Monday, May 18, 2009

Olive Oil Pickles?

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For some reason, I just can't stop thinking about the simple batch of Holy Oil Maryann whipped up over @ Find La Dolce Vita. It got me to thinking. The recipe stirred a memory I have about Olive Oil Pickles. What! You never heard of Olive Oil Pickles? First, let me tell you, not only are they heavenly, they also freeze quite well. I found out about the useful freezing tip by shear accident but, that is a story for another day. Thankfully, I did find a link which also includes a recipe for Olive Oil Pickles and how to freeze them, just in case you too are curious. Yes, I know it's way to early to be thinking about preserving summer's bounty but, I missed Pickle Week this year and you don't want to wait until you're in a pickle to try this recipe. Yes, it's a wee bit outdated but hey, somethings just never go out of favor. I think Maryann's Holy Oil will adapt quite well with this recipe and bring it into the 21st Century!!!

Olive Oil Pickles
One dozen small cucumbers peeled and sliced, 1/2 doz small onions sliced, scant half cup salt sprinkled over them. Let stand 2 hours, then drain. Turn over them 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 pint vinegar, 1 teaspoon celery seed, 1/2 cup mustard seed.
Mrs. H.S. Mowry (Thimble Club Cook Book undated (inscribed date 1911)

Olive Oil Pickles
Cover four quarts sliced cucumbers with boiling hot water and when cold drain and cover with a weak brine. Let stand over night. In the morning drain. Then add one-half teaspoon each of cloves, allspice and celery seed, two teaspoons cinnamon, one-half cup Larkin Olive Oil, one-half cup sugar, one-half cup mustard seed, one dozen onions and cold vinegar enough to cover thoroughly. Mix well and can.
Mrs. Chris. Christensen, Garner, Iowa. (Larkin Housewives' Cook Book)

"See" you all when I return. Have FUN!!!!

1. Olive Oil Pickles using Saccharine


  1. Now...THAT was a short post !
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  2. Hi Louise,
    Have a nice trip and don't forget to give us more wonderful recipes when you return!
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  3. Interesting! Never heard of such a thing. THe second recipe sounds like a sweet gherkin-style one - yummy!

  4. Hey Louise!
    Thanks for your sweet comment. I am getting into canning and jarring (is that how you say it?) this week through my church. I could bring this olive oil pickles recipe and wow them! Thanks so much!

  5. I'm drooling in anticipation for Barbeque Month goodies!

  6. Hi everyone, made it safely to Idaho. Oh those kiddies got so big!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the recipes!!! Drop me a line if you try them. I would LOVE to know how they turn out!!!

  7. Have a great trip, Louise! Love the idea of Olive Oil Pickles! Sounds like a great alternative to the very tart variety.

  8. Have a good trip, Louise. :)

  9. Thanks Vernon, T.W. and Foodvox, the recital was last night and I must say all the kids were GREAT!! Of course, I am a bit more partial to one grand daughter in particular who now wants to be called grammy's ballerina:) See ya all soon!!!

  10. Have a great time, Louise! I love these recipes. Wonderful. Will have to try them soon :)
    Thanks for the link love ;)

  11. Mmmm sounds tasty! I've never heard of them, but I think I'd love them.

  12. Interesting. I'd like to get into pickles, but I'm a little nervous about giving people food poisoning if anything goes wrong.

  13. louise, this sounds really easy to make! :D

    hope you enjoy(ed) your trip!!! :D

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