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Pancakes or Doughnuts; It's Shrovetide

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to Kick Off Pancake Week!!! That's right folks Pancake Week is upon us and Fat Tuesday is just two sunny days away. You know what that means, Party Time!!!

As some of you may have already guessed, this blog is no stranger to Pancake Week, or Pancake Day celebrations for that matter. I've posted Dutch Babies,

a Pancake Layer Cake,

And of course, Shrovetide Tidbits & Delicacies.

So you see, both Pancake Week and Pancake Day are "covered so to speak:) But, just in case I've missed anything, here's a little pancake "ditty" I found in the Tummy Tingles booklet endorsed by the Wheat Institute.

As I was driving down the road yesterday, on my way to Katie's Greenhouse, I passed this sign along the road.

In Pennslvania Dutch country, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated as Fastnacht Day.

In Germany and in sections of America settled by Germans, Shrove Tuesday is called Fastnacht, Eve of the Fast. The rich foods used in England to make pancakes were transformed in German communities to FastnachtKuchenor, more commonly in this country, fastnachts-rectangular-shaped doughnuts.

Fastnacht has been an important day for the Pennsylvania Germans, and a number of customs arose in connection with it. In some areas the last one out of bed on Shrove Tuesday was called a Fastnacht. The fat in which the doughnuts were fried was used to grease the wheels of the wagon in belief that it stopped destruction caused by rats, mice, and insects. Fastnacht lard was rubbed on the sore udders of cows. It was applied to wounds, and garden instruments were coated with it to protect the vegetables from bugs. Failure to eat Fastnachts on Shrove Tuesday could be highly dangerous, causing failure in the flax crop, an attack of the boils, the inability of the family chicken to hatch eggs, and general bad luck. In like manner, eating Fastnachts would bring good luck and be helpful in filling out the heads of cabbage.

There were also quite a few work taboos. If you sewed on Shrove Tuesday, the chickens would lay no eggs; or if you cut yourself while wielding an ax, the wound would not heal. The Complete Book of American Holidays by Robert J. Myers and the editors of Hallmark Cards. ©1972

I'm hoping to devour a couple of servings of these donuts on Shrove Tuesday. I know what you're thinking, they look more like Pączki. That's fine by me!

It wouldn't be fair for me to "eat in front of you," so here is a recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon Doughnuts from Taste of Home's Prize Winning Chocolate Recipes.

Lest we forget, February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day! And, Toothpick Day! That's right everybody, the first machine for the manufacturing of toothpicks, was patented on February 20, 1872, by Silas Noble and J.P. Cooley, of Granville, Massachusetts. See you all here on Wednesday just in time for National Margarita Day. In the mean time, I have some blog visiting to catch up on:) Enjoy, Louise:)

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  1. Yes! Pancake Day is back! Pancake Layer Cake looks just amazing, Louise!

  2. It's always interesting to read your posts Louise. In Germany we have now already Fastnacht because it's today the name of the whole weak before Lent. The most popular kind of pastry in these days are "Berliner", but there are a lot more.

  3. Pancake week? Wow..hmm..i love the old fashion plump fluffy pancake with maple syrup! mmm..

  4. Ahhhh... I'm not much on sweets for breakfast, but those all look good, for a snack... and I don't think I'd turn them down right now.

  5. Welcome back to blogging! Pancakes sound really good. I think it's funny that IHOP is having its pancake day AFTER the beginning of Lent, meaning a total loss of connection to the abstemious history. All those "fat" things were eaten to use up the supplies that would be forbidden for 40 days. No more. Let's eat!!

  6. Dear Louise I love pancakes and dounughts and all look amazing!! yummy!!!!! delicious post (lol)

  7. Fastnachts look exactly my sort of thing! Yum!

  8. One day I hope to bake one up, T.W. If for no other reason but to oogle it!

    I was going to include a recipe for a "Berliner" Petra but I plum ran out of time. I think the doughnuts I buy Tuesday will be like them. We'll see:)

    Hi What's Baking! and welcome:) I'm with you, old fashioned, plump and fluffy, swimming in maple syrup. Oh YES!!!

