Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jell-O Rules Give-Away!

I'm jiggly today. I'm sure it's this blast of warm air that's making me feel this way. It couldn't have anything to do with the launch of Jell-O Week could it? Yes! in deed it could! Last year I spent so much time posting about the history of gelatin, Peter Cooper, and Abe Lincoln's fascination with gelatin, I plum got carried away. I mean really, unless you are literally digging deep into the history of gelatin and Jell-O that blog post may just fit under the heading of useless information! (resources below) Not this year. This year I'm on pins and needles just at the thought of sharing a few cookbooks from my Jell-O collection. Can you imagine how thrilled I must be to offer this Free! yes I said Free Jell-O recipe book?

But wait, there's more. The slide show of the Jell-O book I'm giving away is below. If you look very carefully, I've tried to make the images large enough for you to see) you will find it quite difficult to find a copyright date. I've looked and looked and I can't find one. Sure, it could be these old tired eyes of mine but I'm telling you, as far as I can see, it is undated. None the less, I have very good information that leads me to believe that this book below is the first printed recipe book published by the Genesse Pure Food Co, in 1904! The Jell-O Museum confirms what I also found in Col. Bob Allen's A Guide To Collecting Cookbooks published in 1990. One of my favorite cookbook reference books which Col. Allen was kind enough to sign for me; #22. Some day I am going to share a few letters Col. Allen and I exchanged back in those days...I can assure you, he knows his stuff:)

Free Give-Away

How, why, when???
How? Oh that's easy, just leave a comment that has something to do with Jell-O. Please keep it kid friendly though. I never know when my grand children are going to stop by for a visit. That's pretty much it. It could be your favorite flavor, experience, recipe, any thing that has to do with Jell-O.
Why? It just so happens, this Jell-O book is a duplicate. I do that sometimes. I get oh so carried away buying cookbooks, I wind up with more editions then one person actually needs. And, yes, I need cookbooks!
When? On Saturday, Valentine's Day, at 12:00 midnight, The Jell-O Rules Give-Away will trail off to the land of OZ. (in "The Wizard of Oz," the horse that changed colors was actually six horses sponged down with Jell-O. {source} On Sunday February 15th, National Gum Drop Day, I will announce the lucky winner right here after I give the Random Number Generator a whirl. That's all folks:)

Thru the Years with America's Favorite Dessert

No long stories here, just a few pictures from an assortment of Jell-O books in my collection. Honestly, some of the illustrations are just so purty:) Click to enlarge and, Have FUN!

Now, you didn't think I was going to leave your dessert bowl empty did you? I did a quick search in my hospitality search engine and look what GREAT recipes I found.
1. "J" is for Jeweled Jell-o
2. Cherry Almond Jell-o Cookies
3. Jell-O "Poke" Cake
4. Green Jello Salad
5. Naughty Orange Jell-o Dessert
6. Mandarin Orange Jell-o
7. Mojito Cake (Version of Lemon Jello Cake)
8. Rainbow Jell-O Cake

1. Rose O'Neill's Birthday Celebration
2. Peter Cooper in the history of Jell-O

revised June 2013


  1. My favorite Jell-O combination is black cherry with canned bing cherries. I have only a few Jell-O booklets and hope I am the lucky winner of this early one.

  2. jello!!! you just triggered another craving, louise. hehe! :) it's cool learning about jello's history. we never had jello in the philippines until the 1990s, i heard.

  3. Oh how neat Louise! Now, I m interested in Abe Lincoln and gelatin, especially with the 200th anniversary of his birth right around the corner.
    Say, I have another great Jello recipe for you, the Strawberry Margarita Cake. It's here: http://tastewiththeeyes.blogspot.com/2008/11/strawberry-margarita-cake.html
    thanks for including my Mojito Cake with your Jello recipes. It is a winner!
    Lori Lynn

  4. I always thought the Jell-O salads my mom would make were like sculptures or works of art. She had a great mold, would combine the Jell-O with something like cream cheese, and then cut the Jell-O into pieces resembling cake slices. I remember a bright green, "grasshopper" style Jell-O salad. I've tried to recreate, but Mom still does it best, so I put in the request for holiday dinners.

