Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cooking with the Stars

Cooking with the Stars
Were you expecting a post dedicated to the Emmy® Awards tonight? No. Good. I'm not much of a TV watcher myself. As a matter of fact, after checking the list of shows nominated, the only one I have ever watched for any length of time is Hot in Cleveland. And, that's mainly because Marion made me:) I'm not even sure if the show itself is up for an Emmy but I think Betty White is and Marion just loves Television Hall of Famer Betty White!!!
She also like this recipe of Betty White's for Mandarin Salad from from Cooking with the Stars © 1999.

Mandarin Salad

Personally, I'm a fan of the show The Closer and if defending Emmy Award winner Kyra Sedgwick were one of the nominees this year, I may have watched. I'm also in awe of the transition Emmy champion Katy Sagal has accomplished on the show Sons of Anarchy. Not a program I'm in the habit of watching, but once when I was flipping through channels, I spied her on the Sons of Anarchy, and I just couldn't believe my eyes. What a transformation?

You may remember Peg's husband Al (Ed O'Neil) from Married with Children. Well, the LA Times reports he has a real shot at winning tonight for best supporting actor on the show Modern Family. I just had to include Al's recipe for "Sixteen Tons" Cheeseburger from Pig Out with Peg (© 1990) because, today is National Cheeseburger Day!

"Sixteen Tons" Cheeseburger

Speaking of reporting, I heard through the grapevine (twitter that is:) that Jesse, our very own Cakespy, and the fabulous Anna of Cookie Madness, will be tweeting from the Emmy's tonight, compliments of Duncan Hines® and the 1 Million Cupcake Challenge. You can read all about it on their blogs. Jesse is the creator of my adorable "cuppie" banner up top. Yes, I can call my banner adorable, heck it is, isn't it?

Duncan Hines® is the official dessert sponsor of the 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards Governors Ball and Creative Arts Awards Ball for the second year in a row. Three rich Duncan Hines recipes are served to the stars at the primetime television events -- they were created exclusively for Duncan Hines by Team U.S.A.’s World Cup Pastry Team. (source)

For a person who doesn't watch much TV much, I've managed to accumulate an assortment of "star" related cookbooks and recipes. I think today is just the day to share a few with you.

Let's "kick" it off with one of the few TV celebrity chefs that I actually enjoy watching once in a while; Emeril Lagasse and his Every Day's a Party! ©1999.

Every Day's a Party

Emmy Award nominee, (2007) Chef Emeril will be joining Bravos' Top Chef this season in Texas. As many of you probably already know, Top Chef is up for an Emmy tonight in the category Reality Competition.

'Top Chef' Is Bigger In Texas Season 9 heads south with new judges Emeril Lagasse and Hugh Acheson in tow.
Martini with Chocolate Grapes

My daughter, Michele was a huge fan of the show Friends. When she saw the Cooking with Friends ©1995, cookbook at the bookstore one day, she decided I needed to have it for my collection. I was delighted! (she also gifted me with a copy of the Saturn Owners' Cookbook when she paid her car off! Yes, she owned a Saturn:)

Cooking with Friends

Matt LeBlanc was nominated three times for playing Joey on "Friends." The Hollywood Reporter mentions he is once again up for a nominee in the Showtime series Episodes. Good Luck Matt:) (I don't "do" Showtime but, I did like him as Joey:)

Fire Escape Flank Steak
Cafe' Nervosa; The Connoisseur's Cookbook

I am familiar with Frasier, Niles and Daphne and the rest of the crew of the show Frasier. It is one of the shows I "turn" to when I just need to chill. The show is not up for an award this year, although in the past the total has numbered 30 Emmy Awards. Last count, that was a record; from what I've been reading anyway. Jane Leeves who played Daphne on Frasier currently stars in Hot in Cleveland along with Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick. I don't know if Daphne contributed this recipe to The Connoisseur's Cookbook (© 1996) but, I do know it's right up my alley. I'm so making these Pears en Croûte! It's about as close to puff pastry as I'll ever get!

Pears en Croûte

Tomorrow is Butterscotch Pudding Day. I leave you with this delicate recipe for Butterscotch Parfait from the book, The Cook Book of the Stars. (©1939)

Butterscotch Parfait

*Note: Clicking on any of the recipes or cook book covers will enlarge the image. I try not to have the images link back to picasa or sites that may be selling books. (ie amazon or such)

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