Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When the Dove Flies

I haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth. On the contrary, I'm having so much fun here in PA that I just couldn't bear to bring myself away long enough to do any serious posting or visiting for that matter. What could I be doing you may wonder. Well, on the spur of the moment, I decided to make my way to Pennsylvania late this past Saturday. I'm not too crazy about making the trek in the dark but I couldn't stop myself. The weather man kept predicting such a glorious weekend so I just got in the car and went! Everyone was headed toward the Hamptons and there I was cruising along toward the city and PA. I managed to remember to bring my computer, however, in the rush I forgot the cords for my scanner. Everything happens for a reason they say:)

I arrived in PA pretty late Saturday night and boy oh boy, was I exhausted. After turning the water on and doing my "I'm Here" chores, I literally flopped into bed. Around 3 o'clock in the morning, I was abruptly awaken by a loud shrilling noise right out my bedroom window. Since the windows in the house are low, all I had to do was pop my head up just in time to see a huge black animal jumping over the fence and out the yard. I wanted to go right outside and check my flower bed, However, I wasn't sure what kind of animal it was so thought not. I have a flower bed courtyard right out my bedroom window. It's where I have my fragrant flowers making hay in the sunshine:) I'm an early riser and this past Sunday was no exception. With coffee in hand, I began pacing waiting for the first ray of sun so I could go outside to check the damage. As I unlocked the gate, I felt a swoop past my head. As I looked up, there it was, a nest. A nest in the crevice of my garage gutter. It wasn't there last week when I was here. Now, why can't I find a "contractor" like that! Anyway, I had no idea what kind of nest it was. Remember, basically, I'm a "city" girl. I ran in the house for another cup of coffee, grabbed a chair and sat my tired tuff down and waited. I waited, and waited and waited. Seriously, it seemed like hours. The nest remained empty. Little did it dawn on me that the bird that flew away was not coming back while I just sat there. I figured I may as well get a few things done. Back in the house I went. Now, the thought of a bird's nest, hiding in the gutter of someone's garage may seem like old hat to some, it absolutely didn't to me. I ran in the house to get the camera and of course, another cup of coffee. While in there, I figured I may as well make the bed. I don't normally take the camera in the bedroom with me, well not until recently anyway. Camera in hand, right in the middle of putting it down I heard a swoop. Nesting time. The nest had an occupant. Well, actually, I'm supposing an additional occupant. A Dove.

I'm so bad at taking pictures but I just had to show you.

Mother Dove

Daddy Dove Lookout

A Robin Preys

A Robin's Nest?

I finally figured out by the last picture, if I'm really quiet, especially when opening the garage door, I can focus the camera closer. (The first three pictures were from my bedroom window:) I'm also going to try to make a movie if any action goes on. In the mean time, I must drag myself away from the questionable nest to do a bit of research on Doves and Robins sharing nests:) I also have tons of things to tell my visitors but, evening is upon Pennsylvania and I must go see who is in the nest now. If you don't make it back in the next few days, I of all people understand. I mean really, I'm spending my days (and some nights) watching a bird's nest. However, I'm getting ready to announce another Cookbook Give-Away! I can't reveal too much yet but I will tell you, it's brand spanking NEW!!! I'm doing my first "official" review thanks to Courtney over @ Coco Cooks! I'll have more details shortly!!! Gotta run...


  1. Awww. Love reading about your house in PA. I hopeI get to go to CSssumemr house this summer.Love the ruralness of it and all the nature.Gets my creative juices going.

  2. Mine too Courtney. If I could just drag myself away from the nest. I'm leaving for PA on Wednesday. I can't wait to see if there are babies:)


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