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Candy Corn Day and a Cookbook Party Update!

Happy Candy Corn Day! I've been bursting at the seam waiting for Candy Corn Day to arrive this year! Not only because I get to share this final week of Cookbook Party entries but also because, at last, I can show you my Candy Corn plant!

Don't you just want to snap off that tender candy corn flower and see if it smells like candy corn. Don't you dare, its quite fragile. It may not have the sweet scent of candy corn but boy oh boy, it sure is pretty, isn't it? This is the first year I've ever grown Maniettia inflata. That's the botanical name for Firecracker Vine, Candy Corn Vine and Brazilian Firecracker. Whew! I just call it Candy for short:) Marion calls it the Firecracker but that's probably because she's quite the snapper herself:) And, because it travels up the gutter to her living room window; exactly where she wanted it:)
Regrettably, I didn't take as many pictures of Candy as I should have this past season. She was hiding behind the Datura which has a way of sprawling all over everybody.

I did manage to get a few clippings of Candy Corn before the snow flew this morning. (yes...we...have...snow...) I'm going to try growing it as a houseplant. I think it might work. I'll start it in a hanging basket because I think it will be more comfortable hanging in the sun. I just put a new sky light in when the roof was repaired. (don't ask:) It isn't as aggressive as a morning glory vine but I have a notion it will be as easy to grow. We'll see...Maybe, I'll have a bunch of "babies" for you guys next year. In most places, except for Zone 10, the Candy Corn Vine grows as an annul but with its tender perennial tendencies, its still blooming outside, through the snow, and up the gutter. I'm thinking of planting them late in the season next year for an Autumn touch.
I'm must apologize for not be able to show you Candy, peeping through the layer of snow outside but it seems I procrastinated my camera to deadsville. New battery on order...

Cookbook Party: Week Four

Apple Month

I'm delighted to introduce a new guest to the Cookbook Party this week; #3 Ruth hostess of the blog The Mid-Century Menu. Ruth baked up an Apple Cider Upside-Down Cake for Apple Month from a new to me cookbook titled The Apple Kitchen Cookbook. (1966) Pop on over and say Hi! You just never know what she'll be tossing about.
Apple Cider Upside-Down Cake

#5 Annie's at it again. Today we have Apple Pie-in-the-Sky for Apple Month. It sure looks Out of this World!!!
Apple Pie-in-the-Sky

Cool Food for Kids

Cool Food for Kids was a surprisingly popular October celebration. Here we have Halloween Party Cupcakes that are sure to give you the creepers. Pam, our #7 partying guest, harvested this recipe from "Betty Crockers Bisquick Classics and New Favorites cookbook.
Halloween Party Cupcakes

I'm not quite sure where our online Pampered Chef "gal" #11 Channon snatched this recipe from. I do know her "girl" Gretchen had her "say" when it came time to naming it, Cheater Pumpkin Eater Muffins. Pop by and check out the recipe. You'll see why it sure is a Cool Food for that "kid." Thanks Gretchen!!! Say hi to Sissy:)
Cheater Pumpkin Eater Muffins

Cranberry Month

#1 Joyce, hostess of the blog My Kitchen Flavours, submitted a tempting recipe for Plainly Perfect Pound Cake with Brandied Cranberries for Cranberry Month. ooo la la...
Plainly Perfect Pound Cake with Brandied Cranberries

Dessert Month

Did you think we had enough recipes for National Dessert Month? Of course not. Me either.
First up we have Fried Ice Cream from Helene #2 this week. After you read Helene's picturesque post, you will, without a doubt, want to dive into her Fried Ice Cream. Mind you, I'm writing this as the snow is gently falling outside:)
Fried Ice Cream

Admittedly, Susan #4, hostess of Black-Eyed Susan's Kitchen, loves Autumn! Wait til you see her post. I shamelessly admit, I absolutely adore Tiramisu. Don't you? It's brought to us via Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian. Heavenly!

