Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Birthday Kiss...

What can you do with a kiss, a Hershey's Kiss that is? Can you think of a better way to celebrate the birthday of Hershey Kisses than by playing with them? Oh, you can, can you. Well then, I for one would love to hear your thoughts. You see, I LOVE Hershey Kisses! You may believe I divulge this morsel of truth today because, it was 102 years ago to the day that Milton Snavely Hershey had the idea to disguise those love bite pieces of chocolate in shiny silver coats of foil. Perhaps, but there's another reason. You see, I LOVE Hershey Kisses.
Many regular visitors to this blog are aware of the fact that I travel back and forth to Pennsylvania pretty regularly. They also know I usually follow the same routine. What they don't know, is I have my own supply of Hershey Kisses with me every single time I make the trip! Yes Sir Ree, I have my own portable Hershey's Chocolate Factory at my disposal with a flick of the wrist. Wanna see?

How cool is that??? I'll give you a peek into the factory windows if you recite after me; Louise LOVES Hershey Kisses!!!

Perhaps the most popular candy in the world, Hershey Kisses celebrated their centennial in 2007 with lots of "Loves & Kisses" by way of a postage stamp issued by The United States Postal Service.

Let's see, what else can you do with a Hershey's Kiss? It is summer after all, I suppose one could celebrate in Hershey, Pennsylvania where the streets are lined with streetlights shaped like Hershey Kisses. I only live about 3 hours away from Hershey when I am in PA.

Here are a few "crafty" things you can do with a Kiss.

Hershey's Kisses Kritters
Take the Hershey "Math" test over @ Granny Mountain. It's FUN!!!
Gabriela's Mice Kisses
Edible Halloween Witches Hats
Marshmallow Snowmen

Look what I found over @ Slashfood where I also found a few other inviting recipes to help celebrate the Kisse's Birthday. Having a BBQ? I made Hershey's Chocolate Barbecue Sauce.

Here are a few more cooking things you can do with a Hershey's Kiss.

Krispie Kisses
Chocolate Cherry Kisses
Win a Night at the Museum Sweepstakes (ends October, 2009)
Meringue Kisses with Passion Fruit Fool ("yields a light, crispy cookie that won't make you feel guilty.")
Meringue & Chocolate Kisses
Hugs & Chocolate Kisses

Did You Know?
95 Kisses =1lb. chocolate AND The name of the paper coming out of every Kiss is called a plume. So, If there are 95 Kisses in 1 pound of chocolate, How much would a single Hershey Kiss weigh in milligrams if 1 pound is to 2.2 kg? Did you know the answer? Have a Kiss below. Give up? Answer.

FYI: July 7th is also the "birthday" of Sliced Bread! Read all about it @ Tasteful Inventions. Friday I'll be serving up some watermelon dishes for Watermelon Month! Not only are they refreshing, they are adorable too!!!

1. 100 years A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Hershey's Kiss Turns 100
2. Hershey's Chocolate Barbecue Sauce @ Slashfood
3. The Hershey Insider (blog that keeps up with all things Hershey
4. Hershey's Kiss @ wiki
5. Zoe's Hershey Kiss Collection


  1. Thanks for the hershey kiss facts! I love love hershey kisses. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting, along with a jar of nutella.

  2. I am also part of the fan club! Kisses sound like a great idea for long drives - I'm going to give it a try!

  3. Gotta love the kiss!!!
    Thanks for the link for my Snowmen!!!

  4. Kiss...Kiss... When I was little we used to visit the Hershey factory on the way to my Aunt's house in Harrisburg. It was great fun, and it was more like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. No glass walls, tastes all around.

    Who doesn't love a Hershey kiss. Love your post..so many things to do with them..or you can just eat them! Thanks.

  5. I love Hershey's kisses! We went to Hershey, PA when I was little and I remember all the chocolate we bought (and ate).
    Thanks for participating in my BBQ. Chocolate sauce looks good, sort of like a mole. :)

  6. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- I had no idea what to day was. We must celebrate! Please feel free to link to my post.


  7. Thanks for the link. Thorough and informative post as always!

  8. Love Hershey's chocolate, too bad, that it's not very easy to find it here in Jakarta.

    The cartoons are so cute :)

  9. oh, that is wonderful ideas! now I really want a mega-bag of hershey kisses...

  10. How many miles did you get per Hershey's Kiss? My husband ate one around 4 times an hour for a rate of around 15 to 20 miles/kiss. Kept him from falling asleep.

  11. I am originally from Harrisburg, used to go to Hershey Park every summer, loved eating at Hershey Hotel as a child, and have always loved Hershey kisses.

  12. Hi Zoe, thanks for dropping in. My "mommy" always told me to share. The pleasure is mine:) May I have some of that Nutella please? On second thought better not, Nutella & Kisses, oh my, that could be dangerously yummy!

  13. Indeed T.W. good for long lonely drives; best when shared...

  14. Hi Leslie, nice to "see" you. Thank you and thank you again. The Snowmen were a perfect fit and we both know what's coming up next! I really appreciate it. Hope to "see" ya Friday!

    Hi Janet, I'm sure you have some tasty ideas for kisses. I was hoping my daughter would be coming for a visit this summer. I had planned on taking the kids to Hershey. I too have fond memories of Hershey Park. Although, the best was when I had to stop short for a Mommy and her ducklings as I was leaving the park. The picture is imprinted in my mind to this day:)

  15. Hi Gloria, isn't it amazing how we all have memories of Hershey Park. I never went as a child but I sure did take my kids there, more than once!!! I hope the chocolate sauce picture was okay. I'm not much of a photographer. However, I did cook it myself and that was quite an accomplishment!!!

  16. Thanks Monica. I will be back for more visits.

    Hi Steff, thank you. Any watermelon cupcakes around and about? It's Watermelon Month!!!

    Selba & burpandslurp! Kisses on their wayeeeeeee....enjoy:)

  17. Mae, Mae, Mae, now you just know I will be timing my kisses all the way to PA!!! I'll report back:)

    Hi Angela, Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your Hershey memories. It just never occurred to me that so many of us have been to Hershey's. I now think someone should remind the company:)

  18. I love giving out kisses..hersey's ones, that is...

  19. I like my Hershey's kisses just as Milton intended them: in my tummy!

  20. On a fashion note: my Dad brought me back a pair of Hershey Kiss earring on his last trip there ;D

  21. i big big BIG poofy heart choco kisses!!! thank you for sharing this lovely post. :D

    sending kisses, louise!

  22. Hi duckie, I feel a kiss pie in the making, Hershey Kisses that is...

    Me to Marjie, I think I better move them away from this computer. My tummy just LOVES them...

    Hershey Kiss earrings, how cool is that Sher. I need to find me some...

    oh acey, those were the best kisses now weren't they?


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