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March Food Celebrations: Week Three

Beat me with a wet noodle, I didn't get up until 10AM this morning. (Daylight savings time:) I've had a terrible cold all week and I'm just getting my sense of smell back. Oh, don't worry, Marion, may be the culprit behind my germs, but she is just duckie!!! I'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day here with Marion on Wednesday.

Daily Food Celebrations: Week Three

March 14

*Happy National Potato Chip Day!!! (a red * denotes a previous post)

Albert Einstein was born today in 1789.

Einstein once declared that his second greatest idea after the theory of relativity was to add an egg while cooking soup in order to produce a soft-boiled egg without having an extra pot to wash.
Do you celebrate National Pi Day? My Math skills are just terrible! "Pi Day honors pi, the revered mathematical constant of 3.14 and a trillion more digits." (3.141414) If you have ever gone through the same dilemma as I did yesterday when trying to find an appropriate size pan to make brownies in, you should hop on over to Mae's Food Blog where she has broken it all down mathematically; something I would never dream of attempting. Thanks Mae, I'll be keeping that post for Pi in the Kitchen handy!!! It seems Pi Day is a pretty popular baking day. Amy, from Playing House, is celebrating with Maple Apple Pecan Crumb Pie! 

National Agriculture Week begins.

On March 14, 1938, Sylvan Nathan Goldman applied for a patent titled, Folding Basket Carriage for Self Service Stores. So what you say? Think again the next time you go grocery shopping and begin *Scoping Shopping Carts.

It's Mothering Sunday in the UK. Mothering Sunday is the equivalent of Mothers' Day in other countries. Another name for Mothering Sunday was Refreshment Sundaywhen, for just one day, delicacies given up for the rest of Lent, could be enjoyed! *Simnel Cakes for Mothering Sunday

March 15

"Beware the Ides of March" (sorry, I couldn't resist, I played the character of Cassius in my youth:)

Maine became a state today in 1820 (I keep including state anniversaries in hopes of someday actually posting state recipes, not this day I'm afraid:)

National Pears Helene Day

Here's one for ya! Coenraad Johannes van Houten was born on March 15, 1801. Yes indeed, as in Van Houten's Cocoa. I celebrated with him on *Chocolate Milk Powder Day in April of 2008.

National Peanut Lovers Day

March 16

James Madison was born March 16, 1751.

According to the California Artichoke Advisory Board, today is National Artichoke Hearts Day!

Happy St. Urho's Day! Saint Urho's Day Mojakka Cook-Off

March 16, 1942, is the day Cross Creek was published by Pulitzer Prize winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. I've celebrated Cross Creek Cookery *here and *here.

March 17

Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

Bottoms Up it's Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sugar chemist and inventor
Norbert Rillieux was born on this date in New Orleans, Louisiana. He invented a sugar refining process that reduced the time, cost and safety risks involved in producing sugar from cane and beets.

March 18

Oatmeal Cookie Day

National Biodiesel Day

In the past, March 18th has been celebrated as the
Pillsbury Doughboy's birthday. However, according to what I could uncover, the company does not have a firm date for his creation other than the year 1965. Doesn't mean we can't still celebrate, now does it! According to the Pillsbury Corporation, the Doughboy is 8 3/4 inches tall, including his hat:)

March 19

National Chocolate Caramel Day @ CandyUSA Just a Note: The Milky Way bar was created in 1923 by Frank C. Mars. His son Forrest E. Mars inventor of M&Ms® has a birth anniversary this month on the 21st. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes @ Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice. 

National Poultry Day *
Befuddled by a Muddle of Stew

Today is St. Joseph's Day. A wonderful day to bake up some Zeppole di San Giuseppe;
St. Joseph's Day Cream Puffs.

March 20

Yeah! It's the first Day of Spring! Why do eggs balance on the equinox? Or do they? The legend of Persephone is a fascinating post by Natahsa @ the 5 Star Foodie and, When is the Real First Day of Spring? @ The Farmer's Almanac.

National Agriculture Day occurs every year on the first day of Spring.

National Ravioli Day!

It's Bock Beer Day. I had no idea Samuel Adams made
Chocolate Bock? (are you reading this Janet:)

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  1. Hope you're feeling better, Louise. Good for you, getting an extra hour of sleep today, when technically we were supposed to lose an hour! Looks like I've already celebrated Oatmeal Cookie Day, and I'm right on target for National Agriculture Week! Feel better!

  2. The amazing thing about Pi is that the digits don't repeat (as you implied). Here are the first few digits: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628

    For the first 100,000 digits see


  3. I have a bit of a cold myself, which is quite unusual for me. Lots of reasons to celebrate this week though! Sis will insist upon oatmeal cookie day, and I love ravioli...

  4. I'm in the midst of making pie, working at conquering my fear of crust. Einstein throwing his egg in the soup pot is funny.

  5. I am having a terrible time with daylight savings time myself. My two smallest ones took it on themselves to stay up late much later then usual and with the hour change over. OH MY!

    I love March- it's dreary and cold, but it turns the corner into the warm months and our anniversary is in March. :o)

  6. Cool holidays! Had to make little pies for my family today and of course we'll be celebrating St. Patrick's day!

  7. I am going back to bed too.. wake me up for oatmeal cookie day!

  8. Love all your celebration days! Never knew about oatmeal cookie day, but I certainly can do something about that! Yum.
    Let's talk about chocolate caramel day. Did you hear that Milky Way has a new bar out that is mostly caramel? I haven't had one yet, but most definitely will look for one on the 19th!

  9. Daylight savings time threw me off too!

  10. I am waiting for National Caramel Day.

  11. Hope your feeling better! I'm still not in the groove of Daylight Savings! It's so hard to get to sleep an hour early. The Doughboy's b-day - how cute! Some great celebrations this month - Spring being the best!

  12. Hi Louise, lovely to meet you (and your blog). Argh, how on earth did I miss National Chip Day? Must remedy quickly by eating more...:)

  13. Some good things to eat for March. You know I love the corned beef that is on sale! Happy St. Patrick's day!

  14. Oh, dear, I hope you are feeling better! DST is throwing me off balance, hope to find it on the equinox!

  15. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    And I'm still not going to celebrate celery, even after your charming post. :)

  16. Thanks for all your well wishes everyone. I'm feeling much better. I'm chalking it up to the change of season. Hooray!!!

    Marjie: How'd that pie turn out? The funny thing about that Einstein comment is my mother use to throw scrambled eggs in soup. I think it was called Stracciatella (Chicken Soup with Egg Strands and cheese)

    Michelle: Happy Anniversary. Your Cameo is gorgeous!!!

    Barbara: I think I saw a commercial on TV for that new bar. We'll all eat one "together" on National Chocolate Caramel Day! That means you too, Sweet & Savory:)

    Shaz: Nice to "meet" you too! Don't fret to much over National Chip Day, we still have National Snack Food Month to make up for it:)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Miranda. I do wish you would reconsider. It's good for the "kiddies" too:)

    Me too, Kate.


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