I'm going to crown Joyce #9 the Pound Cake Queen! Just look at her Toasted Almond Pound Cake she adapted from from The Cake Book by Tish Boyle. That book is really beginning to grow on me and I'm not even a baker!
Toasted Almond Pound Cake

In classic "superwoman" style, Marjie, #10 my very best favorite Modern Day Ozzie & Harriet, whipped up a big ol' old-fashioned dessert this week; Chocolate Cake with Royal Frosting & Cocoa Filling, to boot!
Chocolate Cake w/Royal Frosting & Cocoa Filling

Eat Better, Eat Together Month

You see what I mean? Here's #12 Marjie's Soup: It's What's for Lunch setting. Wait until you see how she concocts the meal!
Soup: It's What's for Lunch

Pork Month

Introducing Dumas Celebrates Pork Month. Brought to you by; #6 Mae's Food Blog!
Dumas Celebrates Pork Month

Sausage Month

I couldn't have chosen a better guest food to end this post today. After all, tomorrow is Halloween. And, Sausage Month is the last category this week. Look at these. Need I say more? Lena is #8 this week...She resides at Her Frozen Wings.
Spooky Fingers Pita Bread

Just in case these ol' eyes of mine don't stay open until midnight tonight (Saturday) I'll be using the Random Generator Sunday morning to choose this week's winner. The Cookbook Party Winners will be posted on Monday; Halloween. See ya then, Louise
Happy Candy Corn Day!


  1. Happy candy corn day! And I took that photo myself, actually.

  2. Well I have to say the cookbook party was a lot of fun. I don't know which I enjoyed the most, the recipes or the cookbook information it came out of. Great job on the post Louise :) Happy Candy Corn Day to you as well.

  3. Yes, those fingers are just a little spooky, Louise! Happy Candy Corn Day! I just bought a small amount the other day. Who knew it was actually a vegetarian treat!

  4. Can you believe that I have never tasted candy corn? Your plant version is beautiful though!

  5. i have not heard of candy corn and my first time seeing this candy corn plant, beautiful!Happy Halloween to you, Louise!

  6. This post look sweet and amazing (LOL) what fun! I made just now a Halloween post!! gloria

  7. Happy Candy Corn Day! I've posted three Chocolate Candy Corn Cocktails in case you want to drink your candy corn today :-) http://dyingforchocolate.blogspot.com/2011/10/chocolate-candy-corn-cocktails-national.html

    And, I'm a gardener.. I love that candy corn vine. Wonder if it will grown here? I will check. Love it.

    The cookbook posts have been wonderful, too. I just love your blog!

  8. I've never had candy corn - it looks far too sweet for me! But the candy corn plant is so pretty! I hope it does work as an indoor plant.

    I could definitely manage a slice of pound cake with brandied cranberries, too!

  9. How fun! Great submissions.

  10. Never seen a candy corn plant before. Is it a perennial? I've eaten my fair share of candy corn this month :)

  11. WOW! I love that candy corn plant. You have so many delicious things on todays post. Im off to check them out! Thanks!!

  12. I'm a little creeped out by the chicken fingers, but it's a funny idea! Happy Candy Corn Day. I've been indulging a little too much, myself.

  13. Hi Louise,
    Happy Halloween! The corn flower is very pretty, have not seen or heard of it before! Thanks for sharing this!
    A wonderful collection of Cookbook Party yummies! Have a lovely week!

  14. Happy Halloween to you, hope enjoying it in full festive spirit. I simply loved ur candy corn tree, seeing it for first time and it is looking gorgeous. I have something new to laern and see from ur blog, keep writing to inspire us all and take care !!!

  15. That candy corn plant is beautiful! Love your Blog! I also wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster Award, so Congratulations! Please drop by my blog so you can see the details: http://chevymommasramblings.blogspot.com/2011/11/liebster-award-i-am-so-excited-to-tell.html

  16. Hi Louise,

    I've been craving for chocolate this entire week and that cake with royal frosting and cocoa filling is just perfect! Thank you so much for the link you provided!

    learn french online

  17. So glad you enjoyed your visit, Celine. Drop by any time:) Louise:)


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