Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Pooh's Anniversary!!!

There's so much sweetness to spread in the month of October and yet, I just can't resist celebrating another Winnie the Pooh anniversary. I realize we celebrated the "official" Winnie the Pooh Day on A.A .Milne's birthday in January. You must remember, that's when I posted a bunch of Pooh recipe links and those honey sweet cookies on a stick. (that's a direct link to the recipe:) However, when I happened upon this delightful PDF file filled with creative ideas for celebrating that honey loving bear's anniversary, I just knew I needed to include just a smackerel amount of recipes. Let's begin with Piglet's No-Haycorn Pizzas just in time for National Pizza Month:)

Pooh's Holiday Ornament Cookies, usher in an introduction to National Cookie Month which I just happened to post about way back when in October of 2007. Here's a taste just in time for National Dessert Month, also celebrated in October. Enjoy!

The Dessert
Big piles of pastry, delicious and sweet,
Contain no mustard, garlic, or caraway seed.
They're baked until they are perfection,
For this is heaven's own confection.
But eat too much and you will shout,
I think I'm suffering from the gout!
Light and flaky, in sugar they're richly rolled,
Like delicate china dolls with powdered skirts and lacey fold.
Seize up your fork and count your blessings now,
For these exquisite treats the chef deserves a bow.
This toothsome dessert is made from fine flour,
Sugar, eggs, spices and all things not sour.
Chocolate, raisins, poppy seeds, and rum,
If you hesitate, my friend, you won't get a crumb!

I'd be rather remiss if I didn't mention that October 14th is also the day one of the first patents for a corn-planting machine (harvester) was granted to an African American by the name of Henry Blair. October 14th is National Dessert Day AND National Chocolate Covered Insect Day. (why oh why I'm not quite sure:)

I still haven't prepared anything for Pasta Month, Seafood Month, Caramel Month or any of those monthly food celebrations celebrated in October. Oh well...

More Upcoming Food Days:
15-Happy Birthday to Emeril Lagasse (10-15-59)
16-World Bread Day
16-International World Food Day
17-Diwali (Festival of Lights)