Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Barbecue Month!!!

With years of barbecuing under our belts, I'm sure everyone has their traditional Memorial Day Menu sitting on the coals waiting to be fired up. I thought it might be just the perfect time to share some barbecue recipes from these darling note cards from my collection. They were designed by an artist at Red Farm Studio in 1953. It seems, greeting card manufacturer, Red Farm Studio is still in business and still has many freelance illustrators submitting work on a regular basis. So far, I found Liz Trostli and Courtney Autumn Martin who share their creations online. Unfortunately, I wasn't thrilled with the Red Farm Studio website but, I did find a tidbit of info which is below.

For over 50 years, Red Farm Studio has been a widely recognized name in the greeting card and stationery industry. Our story begins with a single artist painting in a studio on a farm (can you guess the color of the farm?) in Reading, Massachusetts. Red Farm Studio was born and we soon outgrew our "life on the farm". The company moved to Rhode Island in 1957.

Wishing you all a thoughtful and safe Memorial Day!

revised May 2013

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2. May is National Barbecue Month
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  1. Enjoy your time with your family...maybe the perfect time to make a BBQ !

  2. Thanks Sidney. It sure will be memorable. I do hope we have time for a family style barbecue!!! Volley Ball and all!!!

  3. Yes, hot topics- religion, politics, and barbecue. LOL (don't go there)

  4. Not gonna touch it Maryann, I don't want to wind up in Hot Oil:)

  5. Oooops - sorry - I'm usually a lurker and I never win anything, so didn't think much about double checking :-) I'll get you my contact info!


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