Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picnic Day, Picnic Game Update

Update: (June 23rd) The Alphabet Picnic Game basket is full.
I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing... YOU!

I've been frolicking around the blogosphere with such excitement, I thought I would never get to tell you how the Picnic Game is coming along. Wait! ...I'm back. That was Julie from Noshtalgia. She has "T" covered! And, she added a sense of mystery to her RSVP. She said, 

"this is a great ethnic recipe perfect for a picnic."

Hmmm...I wonder what Julie is bringing.

"Then from his knapsack very calmly and contently he takes cold chicken and golden encrusted rolls, packed for him perchance by loving hands, and lays conveniently by the wedge of Gruyere or Roquefort which is to be his whole dessert."-Brillat Savarin (The Physiology of Taste: Gastronomical Meditation)

It has been said, "a picnic is a form of a moveable feast." I tell ya, the Picnic Game sure does have me moving!!! Request for letters that are already taken have forced me to request picnickers to recheck their pantry archives. I do believe there are the beginnings of another Picnic Game, with double letters. Excuse me a moment. Okay, I'm back. I had to break the news to Marjie over @ Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet that the letter "C" was taken. Her picnic dish is the perfect example of where double letters would have worked just fine. Now, I'm not going to tell you because who knows maybe she wants to save it for Picnic Month in July. I will tell you though, "CC" would have been spoken for:)

Before I go on with this and that, let me tell you what 4 letters are still available for the Picnic Game.

O, P, Q, Y 

If you're ready to "bring your dish" to the picnic and you have a letter beginning from A-Z, let me know when you post it by sending me the link. Don't worry about sending me the link for the picture, I'll download it and send it to whoever needs it for their post. This way I can rename it in order to keep track of everyones picture. (I'm going to assign them by letter to avoid confusion:) If you have already done the Picnic Game post and your not in that group of first letters, you can still send me the link, as Mary from One Perfect Bite has done. I'll save them until I get the next string of letters.

I realize in the first post I did for International Picnic Day, where I attempted to explain the "rules," I said that the time to have all of the dishes in was by June 22, at midnight. That is still the time I need for the letters and dishes to be chosen because just in case all of the letters are not taken, I'm ready to come up with SOMETHING!!! (I do have a few ideas) If you're just joining us, there's still time to choose a letter and play, I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing... Just a reminder, if you would like to take another letter which is not already taken, that would be AWESOME too!!! Just let me know.

...But I wish that fate had left me free
To wander these quiet haunts with thee,
Till the eating cares of earth should depart,
And the peace of the scene pass into my heart;
And I envy thy stream, as it glides along
Through its beautiful banks in a trance of song...

The Picnic Game Menu

Perhaps, the most invigorating aspect of preparing for a picnic is the anticipation of what dish to bring. The Picnic Game has energized a sprinkled menu of distinct picnic dishes. Each one I've seen so far compliments the creators personality as well as their blog's. Some with such vim, vigor and vinegar (literally:) they completely take your breath away. Wait till you see! Oh no, I'm not giving any hints. I want you all to be pleasantly surprised!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer. Rain or Shine, summer skies will be smiling as we prepare to play the Picnic Game and feast our eyes on the dishes who beckon us to be enjoyed. I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing... Welcome all...Louise

1. What is a Picnic? (The Food Time Line has a basket full of picnic history, menus and recipes)


  1. What a fun game! You are so darn clever!

  2. Bring A Dish, Kasha! There's still some letter left. Dig through your pantry archives J, N, O, Q, U, W, X, Y are still available. No Jumping Baked Beans in that cupboard? Dig around... and let me know.

  3. Oh gosh, I need to think about something with those letters you sent me. :)

  4. Hurry Cynthia! The letters are going. J was just taken!!!

  5. This looks like so much fun! I remember this game, too! I'm afraid I've come too late, though? It's mostly just the more difficult letters now! I have to look through my next few cookbooks (and some of my old scans) to see what I have! N and O are probably two of the easier letters, but I want to have a recipe in hand before I claim anything!

  6. I Hope you can make the picnic Maria. Perhaps, you can adapt a recipe name and begin it with a word that has one of the letters. Say for instance On Time Pork & Beans! Keep trying. There's still time!!!

  7. I made a mistake--I realized as soon as I left the comment that W was already taken...how about I take X? I'm going to cheat, I'll warn you in advance ;)

  8. You have no idea how thrilled I am that you are taking the letter X, TavoLini. Please email me with your email address so I can start sending you the rest of the Picnic Menu and images. Cause, We're going on a picnic!!!


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