Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Margarita Day!

I know I'm pushing the envelope here by presenting you this recipe for Frosty Pitcher Margaritas that uses bottled lime juice but to be honest, things are really hectic around here this week. I just don't have the time to prepare the post I had planned. Of course, you can substitute real lime juice if you like.

Frosty Pitcher Margaritas | Margarita Day February 22
While I'm busy trying to get things in order, feast your eyes on this Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie. Happy Margarita Day!

Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie | Margarita Day February 22
P.S. Channon don't forget National Dog Biscuit Day tomorrow. We don't want any pouting from those "girls" of yours:) See you Sunday for World Pistachio Day!
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Frosty Pitcher Margaritas from That Lively Lime Twist published by Bordens (1983)
Frozen Margarita Pie Classic Desserts Eagle Brand Condensed Milk (1984)


  1. What a coincidence--I was just looking at that exact same Strawberry Margarita Pie recipe a couple of days ago. A few years ago, my sister-in-law brought a Margarita pie over. It was delicious! However, she doesn't remember which recipe she used so I was looking for one and came across this. I really liked the pretzel crust.

  2. I'll forgive processed lime juice if you'll overlook that I've enjoyed Skinny Girl margaritas while dieting... ;)

    And I don't do blended drinks. Might I have mine on the rocks, no salt?

  3. Well, I'll dive in, Louise! This sure looks refreshing after the morning I've had!

  4. I have a sudden craving for a margarita... that's not good since it's 8:21 a.m.!!! :)

  5. Woo-hoo! Now this is a great daily celebration!

  6. That marguerita looks very tempting. just what I need right now.

  7. Happy Margarita Day! I love these daily celebrations :)

  8. Oh no! I just finish dinner and did not have any margarita...I will take a rain check and celebrate margarita day tomorrow ;-)
    Thanks for the post and hope you are having a wonderful week Louise!

  9. Hi Louise, I could definitely use a margarita. I think I fixed my blog issues, thank you for the suggestions. Those pies looks delish as well!

  10. This makes me want to sing for some reason-- Garth Brookes Pina Colada songs!

  11. louise, i got to tell you that i never had margarita before. but the pie sure looks tempting!

  12. I must try to make this margarita soon. Looks cool and refreshing!

  13. The pie looks divine Louise! I'll eat a piece while sipping my margarita!

  14. Oooooh, I think this is my favorite of all the days you have posted!

  15. Oh my goodness Louise this all looks so good! Margarita pie is something I have got to try!

  16. Margarita Day! Louise, who knew?! You come up with the most interesting days to celebrate. These treats look yummy. Now I must scroll down and see all I've been missing around here :)

  17. Wow! Wish I could join you for a glass!

  18. OMG Louise I love Margarita Pie, Chocolate Decadenc eand love the trailer!! (lol)
    nice post!!!! gloria

  19. I'm all for Pretzel Crust too, Kathy. I'm just awful at making pie crust. I sure could use a nibble of Margarita Pie right about now! Thanks for popping in...

    There's such a thing as Skinny Girl Margaritas, Chan.? Why pray tell? On the rocks no salt it is, lol...

    Much better than celebrating Fat Tuesday a week late like IHOP. Don't you think, Mae:)

    So sorry you had a bad morning, T.W. Life sure is in need of more Margarita Days, these days!

    Pam,Margarita Pie wouldn't be such a bad thing early in the morning. Or would it?

    Thanks Yummy! Your Shamrock Green & Pot ‘o Gold Sables look so cool and festive!

    I think any day should be Margarita Day, Rita:)

    Me too, Baking Addict. Enjoy!

    You can "cash" that Margarita rain check in any day you like, Juliana. Enjoy!

    I was just over at your blog ooogling that fabulous New York Cheesecake, Angela and it seems to be working "seamlessly." However, it is still difficult to link to a dated post and your sidebar of recent posts links to your feed. I had to delete part of it to include in this comment.

    You are too funny, duckie.

  20. Go for the pie first, Lena. Margaritas can be a bit overwhelming if you have never tasted them before.

    It is Ann but so does that Cendol of yours look refreshing, lol...

    You go for it, Reeni!

    WOW! Inger You must really like Margaritas!!!

    You really should try the Margarita Pie, Susan. It's so you, lol!!!

    Have a blast, Lynn. Take a Margarita to go!

    I wish you could too, kitchen flavours:)

    So glad you like this post, Gloria and that you love Margarita Pie too!!!


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