Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Time for the Picnic Game Round-Up!

July may be National Picnic Month but here @ Months of Edible Celebrations, July is International Picnic Month too!!!

For the last week or so, picnic fever has consumed tiny  kitchen corners all over the blogosphere. From dusk to dawn we've been preparing for the second annual Alphabet Picnic Game Picnic. We have music and games, and oodles to eat. The hillside appears like a mosaic kaleidoscope darned with people dancing, singing and playing. We even have a couple of determined insects joining in on the fun. They won't bother us none; and neither will the weather. It's a virtual picnic after all and you're all welcome to join us.

The hoopla begins on International Picnic Day, June 18th. That's when every one who wants to play chooses their letter to fill the picnic basket. Each guest posts an item that starts with that letter of the alphabet on their blog. One letter at a time the picnic grows with anticipation and excitement. What will we have? Who will be there? Which dish to nibble at first? And while we're wondering about all of those things, there's one very important thing to remember. It's a memory game we're playing. Repeat after me...I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing... I can't hear you. I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing... Much better:) So grab a picnic blanket, crank up the music, don't forget the shades, and join us while we Round-Up the dishes at the Alphabet Picnic Game!!! As Heather says, Woo Hoo! Let's eat...

A-Almond Joy Pie

B-Baked Beans

C-Chocolate Picnic Cake

D-Dutch Funnel Cake

E-Easy Blender Chicken Pie

F-Five Bean Salad

G-Granola Bars

H-Herb and Cheese Pasta Salad

I-Incredibly Fruity Raspberry Cakes

J-Jeweled Picnic Bars

K-Kaltschale (Cold Fruit Soup)

L-Long Island Lemonade Cocktail

M-Mushroom Tart

N-Nut Roast

O-Olive Nut Bread

P-Pomegranate Mousse Cake


R-Raspberry Chocolate Macarons

S-Spicy Glazed Shrimp and Veggie Kabobs

T-Turkey and Pear wraps w/ Curried Aioli!!

U-"Unoriginal Whole Foods Salad Bar"

V-Vegetable Things of Spring Salad+

W-White Caramel Popcorn

X-X-quisite Layered Fruit Salad

Y-Yellow Squash Casserole

Z-Zucchini Bread

I sincerely want to thank everyone for playing the picnic game. To those of you who have played before; I'm blessed to have you as my loyal guests. While I was visiting from blog to blog, I saw how you encouraged new comers and eagerly welcomed them. New visitors and guests; it's been a pleasure to "meet" you and you all did a GREAT job too. Directions don't seem to be my forte but somehow, you managed to get hold and run with it. Some of you, you know who you are, and now so does everyone else, carried two dishes to the picnic and we appreciate it. There were a few late comers and shy players who in a moment of need, literally "threw" appetizing goodies together for the sake of one more letter! And, we did it, not only do we have a menagerie of people and dishes, we have each and every letter of the alphabet or we soon will. Thank you all. It's been an enormous amount of fun. I can't wait to nibble at all the dee...licious goodies. You've really out done yourselves. Enjoy, Louise


  1. Well what a feast and fun to join you all! Thanks to Louise for all your work organising it, great job!

  2. WOW - this is the ultimate spread, and you are indeed "The Picnic Queen!" Thanks for organizing, Louise and happy eating!

  3. Congratulations, Louise, on a really fun picnic! You are a great organizer and I loved seeing all the recipes. Can't wait to visit all the sites and greet old friends along with some new ones.
    Thanks again for hosting!

    (The music made me smile!)

  4. I'm sorry I couldn't get My act together in time. The spread looks wonderful. In particular the pomegrante mousse torte

  5. What a wonderful community event - so much good food, so much fun and so much good cheer - exactly what a picnic is about - thanks for being such a wonderful host

  6. Can't wait to get home and re-visit for the music and so I can visit all the links!

  7. I didn't participate this time but maybe next time!!

    A stunning reciopes round up this is!

    Now, what will I make for tomorrow ???I wonder,....!!!

  8. Louise, this is astonishing! You did it! You got all the letters of the alphabet (and kudos to the creator of the letter X)! Next year, we're all descending upon your cozy little house in the country (only kidding).

  9. Woo Hoo ;) !! Great bunch of picnic food...thanks so much for organizing this fabulous picnic again this year...such fun!! Let's Eat!!

  10. great job with the picnic Louise, thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute! Everything looks so good!

  11. Impressive! Good job to you and all who contributed..

  12. What a neat event! The picnic spread is amazing. I think this would be a cool theme for any party/picnic. It would get people to be more creative!

  13. Wow, what fun and what an amazing assortment of food, its something to behold to be sure.

  14. Very nice! If I am still blogging next year I'd love to attend your picnic and I will be on time :-)

  15. What a great event! I am just sorry I found out about it too late to get it together and do something!

  16. Thank YOU!, Tessa. Your Incredibly Fruity Raspberry Cakes were Irresistible!

    Picnic Queen:) You made me blush T.W. Thanks for bringing the beverage. I wouldn't mind a Long Island Lemonade Cocktail about now. It's going to be a scorcher today! I'm so glad you made the picnic T.W. if was such fun having you there:)

    I'm delighted the music brought a smile to your face, Barbara. I'm a newbie to picnic music:) Your Five Bean Salad sounded delicious!

    Not to worry, glamah There's always next year:)

    It was nice to meet you also Joanna. I'm still full from all that food!!!

    You liked the music Channon? I'm so glad!!!

    It sure is some round-up Sophie! What did you decide to whip up? Hope you can join us next year:)

    It is pretty incredible Marjie Next year you are all welcome to picnic at my cozy house in the country, good Lord willing and the creek don't freeze:)

    How Woo, to you Heather Pretty darn cool uh?

    Thank you Chef Dennis and thank you for joining us. Where to begin?

    Thanks buffalodick Perhaps you will make it next year:)

    Welcome Suzy! I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies. Perhaps, you will join us next year:)

    Pretty cool, uh Oyster and delicious too!!!

    What do you mean "if you're still blogging next year," Pierce? (Tina) We'd love to have you, on time:-) I'm thinking I better check my email. I bet there's a goodie in there from you:)

    I'm sorry to Pam. It may be an error on my part. I thought I stopped by to invite you. There's always next year:)

  17. I love love love this picnic! Thanks again for letting me be a part of it Louise! Delicious!

  18. It was so fun playing the picnic game! Can't wait for next year. Everything looks delicious!

  19. Yum!! What a fabulous spread! I am enjoying every minutes of this delicious picnic. Thanks for hosting and for inviting me!! It was so much fun!! Thanks again.

  20. How fun!! I hope to join you for next year's picnic!

  21. Thanks Kasha, Reeni & Tiffanee, it was such FUN!!! Stef we'll be looking forward to you joining us next year:)


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