Friday, August 26, 2011

Die-cuts of the Past

I had a fabulous post planned for today for National Goat Cheese Month. I thought for sure I would make it just under the wire since August is Goat Cheese Month but, alas, it just isn't going to happen...yet. Hopefully soon...feel free to click to enlarge

When I was reading all of my lovely comments the other day (thanks for that, they really do brighten my day:) I took special note of a comment left by Pattie @ Olla-Podrida. Like so many of you have in the past, she enjoyed seeing one of the die-cut cookbooks from my collection.

Well, it just so happens that in my spare time:) I've been preparing my blog to go out on its own one day with its very own dot.com. My Picasa Albums are a mess and I've been slowly reorganizing. My latest venture has been to weed out the die-cut books posted since October 2007, when I first started blogging, by putting them in their own album. (I'm thinking if I ever move from blogger, I just may have to take them with me:)

Although it's been a bit daunting, slowly but surely it is getting done. While I was at it, I also decided it was probably a good time to make a list of their whereabouts through the years. It seems, in the early days of this blog, I was much more generous about sharing them.

I know why that is. As the years have gone by, (wow, that has much more of an effect in type:) I realized that most of my visitors are quite cooking savvy and recipes and cookbooks from the past may not excite them as much as say, today's food "stars."

It may surprise you know, that I am not much of a cook any more. Oh, I've had my glorious days, many many many of them. Through the years I have become more absorbed with the hidden messages found within the pages of the books more so than the recipes themselves.

They are especially charming when verse is enclosed. Food in Poetry is awfully nourishing; don't you think?:)

Fairy Pie

With visions of childhood come those luscious mince pies
so tender, so juicy, so sweet!
When brought from the oven what aroma would rise
Our tantalized nostrils to greet!

Reflections of the times are forever embedded in many of them. Some, not so honorable such as this Aunt Jemima Pastry and Flour booklet circa 1886.

From 1883 until 1921, The Sleepy Eye Milling Company, used Chief Sleepy Eye's (Ish-Tak-Ha-Ba) portrait in its advertising. The premiums were numerous, including this booklet circa early nineteenth century.

Preserved in acid free slips, and safely bound, I plan on sharing my die-cuts more often...

For they are treasures to be shared...

I would like to once again thank Rochelle from Rochelle's Vintage & Frugal recipes for one of my most cherished RAK. Drop by and say Hi. She doesn't post often but when she does, you just never know what goodie you will be served!

The turnpike road to people's hearts I find Lies through their mouths,
or I mistake mankind.
~Dr. Wolcot~

In the spirit of National Coffee Month which is chugging away, I'd like to share this delicious looking Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Almond Pieces that I literally "drooled" over while visiting, Gloria's Canela Kitchen. Gloria was most generous when I asked her if I could let you "drool" too. Be sure and drop by her place for the recipe or just to let her know how darn good it looks:)

Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Almond Pieces

I'll be back on Thursday, the first day of September, with a new list of yummy celebrations. To all our friends who are in harms way of Irene, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay safe...Louise:)


  1. Be still my heart. I was all wrapped up in those neat cut-outs until you flashed that ice cream. Oh my...

  2. Delighted to see you are still connected Channon. Stay safe...

  3. Dear Louise I love your post are interesting, lovely and yummy, love all!!
    Thanks for mention my ice cream LOL, have anice weekend! gloria

  4. The chocolate almond pieces look delicious!

  5. How interesting; I remember my mom making mince meat pie;
    I should try making this again. Thank you for sharing Food in Poetry.

  6. Louise - So happy that you are sharing your die-cut collection with us. You have some amazing examples. Looking forward to more!

    I was also delighted to see your confession about not cooking much any more! These days it seems all I want to do is eat--preferably home cooked food that someone else has prepared. We're helping keep the restaurants in business around here. Still love my recipe books and food blogs though. They help me decide which restaurant to choose. Hoping this is just a stage I'm going through.

  7. Such a cute collection! I have a cookbook problem (they are *ahem* taking on a life of their own) but with no discernible theme. I'm thinking once my children are bigger I need to start collecting something really cute I can display like that!

  8. Oh no. Something else to collect. I must, must have these die-cut cookbooks. How did I miss these? Fleamarket here I come.

    Thanks so much for such a fabulous post!

    Be safe today.

  9. It was fun to see those die-cut recipe books. I love a little piece of history! I so appreciate your posts, you put so much into them, you jam pack them with fun and interesting information. Thank you for all your hard work!

  10. I just love old recipe books...what a neat trip down memory lane Louise! As for ice cream...I could use a bowl in this heat.
    I hope all in Irene's path stays safe.....thoughts are with you!

  11. Dear Louise, Your hard worked post is always a great pleasure to see and there is so much to leran from it. Loved the icecream with chocolate topping. Stay safe, regards, sonia !

  12. Oh, LOUISE! I am in love with absolutely every one of these. I do tend to love the ladies though, so am gaga over the Settlement Cookbook and the one for salad dressings, but also love the Vernor's. What treasures these are! I have a blog post in the works about old cocktail recipe booklets that my dad recently passed along to me. Of course, it would probably involve my making and consuming some cocktails. Well, I'll just have to suffer through that for the good of the blog.

  13. What a great collection, Louise - while I haunt the antique stores whenever I can, I have never seen an actual die-cut recipe book, so I'm so glad you're sharing these. Thanks for the good wishes. We are wind-blown, but dry and with power still!

