Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm So Happy I Could Just Burst!

Hi Everyone! My eye has healed, I bought a new pair of "specks" and I'm ready for action!

Pop Quiz! What if I told you the man who invented the world's first Bubble Gum, Dubble Bubble, was born on this day? Would I be stretching the truth if I told you that same man, Walter E. Diemer, was a 23 year old accountant who concocted his first batch of Bubble Gum purely by accident? Nooooooo Waaaaaay!

There are gobs of stickiness orbiting the History of Dubble Bubble and Walter E. Diemer, the man most likely responsible for causing me to write "I will not chew gum in school" way too many times! If I recall, wearing bubble gum on the tip of my nose, was one of my favorite past times in school too, besides blowing bubbles of course. Nowadays, there's quite a debate as to the benefits of chewing gum in school. According to this article, there is scientific evidence showing that chewing gum improves concentration and reduces stress.

...Teachers may outlaw chewing gum in class, but chewing gum in class makes kids smarter. How could that be? Chewing causes our hearts to pump more blood to our brain than it usually does. More blood carries noggin-nourishing oxygen and that will help brain function better. It also increases the glucose level, making the student more alert. The rhythmic chewing also increases attention. Mental tasks are done 20% more effectively while chewing gum and that's why it makes students "smarter"...

"Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
Learning how to blow bubbles isn't easy. It takes practice. Lots of practice! In fact, when Mr. Diemer slapped together his first successful batch of Dubble Bubble, he then found himself in a rather glutinous situation. He had to teach the company's salespeople how to use the stuff! Imagine, a teacher teaching people how to to blow bubbles with bubble gum? But wait, Mr. Diemer wasn't a teacher. He wasn't even just an accountant anymore. After his amazing discovery, Fleer promoted him to senior vice-president of the company.

National Bubble Gum week, which originated at Northern Michigan University as a way to "relieve tension among students preparing for final exams", isn't until the second week of March but, I thought perhaps in honor of this special occasion, we could do just a smidgen of celebrating today. What do you think? I thought you would agree:)

I was so intrigued by the "Bubblicious" Bubblegum Martini that I spied over on Kate's post, that I just had to get my hands on some Dubble Bubble and give it a whirl. Look at how cool it looks after just 4 hours of "marinating." In 24 hours, we'll have our very own Bubble Gum Vodka. Truth be told, you could try this recipe with Bazooka too!!!

Dubble Bubble had no competition until after World War II. According to the International Chewing Gum Association, during WWII bubblegum was handed out by US military personnel as gifts, thereby spreading its popularity among the peoples of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Dubble Bubble was part of the US military’s ration kits. And in the 1930s the first bubblegum cards were issued. The pictures ranged from war heroes to Wild West figures to professional athletes. After the war, Topps began wrapping bubble gum in comics and called it, Bazooka!

Why is Bubble Gum Pink?

It seems, America's first Bubble Gum was a dingy gray. Mr. Diemer wouldn't have it! The only handy food coloring in his lab that August day was Pink and that dear readers is why the preferred color of Bubble Gum the world over is Pink!

Mr. Diemer never received royalties for his invention. He did, however, receive hundreds of letters from children thanking him for "inventing" bubble gum. Although he rarely chewed gum, he would invite groups of children to his home and tell them about his invention, then he would preside over bubblegum-blowing contests. He is quoted as saying, "I've done something with my life. I've made kids happy around the world." In 1991 Walter E. Diemer moved to Lancaster, PA. There he enjoyed life riding around town on his tricycle. He died in 1998 at the the age of 93!

So what does one do when they've conjured up their very own Bubble Gum "extract?" First, one "plays" with the concoction, of course.

Then one bakes cupcakes! Oh no, not your every day ordinary cupcakes. Bubble Gum Cupcakes!!! That's right kiddies, I baked Bubble Gum Cupcakes with Bubble Gum Marshmallow Frosting! And, let me tell you, they are Dee...li...cious!!! Oh, they may not look like much but, they taste just like Bubble Gum!

