Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Uneventful Jelly Roll Update

My plan for today was a really quick post. I was just going to drop off a picture of my jelly roll, as promised in the pectin post I did the other day, and a short list of tasty days for the week. Well, guess what? The post just got even shorter!!! Here's the picture of the jelly roll. I'm posting it under protest but a promise is a promise and anyway, as Marion says, "it tastes better than it looks."

I tried to get a picture of Marion devouring the cake but it seems she's getting camera shy "in her young age." Update Sunday Evening: The Jelly Roll is gone, every last bite of it:) We had very little help from my son John, Kyla his lovely wife and Katie & the kids.

As for the list of tasty days, well, it appears I already have one made up. Some of you may have seen it last year. If not or if you just want a refresher, here's the link...May Food Celebrations 23rd-29th. Don't mind the introduction, it seems I was a bit under the weather last year when I posted it. I'm feeling much better now, however, I am going through a bit of a cooking crisis. Not only am I not happy with this cake, I also burned a huge pot of home made tomato sauce just the other day. I think I need to reassess my cooking expectations, soon.

Have a GREAT week everyone!!! I hope to be posting on Wednesday. See ya then:) And, thanks for dropping by...Louise:)