Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jell-O Rules Give-Away!

I'm jiggly today. I'm sure it's this blast of warm air that's making me feel this way. It couldn't have anything to do with the launch of Jell-O Week could it? Yes! in deed it could! Last year I spent so much time posting about the history of gelatin, Peter Cooper, and Abe Lincoln's fascination with gelatin, I plum got carried away. I mean really, unless you are literally digging deep into the history of gelatin and Jell-O that blog post may just fit under the heading of useless information! (resources below) Not this year. This year I'm on pins and needles just at the thought of sharing a few cookbooks from my Jell-O collection. Can you imagine how thrilled I must be to offer this Free! yes I said Free Jell-O recipe book?

But wait, there's more. The slide show of the Jell-O book I'm giving away is below. If you look very carefully, I've tried to make the images large enough for you to see) you will find it quite difficult to find a copyright date. I've looked and looked and I can't find one. Sure, it could be these old tired eyes of mine but I'm telling you, as far as I can see, it is undated. None the less, I have very good information that leads me to believe that this book below is the first printed recipe book published by the Genesse Pure Food Co, in 1904! The Jell-O Museum confirms what I also found in Col. Bob Allen's A Guide To Collecting Cookbooks published in 1990. One of my favorite cookbook reference books which Col. Allen was kind enough to sign for me; #22. Some day I am going to share a few letters Col. Allen and I exchanged back in those days...I can assure you, he knows his stuff:)

Free Give-Away

How, why, when???
How? Oh that's easy, just leave a comment that has something to do with Jell-O. Please keep it kid friendly though. I never know when my grand children are going to stop by for a visit. That's pretty much it. It could be your favorite flavor, experience, recipe, any thing that has to do with Jell-O.
Why? It just so happens, this Jell-O book is a duplicate. I do that sometimes. I get oh so carried away buying cookbooks, I wind up with more editions then one person actually needs. And, yes, I need cookbooks!
When? On Saturday, Valentine's Day, at 12:00 midnight, The Jell-O Rules Give-Away will trail off to the land of OZ. (in "The Wizard of Oz," the horse that changed colors was actually six horses sponged down with Jell-O. {source} On Sunday February 15th, National Gum Drop Day, I will announce the lucky winner right here after I give the Random Number Generator a whirl. That's all folks:)

Thru the Years with America's Favorite Dessert

No long stories here, just a few pictures from an assortment of Jell-O books in my collection. Honestly, some of the illustrations are just so purty:) Click to enlarge and, Have FUN!

Now, you didn't think I was going to leave your dessert bowl empty did you? I did a quick search in my hospitality search engine and look what GREAT recipes I found.
1. "J" is for Jeweled Jell-o
2. Cherry Almond Jell-o Cookies
3. Jell-O "Poke" Cake
4. Green Jello Salad
5. Naughty Orange Jell-o Dessert
6. Mandarin Orange Jell-o
7. Mojito Cake (Version of Lemon Jello Cake)
8. Rainbow Jell-O Cake

1. Rose O'Neill's Birthday Celebration
2. Peter Cooper in the history of Jell-O

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