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Happy Gumdrop Day!

It's Gum Drop Day! Or is it Gumdrop Day? I'm never quite sure. The only time I've given careful consideration to the gumdrop is when it comes to CandyLand...

via Collector's Quest
"Candy Land is one of the most beloved and best known games of all time. Invented in 1948 by school teacher Eleanor Abbott, it has been played by generations of families. In the game, players go on a magical journey through fantastical lands made of candy, sweets, and ice cream: the Peppermint Forest, the Gum Drop Mountains, and the Lollypop Woods. Along the way, players encounter such iconic characters as Princess Frostine, Lord Licorice, Mr. Mint, and King Candy."(Hasbro’s 'Candy Land' Lands With Adam Sandler)

Apparently, there are those who take the gumdrop quite seriously and not only at the movies:) There are gumdrop crafters who create such things as gumdrop wreaths, gumdrop pumpkins and even gumdrop penguins, which by the way my grandson, Noah, would probably not eat. He loves penguins! Oh, okay, he might take a nibble:) For example, just feast your eyes on these glittery gumdrops.

via The Sweetest Occasion

And these vintage instructions for Gumdrop Roses, harvested from the Betty Crocker Cake and Frosting Mix Cookbook ©1966

Then, there are those who choose to use gumdrops as an ingredient in recipes. T. W. over @ Culinary Types baked up quite a colorful Retro Gumdrop Cake from 1946.

How about this Gumdrop Fudge?

via Cook With Sara

And another "creative" gumdrop bar recipe from the McCall's Cook Book ©1963

Cutting gumdrops can be a gruesomely sticky task. I found this reader's solution for "Quick Cut Gumdrops" at the Taste of Home website.

Oatmeal cookies with gumdrops are a popular treat in our house. But I’m the first to admit that chopping the little spicy gumdrops with a knife can be a sticky and lengthy job. So I came up with a faster and neater method. I simply dip my kitchen scissors in flour and snip, snip, snip the gumdrops. The process is so much quicker and cleanup’s easier, too. —Mary Guyer, Albany, New York.

I like the idea that these vintage Gumdrop Squares from the 1980 edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls contain applesauce.

Making your own gumdrops seems to be another popular modern pastime.

The Way To His Heart
What's Cooking America

And finally, I have two more gumdrop "tricks" I would like to share with you before I "partake of my final showing for Gum Drop Day. They are both from the book titled More Joys of Jell-O published by Kraft in 1993. Gumdrop Ribbons and Gumdrop Flowers. Seriously, how cool are these Gumdrop Ribbons? (I've seen a few gumdrop flowers in my adventures but Gumdrop Ribbons? This is a first!


Now for my nightcap; a Gumdrop Cocktail!

via Rock UR Party

FYI: According to Candy USA, not only is today Gum Drop Day, it's also Chocolate Mint Day!

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  1. Happy Gumdrop Day, Louise! I would tend to agree about your assessment of gumdrops in general. I'm more of an M&Ms snacker, myself. The Gumdrop Cake did end up tasting a bit like a sweet fruitcake, which was nice. The problem is, there is such a varietion in flavors - some are pretty spicy, which is not my first choice in a cake. Ah, well, there's always Candyland!

  2. Louise - I had forgotten how pretty T.W.'s gumdrop cake was--thanks for the reminder. Although I doubt that I'd ever have enough patience to make gumdrops, I could see where homemade ones might make cute cake decorations.

  3. I've never thought about making gumdrops. Very unique. I used to do a lot of baking, but this is new to me. Might just try this.

  4. Good morning T.W.
    I'm more of a Reese's gal myself. Although, I have been noshing much more on M&Ms these days because of the recent peanut butter scare. There's always Mallomars! Thanks for dropping in and for your encouragement in the Jell-O Give-Away. I remember those sculptured Jell-O salads but alas, I gave most of my molds to my daughter who now resides in the next Jell-O capital of the West. Perhaps, I have something against gelatin because I'm not much of a Jell-O fan either. I will partake though if it is laced with wine:)

    Hi Kathy,
    Hope you're feeling better. You know I was visiting your other site yesterday. I had forgotten how nicely organized it is. I recently joined flickr so I too can organize my online collection a bit better. Picasso is a bit too ridget for me. You should really check it out. There are tons of cookbook people.

    I tried to make candy once! Don't think I will ever give it a go again. Too messy and unpredictable for the likes of me.

    Thanks for visiting the Jell-O Rules Give-Away. The letters from Col. Allen are treasures I will be sharing in the next couple of months. You will LOVE them.

    Hi Janet,
    You are braver than I. My experience with candy making and baking is next to nil. I'm sure it is because of my lack of patience in those matters.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your chocolate blog is becoming quite a favorite stop for me. Actually, right now, I too am "Dying for Chocolate."

  5. Love my Gum grops. Have rnever used them in baking however. Wonder how they hold up?

  6. I read somewhere if you powder them in flour before baking with them they shouldn't sink. They looked quite appetizing in T.W.'s cake.

    Thanks for stopping in glamah!
    "See" ya on TV:)

  7. There are no links to the gumdrop crafts or recipes that you listed at the bottom. Would you mind giving to us?! Thanks!

  8. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I think I'll head over and see what's up at your place. It looks like FUN!

    Anon: I apologize for the link thing. I usually link on the numbers next to the resources. It might be a good idea if I make this clear in my resource section. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Just click the number where you want to go. They should work. Enjoy!

  9. Happy gumdrop day! This is very interesting..never thought of baking with gumdrops...

  10. Hi Louise! I never cared for gumdrops..but happy gumdrop day all the same :)

  11. Hi Veron,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. Gumdrops seem to be in the same category as candied fruit. You either like them or not and I suppose they work or not in baking also.

    Hi Maryann,
    Gumdrops make for a fun post but they are not at the top of my list either. Thanks for stopping in...


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