Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taking a break...

There's lots to do before my daughter and her family arrive in Pennsylvania for Tabi's seventh birthday and Thanksgiving, so I've decided to put the month of November on the back burner. It was a tough decision, but it's the first time in two years that they will be coming and our first Thanksgiving in the new house.  As you can imagine, I want everything to be just perfect:) I'm planning a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party and since Tabi requested a Strawberry Shortcake as her birthday cake, I will be baking one for her from scratch! (remember, I don't bake:) I have a traditional family Thanksgiving menu planned and I even found lost pictures of each of my children eating their first drumstick. I think the kiddies will get a big kick out of that, don't you? I may even try some of the recipes I've been saving for someday and bake memories with the kids. (I'll try to take decent pictures:) I will still be visiting many of your blogs and will most likely be tweeting the yummy days of the month. Have a wonderful November and a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving. "See" ya in December, Louise:)

Monthly Food Celebrations

November is...
1. National American Indian Heritage Month
2. National Diabetes Month
3. National Peanut Butter Month *
4. Georgia Pecan Month
5. National Pepper Month
6. Raisin Bread Month 
7. Vegan Month
8. Clean Out Refrigerator Month
9. National Pomegranate Month 
10. Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month
11. National Roasting Month 
12. National Bread Month
Nov 1-7-National Fig Week
Don't forget, it's another wonderful year of Drop In and Decorate!

Daily Food Celebrations

1st.-Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). On this day, Mexicans remember family and friends who have passed. 

2nd-National Deviled Egg Day

3rd-Sandwich Day-The Earl of Sandwich & Sandwich history *

4th-Faygo Pop Day. Faygo was founded on November 4, 1907, as Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works by Russian immigrants Ben and Perry Feigenson. 

5th-National Men Make Dinner Day
5th-Doughnut Appreciation Day
5th-Bonfire Night - (Guy Fawkes) This British celebration commemorates a foiled attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster on the evening of November 5, 1605. Visit The Sketchy Cook for a touch of whimsy to add to your Bonfire Night celebration. 

7th-The Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Doughboy made his debut on November 7, 1965. *
7th-National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

9th-Gail Borden the first person to develop a commercial method of condensing milk was born today November 9, 1801. His invention is celebrated at the Inventors' Hall of Fame. Here's a recipe to make your own.

9th-13-National Young Reader's Week-Annual event that was co-founded in 1989 by Pizza Hut® and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. (I can't wait to share my children's cookbooks with Tabi and Noah when they come for a visit:)

10th-National Vanilla Cupcake Day (Cupcake Days can be very confusing:)

11th-In Medieval and Elizabethan times, Martinmas or the Feast of St. Marin of Tours, November 11th, was regarded as the end of the farming year. An ancient folklore tells the story of predicting the winter ahead on the Feast Day of St. Martin. This could be deduced from markings on the breast-bone of a goose eaten on Martinmas Eve; white marks meant snow and dark ones hard frost, while the front part of the bone meant before Christmas and the back part afterwards.

15th-Sadie Hawkins Day, an American folk event, made its debut in Al Capp's Li'l Abner strip November 15, 1937 *
15th-National Bundt Pan Day *

16th-National Fast Food Day

17th-On November 17, 1885 The first patent that can claim to be for an electric mixer was issued to Rufus M.Eastman. (egg beater) Amazing Huh!
17th-National Baklava Day
17th-Homemade Bread Day and a rhyming recipe for bread from Nebraska.
Not a deed would he do,
Not a word would he utter,
Till he's weighed its relation
To plain bread and butter.

James Russell Lowell

18th-Mickey Mouse Day! Disney's Steamboat Willie is a landmark in the history of animation. The movie opened at the Colony Theater in New York on November 18, 1928, a date that would become known as Mickey's birthday. I celebrated Mickey Mouse Day for Mickey's 80th birthday *

20th-Boy, I sure could use a Mallomar right now. How 'bout you? Did you know, "On November 20, 1913, the famous cookie was "born."
20th-Noveau Beaujolais Day  "At One Minute past midnight on the third Thursday of each November, from little villages and towns like Romanèche-Thorins, over a million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin their journey through a sleeping France to Paris for immediate shipment to all parts of the world...continue to read about its journey...
20th-National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

21st-Gingerbread Day 

Fairy Gingerbread
The fairies made some gingerbread
Of sugar, flour, and spice.
"They said, "We'll give some to our queen,
It looks so very nice!"

