Monday, January 26, 2009

Newman's Own Recipes

On the birth anniversary of the late actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman, I thought I would share a few recipes from the undated booklet Newman's Own Favorite Recipes, produced by Ursula Hotchner. These are not recipes from the Newman's Own Cookbook published by Paul Newman and A.E. Hotchner in 1998. If you would like to see a review of that book head on over to the Global Gourmet.

The recipes included in the slide show all use Newman's Own products. Many of the contributed recipes are from people who have used the product, two were submitted by Paul Newman and the Victorian Savouries were contributed by Martha Stewart. The recipes include, Filet of Beef Salad, Chicken & Grape Salad, Pasta Salad, Shrimp & Melon Salad, Chef's Salad, Bloody Mary Cornish Hens, Turkey Salad, Tomato Endive Salad, Loquesto's Ratatouille, Meatballs, Louisiana Barbecue Sauce, Chicken Marinara, and Victorian Savouries. Additional Paul Newman resources are available below. From the introduction:

Little did we know, on the momentous day that we prepared Newman's recipe for salad dressing, how many millions of mouths we were destined to feed.

And then when we followed that up with Newman's own recipe for marinara spaghetti sauce, how were we to know that half the Italians in the United States would eventually stop making their own.

But that's what happened, and what also happened was that hundreds of customers and food editiors began sending us recipes for dishes they cooked using salad dressing and spaghetti sauces. It's been tough choosing, but here are 21 of our favorites.

P.S. Thanks to you, in its first year of operation Newman's Own has earned almost one million dollars which Paul Newman has given away to deserving charities-this sum represents all the profits that Newman's Own corporation has earned. And in the future Newman will continu to give 100 percent of the company's profits to good causes.

His vision helped found the first Hole in the Wall Camp in 1988, and has since grown into the world’s largest family of camps for children with serious medical illnesses, operating in Connecticut, New York, Florida, California, North Carolina, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, France, The United Kingdom and regions in Africa and Asia. Paul’s kindness and generosity has touched more than 135,000 children and it was Paul’s dream that the camps continue to thrive, providing a place filled with warmth, compassion, laughter and most of all acceptance. Paul’s liveliness, energy and dedication will be missed by all who knew him, worked with him and who were touched by his kindness. source

FYI: January 27th in the birth anniversary of Mozart. Visit Mozart's Hidden Kitchen where you will find a host of celebrity chefs joining the festivities.


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