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July Food Celebrations 5th-10th

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. It was sure quiet around here. Marion and I just hung out. She's been on quite the crocheting marathon lately. I'll show you her latest creations during the week. Penn State fans are in for a treat this year, Marion has more blue & white hats than, well, John and Kyla!

July 5th

July 5th is Cracker Jack Day!

Perhaps, Cracker Jack Day has something to do with the fact that the great showman Phineas Taylor Barnum was born on July 5, 1810. Normally, I probably wouldn't mention P.T. Barnum today. (I don't like the circus at all!) However, this year, the town where he was born is celebrating his 200th birthday anniversary. Gee, I hope the people at The Barnum Museum remember to include Animal Crackers at their celebration.

Ready for one more cracker? This is an important one in my book. Think S'mores. That's right, Sylvester Graham, inventor of Graham Crackers, was also born today in 1794. Think about it, S'mores, Moon Pies. Where, what, would they be without graham crackers? As a matter of fact, in the "in depth" post I did about *Sylvester Graham and his beliefs, I shared this "experimental" recipe for Solar S’Mores. You may want to jot them down if you plan on celebrating *Moon Day this year. It's July 20th!

"The simpler, plainer, and more natural the food ... 
the more healthy, vigorous, and long-lived will be the body"
Sylvester Graham
Solar S’Mores
1.Put four graham crackers side by side in the bottom of the glass baking pan.
2. Place a chocolate bar on top of two of the graham crackers.
3. Put 8 mini-marshmallows on top of the other two graham crackers.
4. Cover the baking pan with the clear glass lid.
5. Put the pan out in an area where it will get full sunlight—no shade!
6. Let the pan just sit there until the chocolate bars and marshmallows melt.
7. To make a S’More, put one chocolate and one marshmallow graham cracker together to make a sandwich. You should have two sandwiches.

There's another birthday today. That of Chef Alfred Portale.

It's National Apple Turnover Day! There are lots of places that shout July 5th is National Apple Turnover Day but I chose to include the one which offers a recipe:) (I try to do that whenever possible)

July 6th

It's National Fried Chicken Day! Gee, I don't recall any Fried Chicken at our picnic either year. I'll have to remember that. Anyone for some Fried Chicken & Waffles for breakfast?

July 7th

National Salad Week in the UK. I couldn't find an acceptable link for National Salad Week in the UK. I did, however find a wonderful listing of National Food Weeks In The UK which I saved for future reference:) The website is interesting too:)

July 7th is Sliced Bread's Birthday! Oh yes it is, I even did a post about the "invention" of sliced bread on my Tasteful Inventions blog. It's called, * Bigger Than a Breadbox:) Suffice to say, without the invention of the automatic bread slicing (that's a link to the machine image, way cool:) machine by Otto Frederick Rohwedder, grilled cheese just wouldn't be grilled cheese. Don't you agree? While we're on the subject, it just so happens that the first modern, sanitary, bread making plant was established by The Ward Baking Company on July 7th in 1903. I have a pretty cool Ward Baking Company cookbook I'd like to share one day:)

It's that time of year again. Hugs and Kisses to Hershey Kisses, today is their birthday!!! It just happens to be Chocolate Day too!!! 

Remember this?

If you click the image, you will go to the post with all the goodies, just in case you missed it last time:) There's a close-up of my faithful "travel companion" too:)

July 7th is also Macaroni Day, Strawberry Sundae Day (see another ice cream day:) and the first day the Horn and Hardart automat opened in New York City. Horn & Hardart was famous for its Macaroni and Cheese! Searching for other Horn & Hardart Automat Recipes, look no further:) They were pretty darn famous for their Baked Beans too. After all, July is National Baked Bean Month:)

Both Robert E. Rich (inventor of the first non-dairy whipped topping made from soybeans that could be frozen) and Yul Brynner were born on the 7th of July. I'm hoping to make it back on Wednesday to share a few recipes from The Yul Brynner Cookbook. In case I don't, here's his recipe for Avocado and Caviar. A dish he wrote was "good during hot summer months, and can be used as an appetizer or as a main course year round." And since July 18th is National Caviar Day, why not?

July 8th

July 8th is the birth anniversary of cookbook author and educator, *Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln. You may remember hearing about her cookbook titled Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book: What to Do and What Not to Do in Cooking, published in 1883. There's a brief biography about her at food history.com. But wait, another noted food celebrity shares her birth date; Wolfgang Puck. That's right, Wolfgang Puck was born on July 8, 1949. Wine connoisseur, Alexander Raban Waugh (Alec Waugh) was also born on July 8th in 1898. Alec Waugh was the author of In Praise of Wine & Certain Noble Spirits (1959) and he also authored the Wines and Spirits book in the Time-Life Foods of the World series in 1968. Trivia Note: It is also said, that Waugh "invented" the cocktail party. Further investigation needed:)

It's National Chocolate with Almonds Day!