So they put some on a napkin,
Laid on a pretty plate,
And took it to the rose bower
Where she was sleeping late.

When the little queen awakened,
It lay before her eyes
And then she cried with great delight,
"Oh what a big surprise!"

"For gingerbread so nice and brown,
So yummy and so airy
My royal thanks and compliments
to every cooking fairy!"

I was hiding by the rose bower
And was quiet as could be
When she asked the happy fairies
For their secret recipe.

I had a little notebook there
And wrote down what they said,
So that is how I learned to make
This Fairy Gingerbread!

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup molasses
2-1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp. soda (baking)
1 tbs. ginger
Cream sugar and buter in bowl. Beat eggs. Add eggs, milk, and molasses to butter and sugar mixture. Sift flour, soda, and ginger into mixture and beat well. Bake in shallow greased pan in moderate oven (350 degrees) for 45 minutes.

21st-Pumpkin Pie Day! (recipe poem) *

22nd-The last Sunday of the Church Year, or the Sunday before Advent, is often called 'Stir-up Sunday' or Christmas Pudding Day. It's traditional for everyone in the family to take a turn at stirring the Christmas pudding, while making a wish. 

23rd-Eat A Cranberry Day *
23rd-National Cashew Day

25th-At a time in American history when women were not allowed by law to register a patent in the colonies, Sybilla Masters, was not only the first woman, she was also the first person ever, although, America was not yet the United States of...What did she invent? A new corn mill. The patent was granted on November 25th, 1715.
25th-Tie One On Day...apron that is...:)

26th-National Cake Day @ Slashfood
26th-Thanksgiving Recipes From America's Past.

28th-National French Toast Day
28th-Buy Nothing Day (UK), It's a day to challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from consumerism and live without shopping.

30th-Joy of Cooking publication anniversary; November 30, 1931
30th-National Mousse Day

A red star (*) denotes a previous post of mine:)


  1. Louise, enjoy your holiday! Take lots of photos and come back rested and refreshed. Thanks for the holiday list! Happy November.

  2. Enjoy your time with your family and the new home! I'm going to have to celebrate national deviled egg day tomorrow; the Knight and I both love 'em!

  3. That's an overwhelming array of days!

  4. I'll miss you, but I understand!

  5. Why is November the national Fig week? Is that when figs are most abundant?
    And I hope you have the most PERFECTLY happy Thanksgiving and birthday party! Come back soon for more celebration posts!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful month. This time of year is so busy I understand you wanting to take some time off.
    Love the Fairy Gingerbread poem. I have a collection of fairy poems, will add this one. Thanks.

  7. Have a wonderful time with your family, Louise! And, count me in for National Deviled Egg Day!

  8. Wow, a day for everything!
    Have fun with the family!

  9. I always host Thanksgiving, too; it is an enormous amount of work (and I will never make that confession again). Happy Thanksgiving with your daughter, and Happy Birthday to your little granddaughter. I know it will be wonderful!

  10. Have a wonderful birthday party, Thanksgiving--and the house! You've given us all so much to read about and think about.. time for a break. Enjoy!

  11. Have a nice break, Louise! Definitely gonna miss you a lot :)

    Btw, Happy Birthday to Tabi and also an early wish... Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Have a nice break and time with your family - Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Thanks Kate, I plan on taking lots of pictures to share. We'll see how that goes:)

    Thanks Channon, Hope you had a feast of deviled eggs.

    Lots of food days to celebrate in November, Mae. Good thing they'll keep til next year:)

    Thanks, Julia. I miss you "guys" already:)

    Hi Sophia, According to what I read, November is the optimum time for California figs. Thank you for your well wishes. I'll be back with lots of pics, hopefully. I'm so bad with cameras:)

  14. Hi Rochelle, I'm so glad you enjoyed the fairy poem. A collection of fairy poems. How cool is that:) I have so many food poems I hope to someday organize. Thank you for your well wishes. I can hardly contain myself til the kids get here. So much to do especially in the midst of moving.

    You have a wonderful month also, T.W. I do hope you had your fair share of deviled eggs.

    Thanks Natashya, It's going to be GREAT!!! My daughter just called this morning to tell me they will be staying for 2 whole weeks!!!! BTW: Don't forget to pick out your prize #3 and mail me your info.

    Thanks Reeni, I will.

