Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogoversary Fun!

Hi everyone!!! Boy, I sure do miss you "guys." I hope everyone is well, we sure are. Busy, busy, busy is all I can say for now. Oh okay, I'll let you in on a tiny secret...The redesign is coming along quite nicely:)

I stumbled upon a few "nourishments" while going over my notes the last couple of weeks. Since today is my blogoversary, I thought I would just pop in and leave them for your enjoyment. Yes, indeed, I joined the world of blogging way back in 2007! enjoy:) See ya in January, Louise:)

The Guessing Cook
She guessed the pepper-the soup was too hot
She guessed the water-it dried in the pot.
She guessed the salt-and what do you think?
All day long, she did nothing but drink.
Bread and Potatoes
Does Destiny really shape our ends?
It's one of life's profound riddles.
But there's certainly no question friends.
That bread and potatoes shape our middles.
What is the opposite of nuts?
It's Soup! Let's have no ifs or buts.
In any suitable repast,
the soup comes first, the nuts come last.
Ot that is what sane folk advise;
You're nuts if you think otherwise.
With words alone, you don't make the soup:)


  1. Oooh a very happy blogoversary to you!!! Here's to many more years xoxo

  2. Very cute. I'd seen the soup to nuts one before, but not the others. What a pleasant surprise to see your post!

  3. glad to hear you are going well - and nice to read a few little fun lines to make me smile

    happy blogiversary - don't make a stranger of yourself :-)

  4. Happy blog-oversary my dear friend. Wishing you many many more!

  5. Happy Blog Birthday to your lovely blog & we miss you too!

    I wish you lots of fun, great foodie ideas & lots od inspiration!!

    Many cyber hugs from your friend from Brussels!

  6. Happy Blogoversary!! I look forward to seeing your re design, I have been thinking I am in need of one....

    my favorite foodie words are :
    Life is one big bowl of granola,
    Those of us who are not fruits and nuts, are flakes!

  7. Happy Blog-oversary Louise. Glad to see you are keeping in touch. Have a nice break and come back refreshed in the new year. Looking forward to having you back. But in the meantime we have your blog full of fantastic snippets and recipes to read.

  8. Happy Blogaversay and many more! Miss your sweet posts and glad you are doing well.

  9. Happy Blogoversary, Louise! Hope you're enjoying your sabatical! We miss you!

  10. Hey you! Happy anniversary for this wonderful blog. Can't wait to see the redesign.

  11. Happy belated blogoversary! Looking forward to seeing you after the holidays.

  12. I featured you over at Sassy Sites! Stop by when you have a chance and check it out! Don't forget to grab a Featured button! I love your blog!!! xoxo


  13. Happy Bloggiversary, dear! You are only coming back in January?

    Cheers and all the best,


  14. Louise...good to hear from you and find out that you are fine...Happy Blog Anniversary :-) See you back in January!

  15. bread and potatos shape our middles classic !

  16. I hope that you are doing well....



  17. Happy wishes to a new you in January! Best holidays with loved ones !

  18. Louise.. wishing you the merriest of holidays! Looking forward to a great New Year. Merry Christmas!


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