Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mallomar Day!

Mallomar Day | November 20th

You have no idea how happy I am that today is Mallomar Day. I have eaten three, yes three boxes of Mallomars since last Tuesday! Do you have any idea how many Mallomars that is? No wonder I always gain weight this time of year. It's all because of those cushions of chocolate delight; Mallomars! You see the picture above? I have two confessions about that image. First, it's small on purpose. There is no way in this world I could bear to write these words and look at all those Mallomars staring at me as they whisper "Here I am, just waiting for you" No Way! Second, the package must I mean Must! stay closed until the very last moment...

It didn't surprise me to discover Mallomars were introduced to the American public on November 20, 1913 by the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco), after all, these little delights of heaven are somewhat seasonal. Whoops, I almost typed cookies but, quite frankly, I wouldn't describe them as a cookie (although, Nabisco does:). Yes, they do have a cookie base topped with a puff of marshmallow, covered with crunchy semi sweet chocolate but I'm not sure cookie is the answer. As one writer wrote, a Mallomar is a Mallomar is a Mallomar! There's a great article about the Mallomar as an American icon at Extreme Chocolate. You see, I'm not the only one who has a fixation on these pillows of contentment.

Mallomar Day | November 20th

How one eats a Mallomar seems to be another top priority to true Mallomar aficionados. To freeze or not to freeze is another dilemma when it comes to these bundles of joy. I'm not a freezer. And, I'm not quite sure what category I fit in to although, standard with a twist might be where I fit with my Mallomars.

...There are many ways to eat a Mallomar, but only three are officially sanctioned for international competition: biting off the marshmallow part and saving the graham cracker for last (superior method); biting off the graham cracker and saving the marshmallow part for last (dorsal method); and biting into the cookie like regular food (lateral, or "standard," method). I am something of a Mallomar dullard. I use the standard method. But I should add that I employ wilder scenarios for both Oreos and Vienna Fingers (breaking them open, eating the half with no delicious cream, then either scraping off the delicious cream with my front teeth or, if rushed, simply eating the other half), so you can still invite me to your party without fear that I'll kill the fun...more, more...

I wouldn't dream of peeling the chocolate away like I do with a chocolate covered vanilla ice cream pop. No dunking or deep frying either. You know who you are you Oreo lovers, you. I really don't know how I eat a Mallomar now that I think about it. I dive right in. My real calculations comes when I'm getting to the end of the box. Do I just devour the entire box and hope I will find another? If not, how many should I save for my next attack? Three, five, nine? This has to be done precisely according to time, mood and circumstances...I suppose, I could always whip up my own Homemade Mallomars but, I doubt it would be the same:)

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