Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Day for Kids

Pancake Day is traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday and is historically a religious occasion relating to the Christian feast of Easter. In countries across the world it has become commonly known as "Pancake Day!"

The Rainbow Bakery-General Mills 2002


  1. There's a pancake with my name on it!

  2. Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day. Im missing out!

  3. Thanks for the link to our Pancake Fest! Hope you enjoyed a great big stack, Louise!

  4. Did you know that one of the traditional dishes for Shrove Tuesday in the Russian Orthodox tradition is blini? I wanted to make some this year, but with my schedule this semester, it just wasn't happening. *sigh*

    Maybe next year.

  5. I work right next door to an IHOP and the news crew was outside reporting on it! I didn't realize pancake day was such a hit. :-)


  6. Yes, there is Duckie, yes there is...

    Glamah...I'm still dreaming about that Jollof Rice! and that Hibiscus Tea...

    T.W. I just had to indulge in chocolate chip pancakes. Not as elegant as yours but quite satisfying...

    I didn't know about the blini for Shrove Tuesday. I will save this tasty tidbit for future reference Adele. Thanks!

    I've never been to IHOP for Pancake Day Jenna but I hear it can become quite stacked early in the morning. Thanks for visiting...

  7. Hi Louise,
    I love Pancakes! I have it as breakfast every morning in MacDonalds! Great to know it's Pancake Day!

  8. hi, louise! :D how are you?

    i miss eating pancakes. thanks for reminding me to do groceries (when i get better) and get lost of pancake mixes. hehe. :D

  9. Hi Dennis,
    McDonald's! Are they real pancakes???

    hi acey,
    it has been a very busy week for some reason but i am fine. perhaps, you should look into some whole grain pancakes to aid in the recovery. i'm off to visit you today...


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