July 9th

According to foodreference.com, a man by the name of John Dickenson introduced the first paper napkins at his company's picnic on July 9, 1887. There's more to this story. I hope to be investigating one day:)

Cloth napkins have been wiping off messy lips for centuries; paper napkins, however, didn’t come along until 1887, when John Dickenson introduced them in the United States at his company’s annual dinner. This happened at about the same time that facial tissue and toilet paper was being introduced. It was, in total, a veritable paper revolution. However, paper napkins did not become truly popular in American households until the 1950’s. source

It's National Sugar Cookie Day!

July 10th

French author, Marcel Proust, was born on July 10, 1871. You may want to revisit Remembrance of Things Past this summer if only for the tea soaked memories:) Nibble on this while you're at it; Marcel Proust's Apple Tart.

It's Pina Colada Day and Pick Blueberries Day! I'm sure the picking of the blueberries is in preparation of Blueberry Muffin Day which is July 11th. Pina Coladas and Blueberrying? I can do that:)

While 'mixing" the music for the picnic game, I plum forgot that July 10th is Teddy Bear Picnic Day!!! How darn cool is that? Don't be silly, I didn't make it up. It's a Zany Holiday cooked up by someone, but not this girl. Although, I sure do wish I would have thought of it:) Are you planning to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day? If so, you may just want to spread your blanket on the grass of The Teddy Bear Museum. If I were to go, I would be bringing this:

Can you guess which one I attempted, lol? If you click the "real" one, it will bring you to the directions. After all, it's still *Watermelon Month and the Watermelon Guy is holding a Watermelon Carving Contest. I don't think I will be joining in on the fun this year:) What kind of Teddy Bear Picnic Day would it be without a recipe from the *Ambassador of Friendship himself, Winnie the Pooh!  

As always, red stars * indicate previous posts. Enjoy! Louise


  1. So much to celebrate! Do you know I've never had fried chicken and waffles?

  2. I want to see if I can remember the chocolate and macaroni days. I have a brownie, I have been wanting to make and that would be for Choc.Day and I am not worried about finding pasta for Macaroni Day.

    Thanks for organizing our picnic. It was fun and we all met new friends and got new recipes. You are wonderful to put all that time and work into organizing it.

  3. Great post as usual. I love the idea of the solar s'mores!!!
    Wow! That carved watermelon is amazing. Yours is pretty good. Don't put yourself down. That can't be easy to do and would require lots of practice!

  4. Marked out Pina Colada day on my calendar!

  5. Watermelon carving reminds me of Pacman :p

  6. chocolate day tomorrow and then chocolate almond day - no wonder I keep hankering after chocolate (as if I need an excuse) - love that watermelon too

  7. What a great month! Mmmmhh, apple turnovers are delicious!

    I love the blog Taste Of Beirut which I visit on a daily basis :-)!



  8. Smores, fried chicken day and macaroni? I'm drooling in anticipation!

  9. Solar s'mores...well that's certainly a new one on me.

    Loved the watermelon carvings; those are great.

  10. Louise...the pictures of the watermelon are so cute...and almond with chocolate day? Will sure celebrate this one ;-)

  11. a yul brynner cookbook? seriously? i declare. :)
    the idea for solar s'mores is brilliant! granted, the char aspect wouldn't be there, but neither would the messy ash clean-up. :)

  12. Don't you just love that watermelon dinosaur!!

  13. I LOVE teddy bear picnics, Louise!

    Hard for me to believe nobody brought fried chicken to our picnic! What's up with that??

    The watermelon is so cute. People are so clever!

    I am definitely going to celebrate pina colada day with you! :)

  14. (What is up with blogger today? It's all screwed up and really slow.)

    Love the solar s'mores! Going to try it too.
    And how odd that not one of us brought fried chicken to the picnic. What's a teddy bear picnic without fried chicken?

    And yes, I will definitely celebrate pina colada day with one...it's my favorite drink!

  15. Wow, so much fun stuff. The Yul Breener caviar and avocado sounds delicious and I loved the look of the watermelon critters.

  16. What a fabulous post! I love all these holidays, and your mention of Horn & Hardart's reminded me how much I loved their "Harvard" beets. I also loved their cherry pie..who didn't love the automat as a kid?

    I have The Yul Brynner cookbook, but I've never made anything from it. I need to give it another look.

    thanks for all your posts.. the picnic game.. and for being so supportive of everyone, including me!


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