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June Food Celebrations 1st-5th

June, our sixth month, was originally the fourth month with 26 days until Romulus gave it four more days; Numa Pompilus took one from it; and finally and thankfully, Julius Caesar gave it thirty days. Whew! The name for June is a much debated question. Some believe the word came from the fact that the month was dedicated to the lower branch of the Roman law making body, the Juniors. Others think the name is somehow connected to Junius. While, still others believe it was named in honor of Juno. Juno, wife of Juniper was the special deity of women, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. After a bit of digging around, I was delighted to find a recipe dedicated to The Jealous Goddess. It's called, Junos Summer Quiche Recipe.

"This quiche celebrates the Roman goddess who also gave us the name for the month of June. Juno, once revered as an omnipotent goddess of female power, was gradually diminished by the patriarchy until she became merely the jealous, shrewish wife of the god Jupiter."

I realize I already posted the monthly celebrations of June and the first two days but, for those who may have missed them, here they are again with little fanfare. I "threw" in a few not mentioned before to keep you on your toes:)

Monthly Celebrations: June

June is...
*National Candy Month (this is a different link from Sunday's. It's mine and it's about Charles I. Hood)
Hood's Candies

National Steakhouse Month (I just found this one today!)
National Dairy Month
National Fruit & Vegetable Month
Mango Month 
National Soul Food Month 
National Iced Tea Month @ Slash Food
National Turkey Lovers' Month
National Frozen Yogurt Month (I forgot this one. Frozen Yogurt Day is allegedly on the 4th but some say the 6th and others insist on a totally different month.)

June 1st

Andy Griffith was born on June 1, 1926. Did you see that recipe I posted Sunday for Andy's favorite cake. (it's at the bottom of this post.:) Oh yummy; it's chocolate!!!

June 2nd

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

June 3rd

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, was born today in 1808. As I may have mentioned before, many cooks commemorated people through the ages by naming recipes and dishes after them. Jefferson Davis was no exception. First, we have, Kentucky Chess Pie, (Jefferson Davis was born in Kentucky) also known as Jefferson Davis Pie @ Saveur.

I found a recipe for Davis Jumbles in an online cookbook titled The Sunny Side Dessert Book by Miss S. T. Stone of Virginia; © 1893. I didn't know about this cookie named after Jefferson Davis until I came across a mention of it over @ Culinary Types. Thanks T.W! Let us know if you bake em up!!! If you're thinking about making them yourself, I have a hint. One teacupful equals 6 ounces:)

Davis Jumbles
One teacup of pounded loaf sugar, one of butter, and the white of one egg beaten very light. Mix with flour enough to make a tolerably stiff dough. A tablespoonful of cream and a little pinch of soda will be an improvement. Roll the dough in thin sheets and cut in cakes or round rings; dip the cakes in pounded loaf sugar before baking.

I also found two "Jeff Davis" recipes at Peggy's Antiquated Recipes. Both may have been adapted from a book titled Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes first published in 1922 and available @ google books. One is for Jeff Davis Muffins, the other for Jeff Davis Custard.

June 4th

The first shopping cart was introduced on June 4, 1937, the invention of Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Piggly-Wiggly supermarket chain in Oklahoma City. I was *Scoping the Shopping Cart back in 2008 @ my Tasteful Inventions blog. The invention of the grocery cart is rather interesting, really:)

Some say today is National Cheese Day. Personally, I was under the assumption Cheese Day was in January. Who am I to argue. I will offer you this though,  on June 4, in the year 1070, a charter was granted to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, in the Auvergne region west of Provence, for the production of the cheese. But Roquefort cheese likely was being produced at least 200 years earlier. (source) I posted about Roquefort: * “King of Cheeses” back in December of 2007. Why in December? You'll need to check the post to find out:) I'll give you a hint; another King was born that day. Oh Okay, you needn't pull my arm, I'll give you a few highlights from the post and another link. 

This booklet was published by the Roquefort Cheese Association in 1964. Below is from the introduction.

Roquefort Cheese
All bottled Roquefort dressings are controlled by license issued by Roquefort Association Inc. on behalf of the industry. Each dressing manufacturer, in order to use the name Roquefort and the Red Sheep Seal, is required to have in his dressing a generous quantity of Roquefort, and no other cheese. Roquefort dressings vary widely in looks and taste, depending upon the ideas of each manufacturer as to what is most tasty. However, they all have two things in common, generous amounts of fine Roquefort, plus the Red Sheep Seal on the label.

Click to enlarge:)

*The Mozart of the Kitchen, Adolphe Dugléré was also born today. Adolphe Duglere became the head chef of the most famous 19th century Paris restaurant, the Cafe Anglais in 1866. He is generally credited with creating Anna Potatoes or Pommes Anna.

National Frozen Yogurt Day

The legendary Aesop was born today. Did you know Aesop was a cook? According to Chef Jean Conil in his book For Epicures Only, Aesop was a slave cook to Xanthus. There's a rather humourous anecdote about one of his cooking presentations in The Legendary Life and Fables of Aesop available online @ google books.

