Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Quick Picnic Game Update 2011

Well, let me tell you, it has been one heck of a day around here. The Picnic Game is in full swing and would you believe, there are only 6 letters left! Yes, SIX! They are, H, J, V, X, Y, Z. If you are new to the Picnic Game, you just don't know what you're missing. Fly over here right now and check it out. Scroll down for the "rules." They'll be lots of goodies filling our baskets and you sure don't want to miss them. As a matter of fact, YOU may just want to join in on the festivities!!!

The level of excitement is incredible. It's just hard to believe that only three short years ago I was squirming with worry that all of the letters may not make it to the picnic. Of course you picnickers pulled it off and the Picnic Game began! I thank you:)

"Good friends, good food, good wine and good weather, doth a good picnic make" ~Anonymous
I wish I could reveal some of the goodies that will be filling our baskets, but quite frankly, I love surprises and I hope you do too!!! Surprises there will be!!! I've had a few inquiries about the lack of music this year. Well, as luck would have it, some of the songs I chose for last year plum up and left into cyberspace or have been blocked. I'm in the process of making up a new mix and will most likely debut it on Picnic Day. I'm also going to try and tidy this blog up a bit. It's getting a wee bit cluttered around here. Guests are coming you know:) While I'm at it, I may trim down the Picnic Game announcement post from yesterday. You would think I would learn by now to not get so carried away. I mean really, I could have waited to share the Picnic for Motorists book couldn't I? Yes, I'll trim it down. I don't want to be confusing the new picnic guests you know.
Let's see, that seems to be about it for now. I'll do a more thorough update when I get back from my mini vaca. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you. If you don't hear from me Monday or Tuesday, rest assured, I will be back to my email by Wednesday. I've decided to take a drive to nowhere for those two days to celebrate my, {ahem} birthday. No phone, no computer, heck, I may not even bring my camera. I'm justa a goin'

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