Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple Stuffed Pork & "Cheaters" Bear Claws

I know, I know, tomorrow starts a new month and we're all anxious to hear what we'll be cooking to celebrate February's arrival. Under "normal" conditions, you would arrive here and I would have a list of food celebrations listed for the month, along with the "red letter" days. Not today folks. Today, I'd like to give you a taste of what I made for dinner. Oh, this was no ordinary dinner mind you, John & Kyla came for dinner and for them, I wanted to make something extra special!

I don't think you've been "formally introduced to my son John and his sweetheart of a wife Kyla. Oh, and we can't forget my one and only grand-puppy Iggy. Psst...he's the cutie in the middle. (Thank you again Kyla for taking these delicious looking pictures:) Kyla has a "fashionable" blog over at Blue Collar Catwalk. Every once in while she let's John visit too. This picture is from his Ugly Sweater Series.

So what did I make for dinner? A gorgeous apple stuffed pork loin of course with garlic mashed potatoes, pan gravy and carrot raisin salad. (I was hesitant about the carrot raisin salad but surprisingly, it added a nice crunch to the fruitful meal. I only wish the yogurt I made this morning had set in time. It would have added a nicer tang than the mayo)

The pork was carved through the center with a big ol' apple corer and I stuffed it with toasted oatmeal bread, one diced gala apple, teeny tiny diced prunes, fried pork bits from the center of the pork. (I got the idea from the Time Life Foods of the World Series; The Cooking of Scandinavia) I moistened it all with reduced apple and raisin juice. I simply seasoned it with a bit of salt & pepper and a few strips of bacon. Fruitful indeed!

Wait, there's dessert too!!! Bear Claws. Well, sorta, kinda bear claws. I like to think of them as Cheaters' Bear Claws because I adapted a recipe I found over at The Black Cat Kitchen. Jess happens to be having a spice give-away at her new blog on Wordpress too.  She calls them  Easy Bear Claws and boy oh boy, they sure were easy and oh so good!!!

Monthly Food Celebrations

I did a bit of "cheating" with this list also. I just grabbed the post I did last year in the Kettledrum and "seasoned" it up a bit.

I'll be back with the daily celebrations on Carrot Cake Day. I'm gathering up some fabulous Carrot Cake links just for the occasion. See Ya there!!!

1. Pastry Bear Claws