Monday, June 22, 2009

Picnic Game Recipes

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Have you ever played the Picnic Game? We're playing the Picnic Game, virtual style, where Everyone, Everywhere can connect, yet, come as they are. Food, we need food. You certainly can't go on a picnic without any food. Here's what we brought...

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...

A-Apple Pie with Dutch Crumb Topping

B-Buttermilk Spice Cake

C-Chocolate Cherry Pie

D-Dilly Potato Salad

E-Election Day Cake

F-Fruit Cocktail Meringue Pie

G-Gluten Free Upside Down Cake

H-Hangar Steak

I-Ice Cream in a Bag

J-Jell-O a la Haute

K-Kue Pukis

L-Lotek Salad


N-Nectarines Grilled & Glazed

O-Oysters (no pic, just shuck:)

P-Potato Balls (Cynthia can't "play" but she's here in soul:)

Q-Quesadilla (Elise is "swamped" right now. She sends picnic greetings)

R-Redneck Gazpacho
S-Shook-Bag Chicken

U-Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork

V-Vinegary Potato Salad

W-Warm Sweet Potato Biscuits

X-XXX Pizza

What a wonderful time we've had playing the Picnic Game. There are just a few late comers but hey, this is a picnic and the comings and goings that go on at a picnic are all part of the fun. 

We had a few people who couldn't make it to play the game. They sent their good wishes and some goodies for us to enjoy in their absence. (Thanks Cynthia & Elise. We appreciate it:) 

I want to thank everyone for joining in on the festivities. I don't know about you but, I've had a ball! I've "met" new people, drooled over enticing dishes, and discovered so many new places to visit. We've "chatted" back and forth planning and juggling dishes around (thanks Mary:) and shared diverse dishes from around the globe. (thank you Selba:) Best of all IMHO, like girlchef said, we now have an "excuse" to all meet and have some picnic fun in person! (get that Hangar Steak ready Stacey. July is around the corner)

That reminds me, July is National Picnic Month. Why not have a picnic? Anywhere, anytime you can fill up that picnic basket and frolic under the sun. Schedules collide? Have an online picnic and play the picnic game with your family and friends! Perhaps, make some new ones. Louise

Y-The Alphabet Picnic Game basket is full.
I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...YOU!

Zee Zipped up the leftovers and ran. A fun time was had by all...Cheers! (We just couldn't have a picnic without Courtney:)