He will probably accept eagerly because he will love an opportunity to be social, and won't want to miss out...It's a good idea not to let Virgos into your kitchen; this sign of the zodiac is very particular about what they eat and you are bound to be putting something into the pot that won't agree with them. They are often very fussy about food and can excel in finding fault or telling you how to do something...But kept in the sitting room with the other guests, Virgo makes charming company. Versatile and changeable, this is a mutable sign, representing the water and the motion of earth, so Virgos will get along with all kinds of people. Moreover, since they are ruled by Mercury, the god of eloquence and communication, they are good at making conversation and getting people to mix. If you have invited more than one Virgo to dinner, you are in for a lively evening. For a bit of peace and quiet, try feeding them foods that have a certain individuality, such as Roast Grouse or Parsnip Souffle, which combines their dual currents of lightness and earthiness. And feed them some clean healthy foods such as salads and stir-fried vegetables, since Virgo rules the sixth house of the zodiac which is concerned with health...It would be safer to stick to delicately spiced foods than to get carried away with wildly colorful curry. So if you want the evening to flow, try feeding your Virgoan friend a well presented and unusual fish dish (which reflects the nature of their ruling planet, Mercury). And make sure your food looks good; Virgos will always appreciate your painstaking labors in the kitchen and will take note of the last garnish that transformed the pie into a masterpiece...Virgos tend to burn up a lot of nervous energy (Mercury rules the nervous system), so they are likely to arrive hungry. Foods rich in protein, or containing their cell salt, potassium sulphate will be enjoyed...Fed well in good company, Virgos will probably endear themselves to you by staying behind and helping you clean up because they have had such a good time.

Recipes in the Signs

The third book I have chosen to illustrate the meals associated with each of the candidates is titled Cooking with Astrology by Sydney Omarr with master chef Mike Roy. This book really explores the cooking personalities of the signs with narrative samples of kitchen experience. It was published in 1998.

Recipes of Leo

Colorful Leo is the natural Fifth House of the zodiac, a Fire sign associated with the back and heart, and perhaps the most creative of the zodiacal group. Leo can by flamboyant in the kitchen. If born under this sign, you prefer flaming dishes, flambes; you cook not only with fire, but with showmanship. You have an individual touch and cook with a flourish...

Recipes of Virgo

The Sixth House is Virgo, with Mercury. This is an Earth sign, and is it is practical. Born under the sign of Virgo, you are health conscious; you take delight, for example in preparing decaffinated coffee so well that guests don't know the difference. Cooking, for you, is associated with health, well being. You want food to nourish as well as provide pleasure. You are not particularly fond of substitutes, but you won't hesitate if the aim is better health.
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  1. Interesting about why Election Day was chosen. I never realized there were so many astrology-related cookbooks out there and I love how you tied them in to the candidates. And I'm sorry that you lost your posts. Ouch! :(

  2. hi kathy,
    I was surprised to discover why Election Day was chosen in the month of November, as well.

    I have a few more astrology related cookbooks. I haven't quite figured out where to include them but, I will:)

    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. I'm Virgo and I voted for McCain! This is so true! Too cute--I loved it!

  4. Rather uncanny I thought, Blonde Duck...

  5. What a beautiful well-researched article, Louise...You are the best food historian in the world wide web!
    Thank you for these interesting and timely essays. I bet President-elect Barack Obama would be delighted to read this! ;)

  6. Just back from my trip and catching up on all the Election coverage! This is fascinating. In hindsight, it would have been helpful to have those astrological profiles even earlier in the campaign. Now, I'm also going to have to start thinking about the astrological signs of my dinner guests!

  7. Hi Dennis,
    Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement.

    I feel the web reflects the library of the world. A place to share, explore and harvest...

    If ever I should be honored with the chance of meeting him (which I am diligently working on) I will share this post with him.

    I really appreciate your visits, Dennis, thanks for dropping by.

  8. Hey T.W.
    I thought about posting this a bit earlier but quite honestly, although I was sure of my choice, I didn't want to be influenced by taste. As you can see, it is decidedly different.
    The Taste of Astrology book would be my choice pick. A meal centered on the signs of the zodiac would be so much fun to enact. The skies the limit!

  9. Way cool post. I need to find one of these books.You know I'm into astrology.I didnt know Barack was a Leo.Nor McCain a Virgo.Im curious about mine.

  10. wow, this is really interesting, louise. i really love this blog entry! i didn't even know there's something like the food zodiac! hehe. really cool.

  11. hi acey,
    i'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. celestial dishes are fairly new to me. i think it is so interesting and plan on doing more posts about them. stay tuned:)


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