Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've Been Swamped

Hi all. Just in case anyone has been wondering "where or where have Louise's posts gone," I'm here to tell you that I have not gotten lost, or hoodwinked. I will be back to my regular posting on or before Independence Day on Saturday. In the mean time, I don't want you to miss the many delicious food celebrations arriving in July.

Thankfully, Deb the Fabulous Foodie has posted her Culinary Calendar for July. Yours truly has also compiled a collection of July Monthly Food celebrations including a few daily celebrations as well. You might have to make a quick hop on over to the Kettledrum to unveil them. I can just about guarantee you, you won't be disappointed.

July is...

I do realize many readers are preparing their menus for the Fourth of July so how about I just list a few monthly celebrations here without links. Here goes:
1. Watermelon Month
2. Blueberry Month
3. American Beer Month
4. National Grilling Month
5. National Ice Cream Month
6. National Baked Bean Month
7. National Bison Month
8. National Peach Month
9. National Picnic Month
10. National Hot Dog Month
11. National Culinary Arts Month

Today, July 2, is National Anisette Day. I don't have time to discuss my personal encounters with that tasty little glass of clear licorice like flavoring. However, I will tell you, Anisette is one of the easiest liqueurs to make at home. Here's a recipe I found @ An Herbal Bedfellow blog. See ya in a few! Louise:)


  1. Wow! there's a national day for anisette? Well, I'm not familiar with the liqueur but I do LOVE anise flavor and licorice is my favorite candy :)

    I'll check out the recipe, thanks!

  2. Ok - with this in mind, I feel it is my duty to indulge in blueberries, beer, ice cream, baked beans and hot dogs, at least .... :-)

  3. Definitely feels like a month for ice cream. It is 105 degrees around here. I hope you are having a good day Louise! I get being swamped! Believe me!

  4. I think the 4th should be the day to do 11 of the 12 monthly festival items. I think we should leave the bison out of it, though. I bought some buffalo flank steak at Whole Foods, recently -- REALLY chewy!

  5. I'm not much of a fan of anisette, but I've always loved Stella D'Oro's anisette sponge cookies. I can go with the watermelon, blueberry, ice cream, bison, peach and hot dogs, and who doesn't love a picnic?

    Happy Independence Day, Louise!

  6. I thought you'd blown up from the picnic!

  7. Blueberry and ice-cream makes July more exciting for me...else, I will be bogged down with daily routine :O

  8. anisette? really? Gotta check the recipe out!
    And wow...I had no idea July had SO many reasons to celebrate!

  9. Have FUN! Selba...there's a new taste waiting to be discovered:)

    Indulge away T.W. Save room for National Grand Marnier Day; July 14th!

    Hi Kasha, I know I would be complaining if we were having 105 degree weather here but please oh please, pass a bit of that heat this way. National Ice Cream Day is July 16th and since I am no longer "swamped," I do so want to celebrate!!!

    I wouldn't mind passing on Bison Month either Mae. Although, I did have a hearty bowl of Buffalo Stew my last trip out to Idaho:) Thanks for visiting...

    Lots of fun food celebrations for sure, Marjie. I adore ALL Stella D'Oro's cookies. The Anisette and Breakfast Treats are my favorites!!!

    Not quite blown up Duckie, more liked filled to the brim...

    I agree, it's much more fun to be "bogged" down in blueberries and ice cream tigerfish.

    Celebrating life with food. Does it get any better than that, burpandslurp:)

    Thanks for stopping everyone. A Safe and Happy July 4th to All!!!


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