  15. Thanks Marjie, It has been a very long time since I hosted any kind of dinner. I have a bit of a secret also, I'm, a wee bit nervous as the guest list seems to grown longer each day. I only hope I'm completely moved in by then. The way things look, it's going to be close.

    Thank you for your kind words Janet. I'm hoping you'll keep those tasty days on the menu while I'm gone:)

    Hi Selba, Thank you so much for your well wishes. I'm more excited about Tabi's birthday than I am about Thanksgiving. I do hope the Strawberry Shortcake turns out okay. I'm so bad at baking...See ya when I get back with lots of pics, I hope:)

    Thanks Pam. I really appreciate it.

  16. Hi Louise, thanks for the tip on the onion marmalade but I don’t know if we get that particular variety of onion in Guernsey. Enjoy your month of family time and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you in December...HO,Ho,HO!

  17. You know I'm making the fairy gingerbread.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  18. Your blog is way cool! Last Novemeber for National Blog Posting Month I did a daily post on the food holidays for the month. It was great fun. I look forward to seeing more from this site.

  19. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy family time Louise.. you deserve it!

  20. It sounds like you're going to be very busy. I hope your daughter's visit is wonderful!

  21. You are more than welcome Bumble Bee, see you in December!

    You would love the Tummy Tingles book I found that little diddy in duckie, please do make the fairy gingerbread and share...

    Welcome Kate and thanks for dropping in. WOW, congrats on earning that badge of daily posts for National Blog Posting Month last year. Way cool...Hope to see you in time for National Bloody Mary Day, December 1st!!!

    Thank you Jady, it's going to be fun!!!

    Busy, busy, busy, Adele but oh so worth it!

  22. Well there you are Louise! I have missed you, but totally understand the need for a break. What a busy month you have. How fun to have such a long visit from your daughter and family. That is what makes this season the best. I bet your house in New York is gorgeous this year. You may have 70 degree weather now, but I bet it will snow for Christmas right on time and that makes you very lucky. I appreciate you liking my picture. Someone sent me an email telling me I really have terrible pictures so I am trying to improve. I can count on you to say just the opposite! Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Did I hear the sentence "I don't bake"...:D I'm in the same school. Be happily busy, dear.

  24. Thanks for the link Louise, you're so sweet!

    I found your blog this morning whilst looking for more food themed days to celebrate (any excuse to bake cute seasonal food!).

    Your (very thorough!) foody calendar should provide endless inspiration if I'm ever stuck for something topical to bake and blog.

    I hope your grand daughter enjoys her birthday (good luck with the cake baking!). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family :)

  25. I hope you have a great holiday and I'm sure that your kids will get a kick out of those photos.

    I must say you have a very nice blog, and quite a unique niche. The fact that you actually get so many comments goes to show how well liked you are.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a well thought out comment.

  26. Enjoy your November! It's surely one of my favorite months with Thanksgiving gatherings.

    Love all the info about food celebrations. I did manage to clean out the fridge ;-)

  27. Hello yourself Kasha, yes it is going to be a busy month. I must admit, I too miss all my blogging pals. I've baked two test cakes since I had to stay in New York longer than expected and I must admit, I need lots more practice! I know you would bake up a beauty!!! I won't be in NY for the holidays, I should be all moved in to PA, good lord willing and the creek don't freeze so keep your fingers crossed:) I am so sorry someone criticized your images. You have a wonderful blog and if working on your photography skills makes you feel better, then you GO for it. If not, not to worry, pictures may be worth a thousand words but they sure don't taste very good!

    Yes, tigerfish, you heard correctly, I don't bake. And, the way things are going, I just may be buying a Strawberry Shortcake for the party!

    Thanks Becks, I've bookmarked your blog and will return for more whimsy real soon. Have fun celebrating all the goodies, November has to offer!!!

    Thank you duckie, you are so sweet:)

    Hi Sire, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am having a difficult time keeping those photos under wrap. I can't wait to see the kids' reaction.

    Your blog is quite the resource and most comfortable to visit. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "I'll be back."

    Thanks Tina, (Pierce) I'm almost afraid to tackle the fridge in PA. I'm sure there are funny little waddles growing in it:)

  28. The photos of the kids with the drumsticks sound great. They will totally get a kick out of that! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Cxx.

  29. Happy turkey day, Louise! Hope you're doing well. xo

  30. Oh I cant wait to see that cake!

  31. a strawberry shortcake party!!! can i invite myself? hahaha. :)

    have a great weeken, dear louise!!! <3

  32. Wow! I never knew all those days even existed!


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