Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moldy Cheese and a Cookbook Party Update

I just thought of one more reason "Why Cookbooks Are Here To Stay," Moldy Cheese Day! That's right folks, today is National Moldy Cheese Day and have I got a book for you!

...Roquefort is considered as the "King of cheeses". It has a tingly pungent taste and ranks among blue cheeses. Only the milk of specially bred sheep is used and is ripened in limestone caverns. It has the cylinder-shape with sticky, pale ivory, natural rind. Ripe Roquefort is creamy, thick and white on the inside and have a thin, burnt-orange skin. The ripening of the cheeses is in the natural, damp aired caves found under the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon...(cheese.com)

Don't you just love "moldy" legends!

The Legend of Roquefort Cheese

Long ago, a young French shepherd boy took his sheep out to graze near the little village of Roquefort. During this time a sudden downpour occurred which forced the boy to take shelter in a cave. When the rain stopped, the boy had to go out and round up the sheep so that he could take them home. However, he had forgotten his lunch. It would be several weeks before he would return, to that particular cave, to find that his lunch was still sitting where he had left it. The bread was dried and had crumbled away and the cheese seemed to have veins of green growing throughout. Although it did not look to be very good, the boy was very hungry and took a bite from the discolored cheese, and decided that it tasted better than any cheese he had previously had. So, the boy ran down to the village, shouting, "a miracle, a miracle," The people that gathered around the boy sampled the cheese, and from that day on they began bringing cheese to the caves around Roquefort so that it could be transformed into blue cheese. The same caves are still used for the manufacturing of Roquefort Cheese, today. This is the story that is so often told that even schoolchildren, by the time they reach the second grade, in Roquefort, know this story, verbatim. (source) Some say, it was on June 4, 1070, that a charter was granted to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, in the Auvergne region west of Provence, for the production of the cheese. (source)

Roquefort It's Caves and It's Cheese

Roquefort Cheese In History

And look what we have for Apple Month And Dessert Month, a Roquefort Apple Dessert.

Another good reason Why Cookbooks Are Here To Stay?

Cookbook Party: Week 1

I must say, I'm quite impressed with this weeks contributions for the Cookbook Party. I was a bit worried at first, you know how bad I can be at directions and "rules." (does Picnic Day ring a bell:) It seems I have a bit of honing to do on the invitation post. So, please excuse the lack of titles and adaption notes in some of the entrees. After all, the party was "thrown" together as a blogoversary Surprise Party and we'll be celebrating all month!!! Just in case you want to refresh your memory, and perhaps check and see if I've done any revisions, just follow the Cookbook Party link in the sidebar on the left or this one:)

Cookie Month

#1 Pam, hostess of Gone ta Pott, chose a recipe for Pecan Pie Cookies from the Southern Living 2000 Annual Recipes Cookbook. Don't they look yummy!!!

Cranberry Month

For Cranberry Month, we received two entries and would you believe, one for Cranberry Chutney and the other for Cranberry Sauce! We have #3 our third entry from Mae, hostess of Mae's Food Blog, who used home made cranberries in her brownies rather than chocolate chips or walnuts. Sounds good, doesn't it?

And we have #8 Channon from Chan Knits who dug out her Cranberry Sauce recipe to share. Duckie thanks you too Chan:)

Dessert Month

#2 Joyce adapted her recipe for Minted Strawberry Cupcakes on her blog, Kitchen Flavours. The recipe is from Wild About Cupcakes by Rachel Lane. I just want to "pluck" one right now!

#5 Lidian not only introduced us to a "Dessert From Out of the Air," she also celebrated "the Original Radio Girl," Vaughn De Leath, and her favorite dessert but, you'll have to pop by Kitchen Retro to find out what it is...

#10 Trisha Faye is new to Months of Edible Celebrations. Put on you game face and give her a warm welcome will ya? The theme of her blog is "A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun!" Any wonder why we've "met." She brought Aunt Mae’s Chess Pie adapted from The Texas Experience: Friendship & Food Texas Style cookbook.

Pasta Month

#9 Once again from Trisha, a Pierogi recipe for National Pasta Month. She also shared this recipe on her blog for Pierogi Day which was October 8th. I adore pierogis, don't you? (I'm just not sure how to spell them plural:)

Pizza Month

We have lots of pizza for Pizza Month. Not only did #4 Joyce contribute the fourth entry, she also contributed two, yes TWO unique pizzas. Chicken Rendang Pizza and Thousand Island Tuna Pizza at Kitchen Flavours.

And what about this Potato Pizza from #6 Lena at Frozen Wings. We sure do have some "out of the box" pizza entries, don't we?

Pork Month

Like #7 Erica says, "This week isn’t really about making a recipe so much as making an ingredient. And, since October is National Pork Month, this is a great time to write about… LARD!" I totally agree. Go visit Retro Recipe Attempts to follow Erica's process for making your own home made lard. Way cool...BTW, her inspiration melded when she spied a vintage Armour Star Lard advertisement.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for joining the Cookbook Party. I have a few wrinkles to iron out but I'm not worried. It is the first time and I think its going rather well. I would also like to thank Linda from Linda's Vittles, Helene from Masala Herb and our Girl Chef, Heather for kicking off the #CookbookParty on twitter this past week. Rather than choose one of you tweeters, I've decided to send each one of you a small gift. Email me with your postal info when ever you get a minute. You too can win a small gift for tweeting once again this week. Check out those "dang" rules:)

Ready to begin Week Two of the Cookbook Party? I surely am. Pop over and review the "rules" and then get those recipe adaptations in. If your curious as to who this week's winner is, and what the prizes are, It's a Surprise! (Oh okay, I'll be giving you a sneak preview on Thursday:) Now, go dig out those cookbooks!!! And, have FUN! Louise

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October 17, 2011: As of this amendment, the Cookbook Party has begun its third week. For ease of navigation, I have listed posts that have anything to do with the party and a brief description.

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