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Happy S'more's Day!

Remember the other day when we went meandering through the flower garden for Friendship Day?

I told you I bought a new gazebo for when the kids came to visit. Well, I also bought my first ever gas grill too!!! Oh it isn't like I haven't barbecued before. I have. When I lived in Westhampton, I use to barbecue on the beach all the time with a charcoal grill. Since moving to PA, I thought it was high time I try my luck at cooking on a gas grill. The verdict is still out...
In the more than capable hands of my daughter and grandchildren, I recieved my very first gas grilling lesson; S'mores!
The origin of S'mores dates back to the 1920's. It's believed the recipe was first discovered by Girl Scouts. S'more folklore suggests that the S'more got its name right by the campfire. After eating one, young kids chanted "gimme some more!" The first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927. Girl Scouts of Kentucky

Let's face it, some people just don't warm up to S'mores the way others do. Take Noah for instance. That grandson of mine would rather play with his water gun than partake in an over the top toasted marshmallow sandwich.

I have a sneaky suspicion he would reconsider after feasting his big brown eyes on one of these Marguerites. Any peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff fans out there? I know of one at least. His name begins with a T.

As I was preparing these for a picture, Marion wandered into the kitchen for an ice cream cone. When she took a look at what I was concocting, she did away with the ice cream and patiently waited in the kitchen with me until we "burned" a few marshmallows. She decided she wanted an Andes chocolate hidden inside hers "just for fun." It's the one in the middle: They may not look appetizing but they sure make up for it once you get a mouth full of that gooey marshmallow, salty Ritz and the smooth warm taste of the peanut butter. The hint of peppermint from the Andes leaves a surprising after taste. She said she was happy with her decision:) I, on the other hand, did not like it at all!
"...A forerunner of S'mores, called Marguerites, was one dainty sweet suitable for ladies' luncheons or teas [1930s] Although recipes varied, the basic Marguerite was a graham cracker or crisp cookie topped with a marshmallow, which was then put under the broiler for a few minutes until the marshmallow softened and browned. These were even more appealing if a bit of candied cherry was placed in the center of each as they came from the oven...Sylvia Lovegren Fashionable Food p. 42.

Let me back track for a moment for those of you who may never have "met" a S'more. Thanks to the "magic" of wiki, I have a tantalizing image for you to oogle.

"...If you're not familiar with s'mores, they are made by sandwiching a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate in between two graham crackers. The name of the treat comes from the two words "some more," clearly combined because people often wanted to have at least a second serving after having one s'more. The treat was developed by campers in the early part of the 20th century, making use of the fairly new mass-produced marshmallows. Marshmallows were easy to transport, as were candy bars and graham crackers, and the marshmallows could be warmed easily over a fire to make a delicious treat in a situation where other types of sweets would have been difficult to come by..." (The history of... s'mores @ Slashfood )

Personally, I think of S'mores as a gooey state of mind. The perfect retreat to carefree childhood days of yore smothered in marshmallow goodness. Although the ingredients remain the same, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, the versatility of the combination are many. I've left a few recipe link variations below.

S'mores are fun too! They're fun to make, fun to eat and IMHO the very best way to heat up S'more Love. (not to mention a pretty simple way to get introduced to gas grilling:) Don't you worry though, charcoal grills and broilers work just as well:)

Michele and the kids have returned home since my gas grilling lesson and I have been left to fend for myself:( Not to worry though, I bought a new gadget for the gas grill; a rotisserie! Brave soul aren't I? I can definitely see a rotisserie post in my future. For now, you will have to take my word (and image) for it.

I've been living it up for National Coffee Month! That "baby" above is my very first attempt at two things, cooking with a rotisserie and using ground coffee and spices as the ingredient rub. (oh I used a bit of brown sugar too:) There just so happens to be a story connected with this meal, which for now is going to have to sit on the back burner. And as for my gas grill, well let me tell you, we have become best "buds."

Believe me, I know how much some of you want a nibble at that pork roast, and believe me, you have every reason to. However, this post is in celebration of National S'more Day and S'mores it is.
S'mores on a Stick

Just in case you're still recuperating from celebrating National Rice Pudding Day yesterday, consider saving this next recipe for National Marshmallow Toasting Day which just so happens to be August 30th. August may not have many goodies to celebrate but boy oh boy, it sure is full of fluff!!! Enjoy S'mores Day Everyone!!!
S'more Muffins

As for me, I'm fixed on celebrating National S'more's Day with one of these beauties provided my none other than Janet from Dying for Chocolate!

1. S'moremania and the Magic of Marshmallows
2. S'mores: Candy Bars & Truffles
3. S’mores Ice Cream Terrine
4. S'mores Biscotti
5. S'more Cookie Bars @ One Crazy Cookie


  1. Love the gazebo and its screened sides. Looks cool and bug-free...

    But I'm no fan of s'mores. Yeah, I was a Girl Scout, but I don't like char on ANYTHING but a grilled piece of meat, and even then, precious little...

    They're also too sloppy. I know. I'm weird.