It's National Donut Day! National Doughnut Day was established in Chicago in 1938 to honor the work of Salvation Army workers who prepared donuts for soldiers during World War I. *National Doughnut Day is always celebrated on the first Friday in June. This year, it just happens to be today. Here's a crumb for ya, it is said the "invention" of the hole in donuts was on June 22nd by a Captain Hanson Crockett Gregory. I really did an in depth post on the history of doughnuts back then. I also posted this poem from The Donut Book by Sally Levitt Steinberg, granddaughter of the man who invented the donut machine. There's an image of the machine on the post and a recipe for Stella Young's Salvation Army Doughnuts too!!

Don't forget to get you free donut (with a purchase of a beverage) @ Dunkin Donuts on June 4th. While I'm at it, I may as well let you know another donut sprinkle. Dunkin Donuts founder William Rosenberg was also born in June! If you prefer, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, check and see if there's a participating store near you.

National Cognac Day

June 5th

National Gingerbread Day-I just couldn't help revisiting the Fairy Gingerbread Poem I posted in the Kettledrum a while back. It's from a booklet titled Tummy Tingles. (click to enlarge the recipe)
gingerbread poem

On June 5th 1883, the Horlick brothers of Wisconsin were granted the first patent for Malted Milk. Actually, the product was originally produced for babies and invalids. You can read about Wisconsin's Malted Milk Story and see the patent here.

Bananas were first introduced in the US on June 5th. It says so right here:)

A red * denotes a previous post.
Calendars Through the Ages
QSR Magazine (this is a new one to me, I thought I'd share:)


  1. Several of those sound like things I should celebrate, but I'm a little perplexed about gingerbread in June. Sure, I love a good, SOFT ginger cookie any old time, but I think 99% of us think of winter and gingerbread houses when we hear the word...

  2. Hello Louise!!

    Brussels calling!! How do you come up with all of these feasts!! Where do you find them??

    Your knowledge is fenomenal, dear Louise!
    I especially love the fairy gingerbread & the poem of course too!

  3. Well, thank G*d and Greyhound for the shopping cart (am I showing my age?). Jeff Davis jumbles sound like something my kids would gleefully enjoy; don't you just love the way they wrote recipes back then? I'm glad they changed it up for our everyday use.

    Happy Donut Day tomorrow; go have a Dunkin'!

  4. Hi Louise - I haven't made the Jefferson Davis cookies, but it would be interesting to give it a try. Meantime, I don't think it's possible to have only one day devoted to cheese ... How about a month, or even a quarter?

  5. I don't know how you do it, but I always come away from your posts feeling like I've gained IQ points. Can't wait to spread the candy love - its very appropriate that my father0in-law was born in this month as he has a huge sweet tooth.

  6. Did you say National Candy Month? Yeah!!!

  7. I'm with Cinnamon on the Gingerbread in June thing. Since I do a lot of Gingerbread House Building and Gingerbread People decorating at Charity TeamBuilding activities in December, I just can't think of Gingerbread in June--or January for that matter.

    However, I love your post today. Always something new to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Louise, I love your posts. I can't imagine the research you do to get all this information. I love it, though, that you post your sources.

    Thanks for letting us know what's coming up.

  9. I should get some donuts today!

  10. Your brain must be overflowing with information.

  11. this week is a powerhouse--cheese! donuts! froyo! andy griffith! like channon, i find the celebration of gingerbread in june to be baffling. whatever, i'll take any excuse to eat the stuff. :)

  12. I too think of Gingerbread as comfort food for winter, Channon but, the more I contemplate the thought of vanilla ice cream dreamily resting on a moist, spicy gingerbread cake, the more I'm inclined not to save it only as a holiday dessert. I'll report back:)

    Hello, Brussels! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, Sophie. Perhaps those flower molds of yours could help bring gingerbread into the season. They certainly lifted those Gluten Free Zucchini Muffins of yours. Enjoy the poem:)

    Hi Marjie, I do love the way they wrotes recipes in the past. I also adore some of their names. I would one day love to compose a poem using all titles of recipes names. Strange huh? Why not let the kids give the Jumbles a whirl. I'm sure there's a lesson to be shared about Jeff Davis and Jumbles:) P.S. I don't eat Dunkin' Donuts:)

    Hi T.W. A year devoted to cheese would be fine by me. I'm still hoping to make my own some day. I've got a ricotta recipe stashed around here somewhere!!! I have a feeling you will be baking up those cookies before I get to making cheese...We'll see:)

    Oh OysterCulture you are too kind. The amount of time and energy you put into your posts is mind boggling. Just today I learned about Adobo in Philippine cuisine thanks to you. Spread the candy love near and far. I know you will come up with just the perfect sweet for your father-in-law!

    Yes, tasteof beirut, Candy Month!!! What do you have in mind??? something sweet, I hope, I hope:)

    Thanks Janet. I'm kind warming up to the idea of Gingerbread Cake in June:) Perhaps, it needs a bit of chocolate, lol...

    Thanks Kate. You just never know what foodie day is lurking around the corner:)

    Hi Natasha. Hope you enjoyed your donuts!

    Lol, duckie. My computer's brain is overloaded!

    This week and the rest of the month, Grace. I honestly forgot how many GREAT food days June had to offer. You wait and see, there's plenty more...

  13. Mmmhhh, baked Alaska, donuts and cheese! June starts wonderfully!




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