Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Shameless Plug & A Give-Away (sorta)

What kind of mommy-in-law would I be if I didn't boast about my precious Kyla. I just happened to visit her blog this evening; Blue Collar Catwalk and as I was playing catch-up, I stumbled upon her first give-away. Now, I must take a moment to tell you, if you are into fashion and you are on a budget, Blue Collar Cat Walk is the blog to visit for honest to goodness inspiration. Let me introduce you. (clickable pics:)

Exquisite Kyla

Playful Children

Grand-Pup Iggy Pop

Tolani Scarf Give-Away

Have Fun! Good Luck!...tune in [late] tomorrow. It's Watermelon Month!!!


  1. cute!! I'll go check it out :D

  2. You're awesome! Thanks so much! Love you!

  3. Blogging runs in the family :D

    I came here FROM Kyla's place. I love her site and will have to keep checking out yours too.

  4. That scarf is adorable! I looked up arachibutyrophobia. Thanks for teaching me a new word and educating me on a very intriguing phobia. Maybe I have that.......peanut butter is delicious though!

  5. What a nice mommy-in-law you are indeed!

  6. Have fun girlchef. Kyla has an awesome blog.

    Sweet Kyla, your blog is SO you!!!

    Stop by anytime Sher, I'm liking your blog too!!!

    thank you acey, hope it brought a smile:)

    Thank you Kasha, your blog is a wealth of tasty information and delicious treats!

    Thanks Marjie, I try:)


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