FYI: Frank Henry Fleer was involved with chewing gum long before Mr. Diemer made history with the invention of his bubble gum. Curiously, Blibber-Blubber was never brought to market.

Tomorrow is National Apricot Day! I did a post about Precocious Apricots a while back, however, you must check out Lena's Apricot and Walnut Bars and Gloria's Apricot Meringue Pudding, they both look so darn yummy!!!

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  1. So "bubble gum pink" is basically a huge coincidence? Funny, I honestly can't imagine it any other color :D

    As always, great history lesson. Thanks!

  2. Happy New Year, Louise!

    I used to love eating gum daily especially during my time in high school :)

  3. A happy accident indeed! I would never accept any color other than pink! Is there pink food coloring that could be used with those fabulous cupcakes? Come to think of it, why was chewing gum in class always considered such a no-no? If only our teachers had known that texting was to become a far greater distraction - they would have welcomed our occasional bubble gum indulgence!

  4. What lovely Louise I love this bubble gum was one of mt favorite:)
    Thanks by link my apricots pudding :)
    I dont have idea of apricots day so is nice I have post this dear Louise and love it!!
    Have a nice week:)

  5. Bubblegum cupcakes are an awesome idea!! Happy New Year!

  6. What a fun post. I used to be quite the gum-chewer, and the Knight still is.

  7. OH my gosh, what a FUN post! We were never EVER allowed to chew gum in school...if only our teachers had known ;). I'm lovin' that bubble gum martini- how cool! Although I'll admit, I always have a problem swallowing things that taste like bubble gum...

  8. So glad your eye is all healed up Louise! Have missed your posts and this is a great one to start off the New Year!

  9. I am happy too for you and your eyes. We have Louise back. Do you hear the band playing and see the cheerleaders dancing?

    I love this bubblicious story and those great cupcakes.

    I am happy to be here.

  10. Congrats on your new specs!

  11. Glad to hear that you are starting off the New Year with your eyes in sync. I enjoyed this post, former bubble gum chewer that I was, but now I can't abide the stuff. Those cupcakes do look good though.

  12. Double Bubble is my FAVORITE and did I miss the recipe for those cupcakes somewhere. They look and sound amazing!! Thanks!!

  13. Oooohhh, good move changing bubble gum from gray to pink. But I think I'll pass on the bubblegum martini ;-) Glad to hear your eye has recovered!

  14. GREAT to hear your eye has healed!

    But I can't stand bubble gum, either chewing it or the flavor. I do love apricots, especially California dried apricots or truly fresh ripe ones. Everyone is different!


  15. So happy for you that your eye has finally healed and you can come back to your blog.
    I am not too crazy about bubble gum anymore; but apricots are right up my alley.

  16. Glad your eye is better!

    Double Bubble was my absolutely favorite bubble gum. Thanks for the history lesson. I definitely was deficient in the bubble gum area :-)

  17. congrats on the recovery of your eye! really glad to hear that! i chew on a gum almost daily..not sure if it helps to reduce stress but would definately try it while peeling an oinion! this is really so interesting to know! true enough, i dont think i've seen bubble gums in other colors here besides pink..or maybe they have white..not sure..oh, thanks for that link on the apricot bars too! you keep well!!

  18. I used to love double bubble. Don't think I've chewed gum in years! Is that true about onions? If so, I'm rushing out to buy some db gum ASAP!
    Love your db cupcakes!! Cute little round bubbles!
    Pleased you're all healed, Louise!

  19. I'm so happy I could burst too! What a fun post. The Bubble Gum Surprise Cupcakes sound seriously amazing. I think I could make a lot of friends with those. I don't need to many friends however, with a friend like you. How did you remember my Kate? You're amazing and I am in awe. She turns one in March and my Jack just turned 3. How do I stop them from growing so fast? It must be time for another one soon :) Sure think you are awesome!

