Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Time for the 2011 Picnic Game Round-up!

Picnic Game 2011

Just in case I haven't said it enough times, July is National Picnic Month!!! What do good bloggers do in preparation for Picnic Month? One of two things. Either they scurry online hopping from site to site in search of the perfect "go-to" picnic dish, or dishes, to celebrate the month long celebration or, they "play" the Picnic Game! What? You've never played the Picnic Game? Come on, we'll show you how.

Now, recite after me, I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing..."

A-Apricot Cobbler

Toted by...Mae

B-Banana Cream Pie

Toted by...Marjie

C-Cherry Bars in a Jar

Toted by...Barbara

D-Diva Doggie Bites

Toted by...The "Girls"

E-Emeril's Strawberry Lemonade

Toted by...Pattie

F-Fingerling Potato Salad w/ Honey-Thyme Vinaigrette

Toted by...Heather

G-Gugelhopf Twister

Toted by...Kristy

H-Honey Graham Roll-ups

Toted by...Glenda

I-Incredible Rabbit Pineapple Tarts

Toted by...Selby

J-Jam Jewels

Toted by...Tiffanee

K-Kirsch Michel

Toted by...Petra

L-Lime Cranberry Fizz

Toted by...Inger

M-Mint Sundae Brownie Squares

Toted by...Debbie

N-Nice Mini Biscuit Sandwiches

Toted by...Gloria

O-Orange Nut Ring

Toted by...Jana

P-Pan Bagnat Provencal

Toted by...Rita

Q-Quick Lemon Bread

Toted by...Chaya

R-Rhubarb Ruguh-Love

Toted by...Yummy Chunklet

S-Salmon Salad

Toted by...Nadine

T-Tequila Truffles

Toted by...Janet

U-Unique Flan

Toted by...Chaya

V-Venus is Out Tonight Radish, Black Olive & Feta Salad

Toted by...Linda

W-White Chocolate Cherry Almond Sour Cream Scones

Toted by...Reeni


Toted by...Veronica

Y-Yummy Blueberry Hill Cupcakes

Toted by...Gloria

Z-Zucchini Salad

Toted by...Rita

I sincerely want to thank everyone for joining in on the Picnic Game festivities. While I was hopping from blanket to blanket, blog to blog, I couldn't help but to feel the enthusiasm kindled with each new recipe. New visitors and guests; it's been a pleasure to "meet" you and you all did a GREAT job too. Directions don't seem to be my forte but somehow, you managed to grasp hold and run with it. Some of you, you know who you are, and now so does everyone else, carried two dishes to the picnic again this year, and we appreciate it. A shout out to you too Heather! Thanks for updating our Logo. It looks GREAT! We did it, not only do we have a menagerie of people and dishes, we have each and every letter of the alphabet! Thank you all. It's been an enormous amount of fun. If you didn't get to play the picnic game this year, not to worry, I have it from a very reliable source that we just may be doing this again next year:) Now, let the feast begin!!! Enjoy, Louise:)