Friday, June 18, 2010

It's International Picnic Day!!!

The Pic-Nic Thomas Cole; 1846
Brooklyn Museum: American Art
Brooklyn Museum: The Pic-Nic
Let's play the Picnic Game!!! (scroll down for the rules:)
On the Fourth in 1870, the MacDonald Family sailed across Seneca Lake to Johnson's Cove for a "pic-nic." Mrs. MacDonald did not mention what her packaged fare was, but it might have included cold roast chicken, sardines, hard-boiled eggs, Boston brown bread, buttered rolls, sweet pickles, plum jelly, Saratoga chips ("carried in fancy papers which can be thrown away"), jelly, watermelon, chocolate loaf cake, fruit, cookies, lemonade, iced tea, and, of course, ice cream. To carry ice cream to a picnic without having it melt, one was to pack ice well around the freezer and then wrap the whole in a heavy carpet. Savory Suppers and Fashionable Feasts p. 200
"These can be made real milestones in the path of life; for a picnic or a hike, or a camping party on the beach or on the shores of the lake can do more probably to cement friendship and, at the same time, build up health and reserve strength than any other form of entertainment." Ida Bailey Allen The Sunshine Book [online circa 1920s]
Pique-nique "A meal taken in the open, or a meal to which each participant contributes a dish." -Larousse Gastronomique [1961, p. 731]
"An occasion, usually held outdoors, where food is eaten under informal circumstances and where a good time is had by all." -James Beard Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery [Vol. 9; 1966]

A Tisket A Tasket

You're all invited!!!

Just in case you missed it, International Picnic Day in 2009 kicked off the very first online Picnic Game here @ Months of Edible Celebrations. Not only was it FUN, our online picnic baskets were filled to the brim with picnic recipes. Would you like to play again? I sure would:)

UPDATE: June 27, 2010-Our picnic basket  has the following letters still available. 

U and Y!!!

I'll be posting a new blog post shortly with the latest Picnic Game News. It isn't to late to "play" so pick a letter and join in!!!

How To Play

Come on, you must have played the picnic game before. It's real easy. The traditional memory game starts when one player recites:
"I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing an ___." (some word(s) that starts with the letter A; for instance Apple Pie)

The second player says, "I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing an Apple Pie. (the same "A" word(s) the first player used, in this case an Apple Pie) and ___." they add a B word like, Blueberry Muffins.

Each player recites what the person before is bringing and adds what they're bringing until we reach the end of the alphabet. Still not sure how to play? Take a look at the How to Play the Picnic Game Video I found online. It's child's play:)

1. Since this is a virtual picnic game, Anyone, Anywhere can play. I do request that recipes be posted in English or easy access to a translating medium is available.

2. Choose your letter at your own leisure. Don't take too long though. The "easy" letters go pretty quickly. Leave a comment on this post with the letter you have chosen. For instance, if you want to bring a dish to the picnic, that begins with the letter "A," your comment must be left before another person chooses that letter. *We can only have one letter of the alphabet for each dish.  Note: If you would like to choose a backup letter just in case your chosen letter is taken, that would be GREAT too.

3. I will let you know if you can bring your dish to the picnic by leaving a You're Invited! comment on your blog. "You're Invited" will be your signal to grab a copy of the Picnic Game logo above and prepare a post for the Picnic Game Round-Up. Now, here's the difficult part. Since the Picnic Game is listed in alphabetical order, you may feel a bit like a contortionist trying to get your post up while still leaving room for the letters that will be preceding yours. For instance, last year, Selba @ Selby's Food Corner chose the letters K and L. She wasn't able to post her picnic game recipes until I emailed her a list of the letters and dishes before hers. Not only did she do it, she did a GREAT job which included the images and links to the recipes. Look how nice it looks by following Selby's link above.

Let's say my dish begins with the letter "E" and I'm bringing Eggplant and Pimiento Long Boys. After a "picnicky" introduction, my post would look something like this:

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...
A-Assorted Relishes & Condiments
D-Date-nut Bread Sandwiches
E-Eggplant and Pimiento Long Boys

{image here}
Split 6-inch lengths of French bread, or French rolls. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. I don't usually have garlic salt on hand but hey, this is a picnic:)Cover one half with overlapping slices of panfried eggplant. On the other half put slices of pimiento. Wha la!

In essence, the sooner you send me your link, the sooner you'll be able to fill in the blanks as will everyone else. It's your choice whether you chose to include images from the recipes before yours but please do include an image with your recipe and don't forget to send it to me with the link. [acalenda {at} gmail {dot} com] That's me!

In its traditional form, the Picnic Game is not written down, or in this case posted. Memory is of the utmost importance. As items are "brought" to the picnic, the list becomes longer and longer ending at the letter "Z." As the picnic goodies are recited, it becomes more difficult to remember who is bringing what. We won't be eliminating any letters. In our game, the list will continue from blog to blog with each blogger adding an alphabetical link for each item being brought on the picnic. They will also include their newly created "lettered" dish in their post. (last year we used archived recipes but this year I thought it would be fun to create a dish just for the Picnic Game.)

I was going to kick things off by filling the picnic basket with the first item. However, I've decided against that for the time being. Many people are on a blog hiatus since the nice weather is upon so I'm leaving the letter choosing up to YOU! I will whip up something with the leftovers if need be.:) (hopefully there won't be too many so please be creative with your recipe titles so we get to include difficult letters such as Q and Z:)

Well, I think I've covered all the bases. If I've missed anything, please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment or dropping me an email. (acalenda {at} gmail {dot} com)

The absolute deadline for your chosen letter recipe link is Sunday, June 27th. That date should give me enough time to fill in the blanks for the letters not taken and whip up the final list of Picnic Game goodies in time for National Picnic Month in July. I'll be posting the Round-Up on the first of July.


1. Select a recipe that begins with your chosen letter and write a post about it on your blog. You must list what the people before you are bringing. That's why it's called the Picnic Game! I will email you with those links and images, as soon as they are emailed to me.

2. Include the Picnic Day Logo in your post with a link back to this post.

3. Email me at acalenda {at} gmail {dot} com (it would be really nice of you to include Picnic Game in the subject line) In the email please include the following.

a. Your name
b. Your blog's name
c. Your post URL
d. The name of your recipe
e. An image of your dish (250 pixels wide sounds good) Also let me know if you give me permission to pass the image along to other picnickers.

4. If you would like to bring more than one dish to the picnic, you are more than welcome. Just note it in the email and include items C-E for each additional dish.

5. Please email me as soon as you know what you are bringing. No later than Sunday, June 27, midnight EST. The sooner the better so I can forward your link to the other picnickers.

6. I will be posting the entire list of Picnic Game recipes by midnight July 1st. If for some reason, there are not enough entries by that time, I'll do my best to fill in the blanks.

7. *If you would like to host the Picnic Day Game on your blog, and get your visitors involved, be my guest. The more the merrier. Just let me know.

9. If for some reason, there are not enough entries for the Picnic Game, I will do my best to fill in the blanks. How? I'm not quite sure but I'll think of something. I realize many people are away or will be away the next couple of weeks and not blogging as often as usual. However, if you've been lurking @ Months of Edible Celebrations, now would be the perfect time to introduce yourself and your blog if you have one. We have 26 letters to to fill that basket. If you don't have a blog, introduce yourself anyway. Picnics are always more enjoyable when there are new people to meet and greet!

10. Most important, Have FUN!

So, do you want to play the Picnic Game? Oh goodie, then just pick a letter and let's get toting!!! Here's the filled Picnic Basket from last year to whet your appetite.

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