Saturday, February 20, 2010

Farewell to Pancake Week: Pancake Layer Cake

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Harvested from Cakes; 1,001 Classic Recipes from Around the World-Reader's Digest copyright 2005

If you would like to share a pancake creation you "threw" together this week, please feel free to include the link in the comments section. Night Owl Chef, that means you too!!!

FYI: The first machine for the manufacturing of toothpicks, was patented on February 20, 1872, by Silas Noble and J.P. Cooley, of Granville, Massachusetts. (cake tester anyone?)
Ruth Miriam Siems, creator of Stove Top Stuffing, was born today in 1931.
Today is National Cherry Pie Day and, the month of February is still National Cherry Month!!!

It didn't take much coaxing from Jane for me to share the surprise bloom I received on watering day this week. I admit, her Orange Polenta Cake with Sweet Citrus Glaze may have persuaded me just a wee bit. I'm thinking this scented geranium is beckoning spring...

The rest of the mud room, which I am temporarily using as a plant room until I get my new planting shed in the spring. A delightful Amish man and his 5 sons are building it for me "as we speak."

Tomorrow is National Sticky Bun Day & Clam Chowder Day. I hope to see you all on Tuesday:) just in time for National Dog Biscuit Day!!!


  1. Really? National Sticky Bun Day? Tomorrow? Now that's something I can get really excited about. I'll have to do something outrageous...like make some!

    Love your layered pancake cake.

  2. Pancake Layer Cake is positively sinful.. I could eat that right now.Wish I had some strawberries.

  3. I'll be celebrating British cherry week later in the year! I didn't get any pancakes this week - I feel thwarted.

  4. Holy cow, that is one great looking pancake cake!

    And Holy Cow, my mother in law was born and raised in the home of the toothpick machine! How weird is that, since Granville is about as big as your back yard? (Well, almost that small, anyway).

  5. A fantastic idea! I love pancakes!



  6. Wow! The Pancake Layer Cake looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow that looks fabulous and I don't normally like pancakes. Last weekend, my husband and I went out for Valentine's Day and I ordered pancakes... they were really yellow looking and not tasty at all. It was enough to set me off pancakes for 6 months... and then there was the picture of the pancake layer cake calling me back.

  8. Whoever would have thought that toothpicks have a history?

    Happy cherry pie month again.

    best... maefood.blogspot.com

  9. Well, shucks. No pancakes were consumed during pancake week here. Maybe next year. But Sissy is staying on me about National Dog Biscuit Day...

  10. That's an amazing cake! I love the idea of all the layers!!

  11. How wonderful to have a plant room! I want to put up herbs with grow lights, and can't seem to find a spare inch to put them in.
    Looking forward to sticky bun day! Do I put up a stocking or does the sticky bun fairy leave them on the counter?

  12. No pancakes here either this week,(back on my diet) but that pancake layer is drool worthy for sure! I heard a woodpecker this sunny morning, Spring is on it's way!

  13. Oh, that pancake cake is totally sinfully delicious! I have to tell about the sticky bun day to my daughter as it is her current favorite pastry!

  14. I love the scented geranium!! So good in fruit jams, apricot in particular. My grandmother used to have dozens of pots out on the porch. It has great medicianl uses too.
    I am jealous of your plant/mud room!

    Daniela Hamlin, www.thesoaringchef.com

  15. I want those pancakes. They look so good.

    I love your blog. Please stop by mine and pick an award up.

  16. Now THAT is some kind of pancake! We're talking royalty!

  17. My kids would be devouring this cake in 3 minutes flat! They keep hinting that they love pancakes and I play deaf.

  18. Hi Barbara. I do hope you enjoyed Sticky Bun Day!

    I just couldn't resist posting it Janet. Perhaps, next pancake day I'll "whip" one up with a dollop of chocolate!

    I do hope you will be sharing British Cherry Week with us Foodycat. When does it begin?

    I did get the impression Granville wasn't a very big town while researching for Toothpick Day, Marjie. How cool to actually know someone raised there.

    Thanks Rosa! It was a fun post:)

    Welcome Karen. (Barefoot) I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Drop by anytime you just never know what will be stacked!!!

    Isn't it amazing how good pancakes can be when prepared correctly and oh how bad when they are NOT!!! I'm so glad this stack left a better taste, Michelle. Thanks for dropping by...

    Toothpicks sure do have a history Mae. A pretty interesting one at that!!! (here's the post link:) Thanks for visiting. Enjoy Cherry Month, it's a short one!

  19. Insane describes it perfectly, T.W. We'll have to remember it for next year.

    I probably did more "talk" about pancake week than actually consuming as many Channon. However, that's what's great about pancakes. They're as much fun to talk about as they are to eat and create!!!

    It sort of reminds me of Mille-feuille. Just what we need to encourage the onset of Spring:) Thanks for stopping Jan.

    So, Natashya, any sticky bun fairies stop over by you:) Herbs are pretty easy to grow on a sunny windowsill. Perhaps, you can improvise one:)

    Gee, I hope that woodpecker you heard is heading for the hills, Yankee Soaper, there's a storm a brewing; again...

    Sticky Buns seem to be everyone's favorite, 5 Star Foodie. I'll have to remember that for next year. Perhaps, we could have a Sticky Bun Day Round-up!!!

    Right at this very moment Daniela there's another scented geranium bud waiting to burst! Did you see my post on Scented Geraniums a while back? I absolutely adore them. Not only are they used for medicinal purposes, and fruit jams, they make a mighty fine scented sugar!!! Wonderful in tea:) Now I'm off to check out your Moussaka!

    Thank you so much for visiting Sweet & Savory. I am flattered by your charming award and will share it when I return from New York. Which, BTW, looks like it may be delayed due to the "new" weather pattern:)

    That' pretty much what my grand-daughter, Tabitha, said when she saw them, Katy. She always has princess on her mind:)

    Thanks for letting us know Duckie. What kind did you have???

    Welcome tasteofbeirut. Thank you so much for dropping by. When the grand-kids were here I made up batches of pancakes to keep in the freezer. It worked out just fine. Perhaps, you could get the kids to give you a hand and then freeze them!!! Great for the morning "rush." As for me, I'm still thinking about those Candied Chick Peas of yours; intriguing:)

  20. Love the pancake cake! I totally want to make one cupcake style!

  21. My kids loves pancakes for breakfast even on snack. I will definitely try the layered pancake for them. Thank's for sharing your recipe.


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