    The Dutch Babies aren't really as sweet as they sound but you're right, Chan snack or dessert they would do the trick!

    Thanks, Mae. It's good to be back. I'm still trying to get my bearings though. So much to catch up with! I thought the same thing when I saw that IHOP date. I considered not including it. It really doesn't make much sense but, I figured there just may be those who would want to take advantage of the offer and do a good deed too:)

    Hope they filled you up, Gloria!

    Mine too Foodycat!

    Well, Yummy you have all week to flip a couple of batches, lol...

  9. How's this, I made pancakes yesterday not evening knowing it was pancake week, more because we just got back from travels and that was about the only ingredients I had available, now I feel inspired.

    What a great read, and I have to say your photo of the sign made me smile.

  10. Hi louise!

    So fun to know that our european culture is still present in its own way in the US. Your doughnut looks like a Krapfen. Thats what we make for Fasching (carnival).

    wow I have never seen a pancake layer cake and I wouldnt mind devouring this!

    Are u fasting this year?

  11. OMG! Pancake week! Let me grab a bottle of syrup and I'll be right there to join you.

  12. Pancake week is better than pancake day!! Love the pancake layer cake.

  13. Pancake week.. I was so busy thinking of Presidents Day weekend and Mardi Gras.. that I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. I plan to have chocolate banana pancakes this weekend.

  14. I'd like to wake up tomorrow and find that pancake layer cake waiting for me! Or one of those delectable jelly donuts! I don't care what anyone says - happiness can be found in a donut.

  15. pancakes are so worthy of a day of recognition! if i lived near an ihop, you'd better believe i'd be right there, enjoying the time with my fellow pancake-lovers. :)

  16. What a delicious post, Louise. :)
    The ditty is adorable! I say YES! to pancakes...any meal.

  17. Sounds like some of the Pennsylvania state beverage will go great with all these pancakes! My very favorite are the Dutch Baby pancakes.

  18. How cool is that!! I'm craving pancakes and that pancake cake looks amazing!!

  19. Pancake day, how nice! And the poem is lovely, can't help noticing they spelt syrup as sirup in those days? Thank you for stopping by my garden! Try planting some turmeric, the leaves has a nice fragrant aroma and we use that to cook some spicy dishes. And yes, Louise, I do have a pot of pineapple plant, I think about 7-8 months old, a long wait till harvest time! Have a pleasant day!

  20. hi louise, it's always fascinating learning about the celebration days and i can see that americans do celebrate all these occasions. we never have these kind of food celebrations in my country and nice to read about that free pancakes given away for that good deed! that's wonderful thing!

  21. I hope you enjoyed your pancakes immensely, Oyster The donut sign is now down but let me tell you, Marion and I pigged out!

    I have heard of Krapen, Helene. Now I wish I would have included a reference! I hope to make that layer cake one day, we'll see:) And yes, I have given up Peanut Butter cups for lent, lol...

    Hurry up Pattie. There are just a few Blueberry pancakes left!!!

    Me too, Baking Addict. Enjoy your holiday in Vegas!

    You sure were busy posting away that Pancake Week Janet. Good thing Pancake Day is but a few weeks away, lol...

  22. Marion and I know for a fact that much happiness can be found in a donut, Reeni. We won't even talk about the dozens we bought!

    I absolutely agree, Grace. As a matter of fact, a week isn't enough when you think of all the panabilities! Good thing Pancake Day is around the corner!

    So glad you enjoyed it, Barbara. That Tummy Tingles book is just brimming with delights!

    Then pancakes you should have, Duckie.

    Mine too Kathy. I really should whip up a another batch!

    Thanks Tiffanee. You should mix some up! I bet the kids would love it!

    I am going to palnt some tumeric, kitchenflavours. I can't wait! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. My Pineapple plant has a long way to go too. I'm thinking of nudging it along. Perhaps when the weather is warmer:)

    Hi Lena! I'm not sure many of these celebrations are "legal" but they sure are FUN! And tasty too!!!


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