  5. In the box of old photos my mom just gave me are 2 old jello books. They are so cool! Not exactly like yours, but so pretty. That little girl is on the front. Mine is a little torn.

  6. Those old posters look so nostalgic, they are so vintage, so lovely to look at. You are quite a collector of these rare pieces.

    My favorite flavor of Jell-O is the pineapple. Back then, we could buy imported Jell-Os from our local grocery (none now, though). It was so delicious I still could remember the taste even if it was a long time ago. My taste buds has great memory ;)

    I always find something delightful in your posts. Even though our culture is very different, I am surprised I can relate on them.

  7. I actually never liked jello much. Does that make me bad?

    Come visit me at www.aduckinherpond.com.

  8. You have some really nice early Jell-O booklets in your collection. Thanks for sharing them with us, Louise! Look forward to the letters.

  9. Hey Mom,
    Quite funny you speak of Jell-O. Surprisingly, I ate some the other night at our church bowling party. My thoughts on Jell-O, well let's just say, not my favorite and all my friends know that if it looks like, Jell-O, acts like Jell-o or tastes like Jell-O, I just ain't eatin' it. It's the joke of all our Cooking Groups. And a side note, it's only fair to say that it is my feeling that NOTHING belongs in Jell-o. Thanks for allowing my to express my opinions on this topic. I love you tons!!! Michele

  10. It's amazing how classy Jell-O used to be! Well, as you're probably aware I'm fascinated by all of the things that can be done with Jell-O (I had no idea about the horses from the Wizard of Oz!), but I have not eaten Jell-O for over ten years (when I was sick in high school). In fact, I would usually only eat it when I was sick and preferred pudding or ice cream (or, anything that wasn't Jell-O) for dessert when I wasn't sick! Looking at all of these savory Jell-O salads isn't helping!

  11. Squeeee!! How fortunate for me I stumbled across your blog on the last day to enter!
    I have been obsessed with recreating vintage jello recipes lately. I would be so delighted with this booklet! I want to make them all!

    See some of my attempts here http://homedeconomics.blogspot.com/2009/02/jello-part-3-inconclusive.html

  12. Happy Sunday & Gumdrop Day Susan!

    I'm sorry you are not the lucky winner of the Jell-O Rules Give-Away. It sure was fun to host and I can definitely see myself offering more of my duplicate cookbooks in this manner. Perhaps even another Jell-O book. Thanks for "playing."

  13. hi acey,
    hope you are feeling better. many people here eat Jell-O when they are not feeling well. my sister use to make believe she was sick with a sore throat just so she could have Jell-O!

    Hi Lori Lynn,
    First, that Strawberry Margarita Cake is a possible solution to the lack of Jell-O in my diet. LOL I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. You are so right. You may not have won the Jell-O booklet but those cakes are sure WINNERS!

    Hi Maryann,
    You just never know what will be discovered in a box of old photos. Some of the best booklets I have "won" at auctions were in those boxes relatives no longer cherished. Sad sometimes...The Jell-O Give-Away was fun. I can definitely see me doing it again. Thanks for participating:)

  14. Hi Dennis, you lucky WINNER!
    I'm so glad you enjoy visiting my posts. You are always welcome to drop in. Now that you have WON! I suppose you will be whipping up one of those recipes and sharing it with the world! Please send me you postal info so I can get the booklet mailed out ASAP!

    I LOVE the looks of your new site. It is SO YOU!

    Not liking Jell-O is not a bad thing. I don't really care for it myself...shush..don't tell anyone LOL:)

  15. Hi Maria,
    I personally think the advertising budget for Jell-O was way over the top. It's amazing how many noted artists did illustrations and promos for the company. I too associate Jell-O with "missed" days of school. My sister was famous for pretending to be ill just so she could have Jell-O. Myself, I preferred chocolate pudding.

    Hi HBIC
    You sure did choose an opportune time to drop in. You may not have won this time but I can certainly see myself making an offer such as this again.

    I want to take a moment to thank you for your encouragement on flickr. I may not be comfortable yet, (I'm a bit shy:) but, it looks like a GREAT place to view many of the cookbooks I long for...I'm still having a problem navigating the site but, slowly, I will learn. All I need now is Alot! more time.

  16. I mised this! Love my Jello and way anytime.


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