  20. How fun is that? A bubblegum recipe!! XD very creative. I didnt know that there is a bubblegum association. lol Reminds me of my childhood when my cousin and I would chew 50 bubblegum at once, which was at the end unchewable. lolol

  21. I thought it rather odd that pink was the only available color, Erica. However, when you think of the circumstances, I guess it could be...Glad you enjoyed your visit:)

    Happy New Year to you dear, Selby! Are you visiting the US this Spring?
    There actually is a pink food coloring for the cupcakes, T.W. But, I'll be darned if I know where I saw it. That is so true about the texting. I can't even imagine what a classroom is like these days. Don't want to either, lol...

    Thanks Gloria. Delighted you enjoyed it. I thought of you when I saw the apricots in the store the other day:)

    Glad you liked them, Sylvia. Happy Chinese New Year to YOU!

    That makes two of us, Channon.

    I too would LOVE to try a Bubblegum Martini but like you, Heather. I'm not quite sure it would go down. After all those years of being told not to swallow gum, lol...Thanks for popping in. So glad you enjoyed the post!

    Thanks Kathy. It was a trying experience best forgotten, lol...Happy New Year to YOU too!!! May it be Heathy, Safe and Prosperous:)

    Thank you, Chaya. I must say, I too am Happy!!! Do YOU hear the band playing and me singing and dancing, lol...

    Thanks, Yummy. They make me look "sophisticated," lol...

    Eyes in sync and raring to go, Pattie. Now if I could only find more time, lol...

    You didn't miss the recipe anywhere, Tiffanee. I didn't post it because ran out of time, lol...Let me know if you want it. I used a white cake batter and a marshmallow frosting recipe and I doctored them both up, lol...

  22. Thanks, Inger I have a feeling bubblegum history would be totally different if it had stayed gray, lol...

    Thanks Mae. What an ordeal! Wegman's had Apricots the other day and I just had to have them. Marion and I just about have had our fill of dried ones. Although, okay, just not the same!!!

    I couldn't have said it better myself, Rita. I wonder if it has anything to do with age, lol...

    Now if there were only a way to make it chocolate bubblegum, Janet. Don't tell me, there is some???

    Nifty idea for a store, online shopping. Thanks for popping by...

    Thanks, Lena. I was peeling an onion the other night and asked Marion to chew a piece of gum so I wouldn't cry. It didn't work! However, next time, I'll try chewing it myself, lol...Ever since this post, Marion has made Dubble Bubble a staple in our house, right next to the apricots!!! In the mean time, let us know if it works at your end. BTW, your Mushroom Garden Platter is beautiful:)

    I haven't actually tested the onion theory yet, Barbara. Don't bother to run out for the gum though. I have plenty and will report back after I try it.

    I really think you should try the Bubblegum Cupcakes, Kasha. You would have such fun making them, I'm sure. I remembered your Kate because I saved her picture on my computer which has her birthday on it. I can only imagine how beautiful she must be. I'm sorry I missed jack's birthday though:) They sure do grow fast. You may not be able to stop it so the next best thing is to savour every second:) Thank you so much for your lovely words. They mean a lot:)

    50 bubblegums at once! Oh goodness, Helene. You two should have tried to break the world's largest bubblegum bubble record!

  23. Those bubble gum cupcakes are intriguing!

    Great to know that your eye is better. :-)



  24. This is a fun,informative post! I blew my share of bubbles back in the day and loved bubblegum. Those cupcakes sound pretty spectacular!

    That's great with your eye and it's wonderful to start the new year that way! Happy New Year, Louise!!!

  25. Dear Louise, Bubble gum...such a good part of childhood! Along with the ice-cream truck!
    I would love the bubble gum cupcakes. I bet they were delicious.
    Thank you for your visits and for your encouragement. xoxo Catherine


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