Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's National Baked Bean Month!!!

Heinz Beans Die Cut
With the hullabaloo of celebrations going on in July, I plum forgot about National Baked Bean Month. Not to worry I thought to myself. I have a vintage Heinz die-cut bean recipe book to share. It is undated and printed in Canada which leaves me to believe it is probably circa 1930s. No long stories today guys. Just some scanned baked bean recipes and I'm off to a picnic!!! Enjoy Baked Bean Month!
Baked Beans Recipe
Baked Bean Recipes


  1. Enjoy your picnic. I hope you are also celebrating ice cream month.

  2. hehehe... growing up, I had lots of baked beans out of cans at picnics and stuff, and couldn't understand how people liked it so much -- tasted awful to me. Then, years later, I finally had some made-from-scratch and the light bulb came on :D

  3. I'm glad you're using the "box of fun" idea! The kids don't necessarily get the humor of it, but the adults always do! Have fun.

  4. How funny! I haven't eaten baked beans out of a tin in years, but I'm in Perth (Western Australia) right now, and I was just at the supermarket the other day, contemplating baked beans on toast.

    Did Heinz use the "Beanz means Heinz" slogan in their ad campaigns in the US, too?

  5. Hi Mae, Well the picnic became a barbecue but none the less, it was enjoyable. I celebrate Ice Cream Month nearly every day. I must admit, I recently had my first DQ Blizzard. Oh my goodness!!!

    Hi Erica, I too gained a much better appreciation for baked beans when they were offered right out of the bean pot and not a tin can.

    Hi Marjie, It's a bit of a story but we just never got to "box of fun" I did however have a ball playing Wii!!! Any chance of a Wii ice cream making game? Virtual of course:)

    You know Adele, I came "that close" to posting a recipe link for baked beans on toast when I "put the brakes on" in an effort to keep my posts a wee bit shorter. Darn!!! The #1 baked bean purveyor in the states is I believe Bush's Baked Beans. I've never seen that Heinz slogan here. I hope you're having a nice relaxing vaca but I tell you, I for one am missing your posts!!!

  6. When I see baked beans, I tend to think of English Breakfast!

  7. This post reminded me of the last time I went camping and made some baked beans. Here's a simple recipe for any camping trip: camping baked bean recipe

  8. I think even today, as a "grown up" I still love the idea of hot dogs and baked beans, even though I don't have it as often as I used to. A couple of years ago, I visited London, and a colleague told me that baked beans on toast was delicious. I tried it, and it was fantastic. Now, it is sometimes a "no-fuss" Friday night supper.

  9. Not the first thing that comes to my mind tigerfish but then, I never knew about baked beans on toast either. A curiosity I will now have to remedy.

    Thanks for that recipe link Andrew, those are the same kinds of beans I think about when the thought of camping nudges my wanderlust.

    Oh goodie, there's an idea a new "no fuss" meatless Friday dinner. Even I can whip that up!!! Thanks T.W. I'll give it a try


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