Friday, November 7, 2008

"Hoo hoo" Doughboy...

"Come out, Come out, where ever you are...I hear you giggling back there you crafty clay animated Pillsbury character." 

"If you don't come out from behind that stove, I'll have to send the California Raisins after you."

 "They'll be carrying my mother's rolling pin, I warn you." 

"Must I remind you about that one fateful year when the raisins absorbed your popularity? I bet they would be happy just to leave you squished back there and do it again."

"Oh Poppin' Fresh, you've been in the spotlight for forty three years, don't be shy. Today is November 7, its the anniversary of your television debut. Don't you want to share some of the highlights of your doughy life with our guests today? What's it like to be the most popular food product icon, ever?"

"I hear you and Maureen McCormick did a stint together on that exciting Sunday evening in November of 1965. Wow! That means you knew her before she became Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch. Was she kind to you? Did she try to take your scarf? I know it was pretty chilly in some parts that November. Did she kiss you:) You know how you blush when a girl kisses you, you little giggler." 

"Pop ‘N’ Fresh, did your costar try on your white baker's hat with the Pillsbury logo? Oh silly me, she couldn't have. How big of a baker's hat could a chubby 14-ounce short guy like you have? What are you 8 3/4 inches tall with your hat?"

"Don't be fresh doughboy there's globs we want to know. It may have taken you only three years to become the guy to personify the qualities of Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough but, you've been making fewer appearances lately. How's Poppie Fresh and the rest of the dough figures; Popper your son, Baby Bun Bun, Uncle Rollie; your distinguished bachelor uncle, Grand-Popper, Gran-Mommer, and pets, Biscuit the cat and Flapjack the dog? What characters they are:) I remember that time when Poppie Fresh was counterfeited. I think it was back in the 70's when she became a member of the notable Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles dolls. Those doughfans must have had some impact on her feelings."

"Please, please, dear pudgy Poppin' Fresh, won't you please come out. We don't want half baked answers to these questions. Who can we get an honest answer from, Pillsbury! You know how commercial they are. Look what happened with Ballard & Ballard. In case you've forgotten, I left a reminder below. Heck, if it weren't for your cute presentation for crescent rolls on that shaky evening, Pillsbury may not have become a household word."

Ballard & Ballard of Louisville, Ky., introduces Ballard Biscuits made from refrigerated dough and packaged under pressure in cylindrical containers. Local baker Lively Willoughby has come up with the idea of saving time for housewives by preparing uncooked biscuits which can be stored in iceboxes for as much as 24 hours and then baked. He has devised a method of wrapping the biscuit dough in tinfoil and enclosing it under pressure in heavy paper tubes with metal lids to produce a product that stays fresh in the icebox for a week. (source)
"In 1951 Pillsbury bought Ballard & Ballard, which owned a process for storing refrigerated dough in cardboard tubes. The process was invented by a Louisville, Kentucky, baker in 1930 and refined over the years. The acquisition of Ballard & Ballard marked Pillsbury's entry into the refrigerated dough market, which became a company mainstay. The launch in 1965 of refrigerated crescent rolls coincided with the debut of the Pillsbury Doughboy, as well as the signature tag line, "Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven,"..." (source)
Doughboy's Birthday
Doughboy Birthday"Did you ever get a chance to pay your respects to Paul Frees, the first man to give you the gift of speech. How sweet it was to hear those words spill from your tiny mouth; “Hi! I’m Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy,” followed by “Nothin’ says loving like somethin’ from the oven and Pillsbury says it best.” I heard he passed on in 1986:( I know today we are celebrating your television debut Dough Boy but, could you try to clear up a couple of things about your birth? Is Rudy your creator or is he another urban legend? We know you were born in Chicago and raised in Minneapolis but where does Marty Nodell fit into this puzzle? What other little known facts don't we know? Some people say March 18, 1965 is your birthday. Others say November 7, 1965 is the Doughboy's Birthday! Well, we know that isn't true. As a matter of fact, even your parent company doesn't know your official birthday. When is it? This birthday bash of Fresh ideas from Pillsbury says you were 25 years old in 1990 but, I'll be darned if it gives us a date:("
Ham Asparagus Roll-ups
"Gotcha! I know why you won't come out from behind there Poppin Fresh. You still believe you were the demise of the home made biscuit. Ironically, you may have reason to feel that way, suspicious-looking cylinders lurking in the refrigerator have a way of doing that. Sure your purpose was to restore biscuits to their art of light flaky grandeur, alas, my dear doughboy, no tin can of pre-packaged biscuits could be expected to take the place of real home made butter milk biscuits slathered with butter. None! Anway, Bisquick Biscuits aren't refrigerator biscuits like you. Your heart may have been in the right place but, neither of you could teach a person how to make good biscuits, even if they have the inclination to make biscuits from scratch."

"Well, it looks like I'm not going to be able to coax you out from behind that stove. Too bad, we sure would have liked to seen those Pillsbury blue eyes of yours. And, that infectious smile would have certainly convinced us of your true identity. You know, you often get mixed in with those patriotic boys of the military, who proudly referred to themselves as doughboys."

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  1. This is really funny! i love how you combine humor and fact!

  2. Your words are too kind, Blonde Duck. I'm convinced my attempt at factual humor is the results of reading your whimsical stories.

    Thanks for visiting...

  3. louise, you are just too cute! you have a delightful gift for expression.

    by the way, i'm a big fan of dough boy! he's just adorable and so smooth and squishy-looking! hehehe.

  4. hi acey,
    thank you so much for the kind words. i think the "doughboy" sparks a bit of whimsy in all of us.

  5. Nice story telling. You are a good writer, you combine facts and humor. Keep it up!


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