Friday, February 5, 2010

National Frozen Yogurt Day: Redemption Crepes

Update: National Frozen Yogurt Day is February 7th. I just realized this post went up on the wrong day. Thanks:)

No long stories today visitors. I'm off to an auction "as we speak." Yes, my first auction of the season "good Lord willing and the creek don't freeze." It is snowing Big Time! at the moment. When I went to the preview this afternoon I asked the auctioneer what his policy was as far as weather. He said, "It's on no matter what!" Normally, I would reconsider going out in a blizzard for an auction, however, I'm seething with excitement. As advertised, there will be 400+ cookbooks!!! It isn't a far ride and if at all possible, that is where I will be, probably the entire day. Cookbook Heaven:)

Before I go, I would like to show you what I made for dessert tonight. Oh, okay, it really was my dinner:) I can eat dessert for dinner if I want, I can, I can!!!

I'll give you a quick run down as to what I did because I actually combined two recipes and then added a few personal touches. Now, you know I've been making gallons of yogurt these days. When I looked through The Yogurt Gourmet for frozen yogurt recipes, most every one of them called for gelatin to be added to the yogurt during the yogurt making process. Uh oh?? My yogurt is simply Meyer dairy milk and yogurt culture. Just about when I was ready to give up, I found a recipe for Frozen Banana Yogurt that did not require gelatin. Yippee!!! Basically you add frozen bananas (which I just happen to have in the freezer) to thick yogurt in the blender. After it's nice and smooth, you put it in the freezer for a spell or until you're ready to serve it. In my case, I decided to make crepes "stuffed" with the sweet dollops of frozen yogurt. Crepes, oh my gosh, it's been a very, very long time since I made crepes. I do believe I had crepes on my belly's mind after reading Sophia's post the other day.  I followed a recipe, yes you read that correctly, I followed a recipe from The Many Faces of Kahula recipe book. I love those little Kahlua recipes books, don't you?

The only alternation I made to this recipe was I used 2 tablespoons of Kahula Coffee Cream rather than plain ol' creamy Kahula. I also omitted the bananas on top because I didn't have any. Instead, I made a simple blueberry syrup from the last of the blueberries in the fridge. (I went on a blueberry frenzy the other day when they were on sale for $1.59) and splashed it on. Oh and those tiny strips on top are pieces I cut off from one of the unsightly crepes. I caramelized them in butter and the Kahula Coffee Cream. That added soft, sweet, crunch, made all the difference!

After that "unappealing" carrot cake I baked the other night, I'm calling these my Redemption Crepes.

I hadn't planned on posting for Super-Bowl Sunday; dare I say, I'm not really much of a football fan. However, as I was re-shelving books last night, I happened upon a cookbook published by the Junior League of Indianapolis titled Winners. I'll be sharing a few recipes from that book tomorrow, Super-Bowl Sunday. In other News, today may also be Pisco Sour Day. Honestly, trying to figure out the true date of Pisco Sour Day, made me a bit tipsy. Peru celebrates its national drink either on February 8 or as of recently, the first Saturday in February which happens to be today. February 7th is also the day that the SunMaid Raisin trademark was filed in 1917. I mention this just in case you were unaware of the fact that unlike Aunt Jemima, the Sun-Maid girl trademark was inspired by a real person by the name of Lorraine Collett Petersen. I posted a really cool SunMaid cookbook and more about her back in 2008. Just follow her link if you have the time. I haven't gotten around to checking the links but I think I left a few raisin sauce recipes for your enjoyment. 

Wish me luck at the auction!!!


  1. I hope you find some real treasures among the auction cookbooks!

  2. Best of luck at the auction Louise! I am so jealous ;) Your crepe looks so scrumptious! Yumma!

  3. Oh how I wish I was at that auction with you! Yes, bon chance, Louise!

    And now since you posted that photo I have to go have a bite of ice cream because I have no frozen yogurt here. :)

  4. Yum! The crepes look fabulous with kahlua cream! What a treat!

  5. Yummy on my tummy!!!

    And...auctions on a snowy day might be fun, if you can get there! Hope you had good luck. (I haven't heard anyone but my sister use the creek don't freeze expression in years!)
    In case you didn't check back, I have been aware of the problem with archiving and am working to get it fixed. Guess a lot of people are having the same trouble.

  6. Oh my. Yum. But tempting as that is, I'm more interested in what you're buying at the auction! I'm guessing I have a long wait ahead of me...

  7. 400 cookbooks!?! I'm so jealous. Although I can hear my dearly beloved asking me in a slightly exasperated tone, "So, what are you going to do with those?"

    Believe it or not, we didn't get a single flake of snow.

