Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's a Cookbook Party!

And, everyone is invited!!!

Wanna join in the Fun?


I may have "mentioned" this once or twice before but just in case you missed it, It's my Blogoversary! Yes indeed, way back in October of 2007, I "spoke" my very first words to the blogoshpere. Never could I have ever imagined I would gain such a captivating audience. I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for visiting, listening and never ever criticizing!

To show my appreciation, and because October is also National Cookbook Month, and you know by now how much I adore cookbooks, I've decided to throw a Cookbook Party!

Have you ever been to a cookbook party? No. Well, you may be surprised to learn, I've never been either!

Let's see, we have the music, we have the reasons, all we need now is some food and prizes! I'll tell you what. If you are willing to provide the food, I will gladly supply the prizes! How's that sound? It sounds good to me too!!!

Here's what we'll do. You see that list of monthly celebrations I've posted in the sidebar? It's the one titled October is... Well, it's a list of food celebrations I've gleaned from all over the internet. I've scanned through, what I feel are "reputable" sites to choose which celebrations to include on the list. Most have either been on going or noted through the years. If you click on any of the links, in most cases you will be brought directly to the sponsor. For instance, Pasta Month is sponsored by The National Pasta Association while Popcorn Poppin' Month is supported by the Popcorn Board. The American Cheese Society has chosen 2011 to celebrate their very first annual American Cheese Month celebration and for that, I am thrilled!

Let's Party!

Joining in on the fun is going to be easy peasy.

1. Choose a celebratory food from the side-bar. It isn't necessary to visit any of the sponsors, I've just linked them there for assurance:)

2. Rummage through your cookbooks and pick a recipe which represents the food you have chosen. For example, if you would like to celebrate National Pork Month, sniff out a pork recipe to share.

3. Post the recipe on your blog any day during the month of October. Please include the title of the book you harvested it from in your post and any adaptations you may have made to make it your own. Also include the celebration you are honoring in your introduction. You might want to write something like this:

Have you ever bounced a cranberry? October is National Cranberry Month and today I'm posting a recipe for Bouncing Cranberry Jelly to celebrate!
A link back to this announcement would be nice too. Just grab the logo above if you like:)

4. Send your link and a picture to my e-mail acalenda [at] gmail [dot] com with COOKBOOK PARTY in the subject line. Previous recipes or recipes that have been shared with other events are permitted as long as they are included in a post dated for this occasion. (October 2011)

5. This one is optional. If you choose to tweet about the cookbook party and/or your recipe, please use either the hashtag #cookbookparty or #foodcalendar or both. I'll explain the reason in a future post:) BTW, I'm @lavesta on Twitter.

The Prizes

We couldn't have a party with food and games and no prizes, now could we? I didn't think so...

As I mentioned the other day, I went on a virtual cookbook shopping spree. While I was shopping, I picked out a few cookbooks for YOU! In order to add a bit of mystery to the party and because the books haven't arrived yet, I'm going to award a prize cookbook each week in the month of October. That's right, FOUR cookbooks. The surprise is, no one is going to know the book they've won until I post the entire round-up on October 31st. You're gonna have trust me on this one. I promise you won't be disappointed:) And yes, that means if you enter a recipe each week in the month of October you have 4 chances to win.

So, how do you win? I'll try to make this simple:) The recipe links I get for the week will be posted on the following Sunday beginning next Sunday, October 9th. You will be eligible to win a brand new cookbook if I receive your recipe link any time before that post, preferably by Saturday EST. For example, if you send me your post link any day/night this week, it will be included in the post I do for next Sunday with the number I give it as I receive them. I will use the Random Integer Generator to select a winning number:) On Monday, October 31st, I will post the weekly winners AND the title of the cookbook they have won.

I realize that some of you "travel" from far away lands to visit me. I think I've figured out away for you to join in on the fun. Due to the prohibitive costs of sending items over seas, I've chosen a few "mini" cookbooks from my gently used collection just for the occasion. If you live outside the USA, and there are no mailing restrictions in your country, you are more than welcome to enter your recipe celebration. However, your prize will be smaller in size but not lesser in appreciation:) There is one "catch" though. You must be a regular visitor at Months of Edible Celebrations or follow @lavesta on twitter. That means, you've left a comment on this blog on one or more occasions:) Please note: This exception is for overseas visitors only.

Well, I think I've covered all the bases. If not, don't hesitate for one minute to let me know. I guess it's time for you to get cooking. We're having a Cookbook Party!!!

Whoops, you see, I almost forgot. If you should choose to this post any time during the month of October, 2011, just let me know by leaving a comment and you will be eligible for a bonus cookbook prize. HAVE FUN!!!

Cookbook Party Related Posts & Updates

October 17, 2011: As of this amendment, the Cookbook Party has begun its third week. For ease of navigation, I have listed posts that have anything to do with the party and a brief description.

1. It's a Surprise!

This is a list of October celebrations much like the one in the left sidebar except this list includes links to the "sponsors" of the respective event.

