Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's a Cookbook Party!

And, everyone is invited!!!

Wanna join in the Fun?


I may have "mentioned" this once or twice before but just in case you missed it, It's my Blogoversary! Yes indeed, way back in October of 2007, I "spoke" my very first words to the blogoshpere. Never could I have ever imagined I would gain such a captivating audience. I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for visiting, listening and never ever criticizing!

To show my appreciation, and because October is also National Cookbook Month, and you know by now how much I adore cookbooks, I've decided to throw a Cookbook Party!

Have you ever been to a cookbook party? No. Well, you may be surprised to learn, I've never been either!

Let's see, we have the music, we have the reasons, all we need now is some food and prizes! I'll tell you what. If you are willing to provide the food, I will gladly supply the prizes! How's that sound? It sounds good to me too!!!

Here's what we'll do. You see that list of monthly celebrations I've posted in the sidebar? It's the one titled October is... Well, it's a list of food celebrations I've gleaned from all over the internet. I've scanned through, what I feel are "reputable" sites to choose which celebrations to include on the list. Most have either been on going or noted through the years. If you click on any of the links, in most cases you will be brought directly to the sponsor. For instance, Pasta Month is sponsored by The National Pasta Association while Popcorn Poppin' Month is supported by the Popcorn Board. The American Cheese Society has chosen 2011 to celebrate their very first annual American Cheese Month celebration and for that, I am thrilled!

Let's Party!

Joining in on the fun is going to be easy peasy.

1. Choose a celebratory food from the side-bar. It isn't necessary to visit any of the sponsors, I've just linked them there for assurance:)

2. Rummage through your cookbooks and pick a recipe which represents the food you have chosen. For example, if you would like to celebrate National Pork Month, sniff out a pork recipe to share.

3. Post the recipe on your blog any day during the month of October. Please include the title of the book you harvested it from in your post and any adaptations you may have made to make it your own. Also include the celebration you are honoring in your introduction. You might want to write something like this:

Have you ever bounced a cranberry? October is National Cranberry Month and today I'm posting a recipe for Bouncing Cranberry Jelly to celebrate!
A link back to this announcement would be nice too. Just grab the logo above if you like:)

4. Send your link and a picture to my e-mail acalenda [at] gmail [dot] com with COOKBOOK PARTY in the subject line. Previous recipes or recipes that have been shared with other events are permitted as long as they are included in a post dated for this occasion. (October 2011)

5. This one is optional. If you choose to tweet about the cookbook party and/or your recipe, please use either the hashtag #cookbookparty or #foodcalendar or both. I'll explain the reason in a future post:) BTW, I'm @lavesta on Twitter.

The Prizes

We couldn't have a party with food and games and no prizes, now could we? I didn't think so...

As I mentioned the other day, I went on a virtual cookbook shopping spree. While I was shopping, I picked out a few cookbooks for YOU! In order to add a bit of mystery to the party and because the books haven't arrived yet, I'm going to award a prize cookbook each week in the month of October. That's right, FOUR cookbooks. The surprise is, no one is going to know the book they've won until I post the entire round-up on October 31st. You're gonna have trust me on this one. I promise you won't be disappointed:) And yes, that means if you enter a recipe each week in the month of October you have 4 chances to win.

So, how do you win? I'll try to make this simple:) The recipe links I get for the week will be posted on the following Sunday beginning next Sunday, October 9th. You will be eligible to win a brand new cookbook if I receive your recipe link any time before that post, preferably by Saturday EST. For example, if you send me your post link any day/night this week, it will be included in the post I do for next Sunday with the number I give it as I receive them. I will use the Random Integer Generator to select a winning number:) On Monday, October 31st, I will post the weekly winners AND the title of the cookbook they have won.

I realize that some of you "travel" from far away lands to visit me. I think I've figured out away for you to join in on the fun. Due to the prohibitive costs of sending items over seas, I've chosen a few "mini" cookbooks from my gently used collection just for the occasion. If you live outside the USA, and there are no mailing restrictions in your country, you are more than welcome to enter your recipe celebration. However, your prize will be smaller in size but not lesser in appreciation:) There is one "catch" though. You must be a regular visitor at Months of Edible Celebrations or follow @lavesta on twitter. That means, you've left a comment on this blog on one or more occasions:) Please note: This exception is for overseas visitors only.

Well, I think I've covered all the bases. If not, don't hesitate for one minute to let me know. I guess it's time for you to get cooking. We're having a Cookbook Party!!!

Whoops, you see, I almost forgot. If you should choose to this post any time during the month of October, 2011, just let me know by leaving a comment and you will be eligible for a bonus cookbook prize. HAVE FUN!!!

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