  8. Best of luck at the auction, Louise!

    And since I "inspired" your crepe...I think I get to taste it too! They look fantastic!

  9. As it happens, Mae the auction I planned on going to was cancelled til Sunday (yes I'll be there) However, since I managed to get out from under all that snow, I found another auction with seven boxes of cookbooks. Naturally, I bought them all:) My personal "treasure" finds were a hard back copy of Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes; The Great Depression Cookbook which I've wanted for ages, Hay Day Country Market Cookbook, a new discovery and Maine's Cookery Now and Then, another book I've been patiently waiting to find. Thanks for visiting, Mae

    Hi Yankee Soaper! I'm not sure if it was because I grew hungry thinking about all those cookbooks but, they sure did taste good. I was in such a rush to do the post, I forgot to mention how they tasted:) Thanks for stopping Jady. I must come visit...

    It was FUN, and luck was indeed on my side Karen. Although, it was so cold in the warehouse they called an auction hall, my toesies are still thawing. Frozen anything is not on this belly's mind tonight. There's another auction tomorrow you're welcome to join me:) BTW, Your new blog design looks GREAT!!!

    Thank 5 Star Foodie. A bit reminiscent of Bananas Foster. Thanks for visiting...

    Hi Barbara. I saved the link. Hopefully everything will be working by October. I once worked with a wonderful lady named Annie from Virginia who had diabetes for many years. Whenever I gently reminded her to watch her sweets, she would say, I'll cut back tomorrow, "Good Lord willing and the creek don't freeze." It stuck! There was surprisingly a number of people at the auction but thankfully, cookbooks weren't their "forte." It was fun and I bought lots!!!

    A longer wait than I even anticipated, Channon, the 400+ auction was cancelled due to weather. I'll be there bright and early tomorrow! Here's some news I think you will like, I got a near perfect copy of Recipes from Old Virginia by the Virginia Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs. It's a fifth printing (1955) but it is mint!!! I nestled it right next to my facsimile copy of Housekeeping in Old Virginia. Cool huh???

    We really didn't get much snow where I am Marjie but my son who lives about 20 miles away got plenty!!! I had a bit of a problem getting out of the driveway though. To my sheer delight and gratitude, when I returned from the auction with a car full of boxes, my driveway was completely plowed. Both front and back! It seems one of my "new" neighbors saw me struggling in the wee hours of the morning and made my snow disappear! I LOVE PA!!!

    Many of the books I "won" at the auction were for convenience foods. Not the kinds of books I would normally buy but since I've taken up cooking lately, I just may need them. Tell your hubby if he wouldn't appreciate a copy of The Cake Doctor (the entire book "dresses up" cake mixes:) I do believe Thor and the kids would love it!

  10. Yummmm! That looked so nice. Here's a question for you Louise. Do you take these photos yourself of stuff you actually make?

    Man, I love to come over to your place for desert one day.

  11. The kitchen is always open, Sire! I don't think they would make it air shipped:) As for the pictures, I did take these but I don't usually blog food I cook. It seems to be a new pass time of mine. Hopefully a temporary phase. There are many, many food bloggers out there that take mouth watering pictures of what they create. Tempting enough to gain wait just by looking at them!!! Thanks for visiting...I'll be by you later.

  12. Hi Louise, I followed Sire to see what he's into via backtype. Glad I did, that looks great. I just posted my first recipe, chicken on chicken burgers, but then shut the blog down.

  13. i love crepes! those look great

    oh and red velvet cake is easy peasy...just choc cake w/red food coloring :)

  14. Pfiew... I could kick myself in the *&$%!!! Did you know it was also Nutella Day on February 5th? I didn't... only 5 days later I realise it. Oh! Well it'll be for next year I guess (sigh).
    In the meantime, I learned there's also a frozen yogurt day! and what a great way to use it, than on crêpes! Of course... you know February was made for crêpes, you are a walking almanach! lol

    Beautifully done, Louise!

    P.s.: Yes, I'm still looking for an good apple pie recipe that includes Kraft caramels (The caramels have been sitting in my cold pantry since last Halloween! lol lol lol).

  15. Welcome Brian. Uh oh you sound like Jim. "Vanishing" Chicken on Chicken Burgers and Pineapple Upside Down Nofun Post Cake. You guys...:)

  16. Come on down Julie! There's a tiny bit of Kahlua left, enough for two:)

    I'm having such fun cooking, Jaime I'm getting ready to bake that Red Velvet Cake soon...I'm contemplating a substitute for the food coloring.

    I'm working on a remedy for missing these kinds of holidays vibi. Hopefully by Spring:) Thank you for your kind words. I'll hit the books this weekend to see if I can find that recipe. I'll let you know how I do.


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