2. It's a Cookbook Party
The invitation to the Cookbook Party can be found here. It also includes the infamous "rules."

3. Cookbook Party Entries Week One
We had a cornucopia of delicious entries for the party in the first week. Go see...

4. Preview of Give-away Cookbooks.
I've always been terrible at keeping a secret when it comes to cookbooks. So, these are the books which I will be giving away. One each week for the month of October. If it isn't October 31, 2011 yet, you still have time to join!

5. October Cider Cake and Cookbook Party Entries Week Two.
The Cider Cake alone is worth a visit. Oh no, don't be silly, I didn't actually bake it. The recipe comes from the Southern Heritage Cookbook. And, if you thought Week One had some unique and delicious entries, Week Two has even more!


  1. What a great surprise I am all up for the cookbook party and the exciting cookbook price!

    Count on me, dear louise!

    ~~tweeted~~~ @MasalaHerb

  2. hi louise, would love to participate in you cookbook party. i see a whole list there at your sidebar, this is going to be exciting! thanks for including your "far away" friends!

  3. How Louise!!! and I adore this music (make me remember.... he,he) all look fun and nice I congrat by your bloanniversary and I have to find a lovely recipe for this party!!! LOL, gloria

  4. Fun idea, and what a variety of possible recipes! ("Cookie" and "pork" month give so many opportunities...) Looking forward to seeing what comes in!

  5. Hi Louise, I never knew October is a "fun-food month"! Will try to join in the fun! Thank you!

  6. Happy Blogiversary Louise! I love this fun idea! Seeing how October is so busy for me I will try my best to get in on it!

  7. Hi, just remembered, I will be posting a pizza recipe soon. The dough is from a cookbook, but the filling is entirely my own! Does this qualify for entry, for the Pizza Month? :) Thank you!

  8. I'm in for some fun and that music sure woke me up, lol! Thanks for the invite and will tweet and post soon! Happy blogoversary!!!

  9. Big fun!! I shall plan when I return from the fiber festival...

  10. What fun, Louise! I am going to make a BIG note to myself to do this :)

  11. Oh, and Happy Happy Blogaversary!

  12. This sounds so fun, Louise! I'm looking forward to it...thanks for the party! :D

  13. I kicked it off by TWEETING! (@girlichef) =)

  14. Thanks Foodycat! It's been quite an adventure!

    Thanks for tweeting the party, Helene. Can't wait to see what you bring!!!

    That's just GREAT, Lena. I sure do have a hankering for those crabs of yours. After all, it is Seafood Month too!!! I learn a lot from my "far away" friends, Lena. I'm delighted they too can play!

    Thank you sweet Gloria. A dish from a Chilean cookbook would be most welcome!

    That makes two of us, Erica. I was going to suggest the combination of opportunities but I didn't want to make it too confusing. I stink at rules!!!

    Thank for the tweet Pam! I think I've "gone-ta-pott!"

    I sure hope you do kitchen flavours. Something from your garden would sure be appreciated! However, a pizza recipe for Pizza Month is just perfect!!! So, yes, it does "qualify:)

    Thanks Reeni! I absolutely understand. For the life of me I can't figure out how you do it! Your inspiration is simply endless!

    Thanks Linda. I listened to that music all night while I was preparing this post. It sure has a way of growing on you! Thanks for the tweet:)

    Have FUN at the Fiber Festival Chan! I know, you're in fiber heaven!!!

    You better make a HUGE note, Lidian! I wouldn't dream of having a blogoversary without you. You gave me my very first award!!! (which btw I will be putting back when I figure out my new design:)

    Thank YOU, girlchef for the kick off tweet!!! Can't wait to see what you bring!!!

  15. I'll try to join in! I need distractions! And I cook so much that it shouldn't be a big stretch, right? Happy Blogoversary!

    Hugs for just a little bit east...

  16. Wow, since 2007! I'm impressed. A week from Monday it will be my one-year anniversary and I was pretty impressed with that!

    The cookbook party sounds like fun, and I love a challenge.

  17. Happy blogaversary! I'm excited to rummage through my old cookbooks! What a great way to try some recipes I haven't had the nerve to do.

  18. Ok I'm dumb but where's the food on the sidebar?

  19. I wish I could participate, but I will soon be on holiday so, I'm a bit swamped (as usual)... Anyway, i can't wait to see what people come up with.



  20. I'm going with National Cookie Month. I loveeee cookies! I make pecan pie cookies each year so that the recipe I'm sharing in my blog. Recipe from Southern Living 2000 Annual Recipes Cookbook. WooHoo National Cookbook Month. I posted in on my blog this morning Louise & gave you a "shout out"

  21. That's just GREAT Marjie! I'm delighted you're able to join in. Thanks for the hugs too, I thought of you this morning when they mentioned the "S" word. None here, thank goodness, yet!

    It is I who is impressed:) I can't believe you've been at it for only one year, Patti. The Cookbook Party is going to be a blast! I wish you would enter a tablescape. We sure could use some decorations!