  14. I love you die-cut collection. I would like to see the recipes in the Aunt Jemima's Special Cake and Pastry Flour booklet! What a treasure they all are!

  15. Your die-cuts are little gems Louise! I enjoyed seeing them. And that ice cream dessert - delectable!

  16. I know you are very enthusiastic about the articles and content for your blogger layout but I found that you arrange it in a better-looking, wish you success.

  17. thanks for showing those die cuts collection of yours, i think they are cute. Havent seen one before and old recipes are precious, how i wished i could own some really old recipe books..

  18. Louise, I love the cut outs...they sure have lots of history behind...nothing more refreshing that coffee ice cream to celebrate coffee month :-)
    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead and see you back in September!

  19. how fun that there's a goat cheese month -I love more reasons to celebrate AND eat cheese! :)

  20. hi louise.

    That's why i love flee markets!
    My personall book heaven. hehe

    I always look for illustration of the kind, old recipes in a cute cookbook, what a treat! =D

    awesome post, I enjoyed it fully!

  21. Thank you for your comments and your advice! I am really enjoying reading your blog as I have a passion for food! And I do enjoy cooking, especially when it turns out delicious! Keep in touch

  22. So cute! I could look at those for hours. Nice ice cream, yummy.



  23. A very cool collection! The ice cream sounds really good and the chocolate almond pieces as well.

  24. How cute are those recipe cut outs. The coffee ice cream with chocolate almond pieces are making me drool too.

  25. Oh Louise, I love your posts so much. I could spend hours and hours exploring all the treasures you offer here :) I am also enamored with all the old-time cookbooks, though I've gotta admit, I don't have any of the ide-cut ones. I'm guessing you find such treasures at antique stores or from the stash of older relatives? Anyway, I dearly love coming here for a visit and always find so much of interest. Thank you, thank you Louise.

  26. Thank YOU, Gloria.

    They sure do Yummy

    You are welcome, Rita. Would you believe I've never had Mince Meat Pie? Must do something about that.

    So glad you enjoyed the die-cuts, Kathy. They are indeed my hidden treasures:) I know for sure my "stage" is here to stay:)

    Cookbooks are "really cute" Jesse. I just put the kids section on the bottom shelf so the little ones can feast their eyes on all the goodies! Don't tell anyone, but I also collect jewelry and of all things buttons and I don't wear jewelry and I don't sew:)

    If you find a die-cut at the flea market Janet, you let me know because I'm yet to find one worth buying at a flea market. They are getting more and more difficult to come by.

    Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your kind words. I really enjoyed sharing these books. IMHO, they are little works of art. Drop by anytime. P.S. Do you know your name does not link to your profile. I'd love to visit!

    We made it through, Tina. So glad you enjoyed the books.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Sonia. They are truly appreciated.

  27. The Settlement Cookbook is one of my favorites too, Pattie but, of course, I do love them all. I can't wait to see your old cocktail books and believe me, I won't mind suffering through a few cocktails at all. (for the good of the blog, of course:)

    Die-cuts are very difficult to come by, T.W. If you do ever happen to stumble across one, please let me know. There was an antique shop up in Bayville that I use to visit quite a lot. I bought a Heinz Ketchup die-cut up there many moons ago.

    I sent you a page from the Aunt Jemima book, Glenda. did you get it?

    Thanks Reeni. Some of them offer intriguing recipes too:)

    Hi Dress up! Thanks for visiting. So glad you enjoyed your stay. Drop by anytime. BTW, I sent your dress up link to my granddaughter. She will LOVE it!!!

    What? You don't have any vintage recipe books, Lena? Your wish is my command. I have lots to share. Any particular kind you would like? I don't have many duplicates in the die-cuts but I do in others. Perhaps, I should do another give-away!

    I haven't cured my craving for Coffee Ice Cream yet, Juliana but, I will!!! Thanks for your kind words:)

    Me too, Simple Life!

    Welcome Helene! I love flea markets too but unfortunately, I don't usually find die-cuts there. Cookbooks? Yes! Die-cuts? I'm still searching...So glad you enjoyed your visit:)

    Hi Lana and welcome! Thank you for your kind words. I'm delighted you enjoyed your visit. There's lots of GREAT passionate food lovers like yourself out there. Explore! Drop by anytime:)

    Hi Rosa. I will be sharing more in the near future. I have lots!!!

    Thanks 5 Star Foodie I do enjoy it and I'm delighted to share it. Now, for some of that Blancmanger of yours; gorgeous!

    I'm still craving coffee ice cream, Pam.

    Hi Lynn! Whenever I question this whole blogging thing, your encouraging words come to mind. Thank you for that:) Ferreting out die-cut cookbooks is a game of chance and perseverance. I've been at it for so very long, and yet, there are so many I still would love to find. If you happen across any, Lynn, please keep me in mind. Thank you so much for visiting.

  28. Absolutely beautiful diecuts! I would have grabbed everyone of those myself if I found them. Really nice pieces.

  29. Thanks PaperSponge.com; Brian. Please remember me should you ever across any more unusual die-cuts.

    Thanks for visiting!

  30. What a beautiful cake! I want a piece now, think you can mail me a slice???? LOL! Very cool collection! Thanks for sharing!

  31. I’ve been looking for coffee choco almond cake recipe. This looks like it. Thanks for sharing the link!

  32. I find that the cut of those books are pretty interesting. I haven't seen a recipe like that for sale.
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