  2. Dear Louise I love s mores so much and the kids too! I have some recipes at my blog, I wanna make other one!! Lovely pictures dear Louise! gloria

  3. I'm a big s'mores fan, but I'd never heard of Marguerites. Good to know of them! A toasted marshmallow sandwich sounds great right now.

  4. S'mores! This reminds me of the campout scene in "The Sandlot"!

  5. Guilty as charged on the Peanut Butter and Fluff. I've been on the wagon for a while, though. What I tend to do is swap out one vice for another. S'mores would make an excellent alternative!

  6. Wish I'd bought some marshmallows...

  7. Louise, how opportune! I had no idea it's s'mores day, but guess what I'm making today!! S'mores granola bars! Haha! This was meant to be....xD

    Hee hee, yes you're a brave soul for manning the grill all by yourself. Please make chicken in a beer can one day...I've always wanted to do that but I don't have a grill. Sadness!

  8. S'mores, now that is something I've never had and don't really know if I would enjoy... I'm not a big fan of marshmallows combined with chocolate.

    I'd have a coffee, nonetheless! ;-P



  9. can see your gazebo, that's cool! if only i have a large garden as yours, i might consider getting one..haha! Thanks for the upclose shot of smores, i have not tasted one but looks really good!

  10. Thanks for your message on my blog, Louise.. Really appreciate it. You're welcome to drop by mine any time!

    S'more's cupcake looks yummy. Will have to try that some time.

  11. happy s'mores day - sounds like a great name for a day as well as a biscuit. I've never had but I used to love marshmallows melted on a bonfire so I suspect I would be a fan

  12. S'more's day? My kids will be so happy! I guess we need to make a fire on the deck tonight...

  13. More S'mores please! :) You know what? I never tried them before. :O

  14. When I think of S'mores I can instantly smell woodsmoke from the Girl Scout campfires that we used to build in order to make this special treat (and after a week of the glop they fed us, we were most deserving). This was a particularly enjoyable and nostalgic post. I had no idea they had their own special day, but now you have me craving them.

  15. Oh I love smores. What priceless pictures. Looks so delicious and like a fun time!! Can't wait to make those muffins.

  16. Love your smores muffins, I hope to make soon, huggs gloria

  17. Love this post and love smores. Got a big craving, running out to get marshmallows......

  18. What fun! I love smores and do not think I've eaten nearly enough of them. The history of the maruerites is fascinating. I've been missing out!

  19. Just a tip on being a gas grill owner--use your charcoal one every so often to stay in practice. We didn't and lost the art of getting a nice glow going in charcoal.

    And re: National Coffee Month, my oldest figured out how to make cappuccinos in my old espresso maker and is treating us to one every morning--truly living!

  20. I love this post, and I adore marshmallow fluff. Yes, I always have some in the pantry! Thanks for including me. Can't wait to make Marguerites. You learn something every day.

    Also great to see a photo of your daughter & your grandchildren. Looks like they're having a fabulous time!

  21. The gazebo is just fabulous Chan! I'm seriously considering sleeping out there, lol...

    I was just thinking, Gloria, no one brought S'mores to the picnic this year. We'll need to remember that next year!!!

    It sure does, Lisa Since this post, I've come across quite a few interesting versions of Marguerites. I'm thinking a Marguerites post is on the horizon:)

    So funny, Yummy!

    Indeed they would, T.W.

    Tossing some marshmallows your way, Mae!

    Chicken in a beer can? On the grill? Surely you jest, Sophia. S'more's Granola Bars now you're speaking to my grilling skills:)

    Honestly, Rosa, it took me a while to warm up to S'mores too. And, I like marshmallows and of course adore chocolate!!! Coffee it is...

    The gazebo is just wonderful, Lena. I really think you should give S'mores a try. Something tells me YOU will LOVE them!!!

    You are more than welcome, Chia. I'll certainly be by again! S'mores Cupcakes are deee...lish...ous! Let me know what you think!!!

    Ducky YOU never had a S'more. Change that immediately. Let Ben try it first though:)

    Keep them in mind for when the weather gets warmer by you, Johanna. I have a feeling Sylvia will warm up to them quite nicely:)

    Indeed the very best way to enjoy S'mores is over an open fire, Pam. Oh now I wish I had one of those pit thingies!

  22. Everyone should try a S'more at least once, tigerfish else they will no longer be s'more:)

    What a tasty memory, Pattie. Thanks for sharing...

    Your S'more Cookie Bars look delicious, Tiffanee. When will the muffins be done? I'm famished!

    S'more away, Gloria! The muffins do sound tempting don't they?

    Thanks for dropping by Angela. Hope you enjoyed those "on the run" S'mores!

    Me too, OysterCulture I can definitely see a Marguerites post in my future.

    I no longer have the charcoal grill, Inger. But, I understand the "losing of the glow:)" You sure are lucky to be able to celebrate Coffee Month in such elegance and serenity. Cappuccino is a personal favorite of mine:)

    Thanks Janet. Seriously, what's not to love about Marshmallow Fluff and those kids! Thank YOU for the link!


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