    Thanks Yummy. Me too! Rumaging through cookbooks is my very best favorite past time:)

    It was probably a techo load problem, duckie. I "hand delivered" the list to your email. Come play!!!

    I understand, Rosa. We'll save you some goodies!

    Those Pecan Pie Cookies are just AWESOME Pam. Thanks for "kicking" things off.

  22. Starting to think about my post - am really excited! And I just tweeted this post, because Cookbook Party at Edible Celebrations = YAY!! :)

    Am going to aim for this Thursday or Friday for my post, BTW.

  23. Hi Louise, Me again! I'm in! Already emailed you! Thank you!

  24. Happy Blogaversary Louise! Love the idea of adapting from cookbooks ;-)
    Hope you are having a great week and again happy anniversary!

  25. Sounds fun! Are recipes from any cookbooks a must even if it is an adaptation?

    ANyway, happy blog anniversary.

  26. I won't be able to join Louise... I am in the midst of packing my belongings to move to our new house. So much to do, so little time. I am barely able to keep my blog going right now.

    Happy blogiversary!

  27. What FUN! I've been posting daily celebrations and this fits right in! I'll post later and email you the link .... now to decide ... caramel, cookies, pasta, seasfood ... so many delicious foods!
    Trisha Faye

  28. Happy Blogoversary! Im going to try to party with you , but my blogging is so sporadic. I would love some more cookbooks to add to my collection!So Im gonna try!

  29. Your so funny, Lidian:) You sound almost as excited as me and that's just wonderful!!! I look forward to seeing what you muster up!

    You sure are kitchen flavours. Your Minted Strawberry Cupcakes will make a wonderful dessert addition for National Dessert Month! Good Luck!

    Happy Wednesday! duckie (actually, in 9 minutes it will be Thursday:)

    Thank you Juliana. It's something I've always wanted to try. I do hope you will be joining us!

    Thank you tigerfish. It's been a GREAT blogoversary so far. I hope my email answered your question.

    I'm sorry to hear that Pam. But, I do understand. Just remember, stressed spelled backwards equals; DESSERTS! Enjoy your new home. I'll be dropping by your blog for the latest...

    Welcome, Trisha! I just popped over to your blog and saw your daily celebrations. I almost forgot about Madhatter Day! Thanks for the reminder:) Lots to think about for sure, caramel, cookies, pasta, seafood oh my:) Can't wait to see your dish!

    Thank you for the warm wishes dear Courtney. I do hope you will party along. One can never have enough cookbooks I always say.

  30. Happy blogoversary! I love that this is cheese month. I was planning to stop by our local cheese shop later today!

  31. Hi Louise,

    thanks for commenting on our site, and your invitation via twitter. As you may know, we are in the middle of a 30-day "Get Your Jelly On" challenge during the month of October for breast cancer awareness. I think we may be able to fit one of our jellies into the "Dessert Month" category but we've not really be consulting cookbooks for jelly recipes. If we can, we will participate.

    Happy bloggerversary! I love your infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude here.

  32. Thanks Lisa. Pick up some cheese for me too, will ya???

    Welcome, Nate & Annie. Your jelly creations are simply amazing! We would welcome any one of them as a dish for our Cookbook Party! Thanks for popping in...

  33. Happy blogoversary! I know I'm late but trying to figure out where I am going with this.

  34. Love this idea, Louise! And happy bloggiversary to you. Please hum this to yourself: Happy bloggiversary to me, happy bloggiversary to me, happy bloggiversary dear me-eeeeeeee. Happy bloggiversary to me! I have been playing with the apples from our tree -- made a pie with grated apples and lemon peel, and also a nice baked apple with custard sauce. But I will have to keep my eyes open for an apple recipe worthy of your contest :)

  35. it's my first time here and I'm glad I clicked on kitchen flavor's link to get here because your celebration does sounds enticing! happy blogiversary to you!

  36. It's never too late to drop in to say hi Rita. I appreciate your warm wishes:) I know the choices are daunting. October is just brimming with food days. Take your time. I'm sure what ever you cook up will be wonderful!

    Hum? I've been singing it for hours Lynn. Thank you for adding light to an otherwise gloomy rainy day in PA. Can't wait to see what you rustle up!!!

    Welcome Janine! I too am glad you clicked over from Kitchen Flavours. You are more than welcome to join in the party even if you live in a "far away" place, I am personally inviting you:) Drop by anytime!!!

  37. Hi Louise,
    This looks like fun, count me in! I love cookbooks and have been collecting them forever!

  38. Hi Margaret and Welcome!!! I'm delighted you are going to join the Cookbook Party!!!

  39. I've just tweeted your post. Hope to be able to join in as there's still a week left to october! Love the idea of the cookbook party.

  40. Hi Louise, I came from Lena's site. This sounds so fun party. Can I add my post here too?

  41. Your cookbook party seems really fun. Any idea if you're planning on making this event happen again?
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  42. Hi Cherry! Thanks for "popping" in. The Cookbook Party was GREAT! Did you see the final entries and winners??? I'm not sure if this will be an annual event but I sure am considering it!


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