Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bring Some Milk, it's an Oreo Cookie Centennial Celebration!

Have a cookie. Not any old cookie mind you, A Deep Fried Oreo Cookie! That's right folks, today we are celebrating the Oreo Cookie's Birthday!!! For it was on March 6, 1912 that the Oreo Cookie made its debut. One hundred years young as the folks at Nabisco like to say. As for us, we'll be celebrating with some tasty Oreo Cookie recipes that have been so generously served up by Oreo Cookie lovers' themselves; YOU! Enjoy!

I had today's Oreo Birthday post all planned when it occurred to me that there are a batch of bakers out there who enjoy concocting all kinds of things with Oreo cookies. (Yes, they like to dunk them in milk too, seriously, who doesn't:)

Take this video for example. I for one would never imagine making Caviar with Oreos & Hot Sauce. Would you???

So, I tossed my original post for today and made a rather impromptu request for Oreo Cookie recipes late Sunday night via Twitter. I must admit, Twitter was indispensable in gathering links and permission from these contributors. Thank YOU everyone!!! (I've arranged it so you can click the images or the link to be taken to the recipes)

Cookies and Cream Cookies Pattie @pattietierney
Oreo Tempura Janet @janetrudolph
Golden Oreo Cupcakes Anna @Cookie_Madness

Gloria, hostess of the delicious Canela Kitchen, didn't have an Oreo Cookie recipe on hand so she took a quick trip over to the Kraft Kitchens and found us this recipe for Philly Oreo Cheesecake. Thank you sweet Gloria:) (And yes Gloria we will be playing the Picnic Game once again this year; I can't wait:)

Philly Oreo Cheesecake

Here's one more from the folks at Kraft:

Spring Oreo Cookie Balls

I did a quick search in my Hospitality Search Engine and found a few more recipe links for you to explore. Just think, this is the one and only time in our lives that we will be able to celebrate 100 years of Oreo Cookies. It seems to me, we should make the best of it. Don't you agree???

Oreo Cookies Made from Scratch Stef @cupcakeproject

Itty Bitty Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies Jenny @PickyPalate

Cookies n’ Cream Scones Nicole @bakingbites

Oreo Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles Kerstin @CakeBatterBowl

Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes Grace @GracesSweetLife

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Trifle

I call this my Oreo Vase. I'm thrilled to share it today!

Thank you again to everyone. Just in case you're curious about Oreo Cookie History, like where the name Oreo came from, this link will take you to a previous post I did for Oreo's Birthday a while back. Also, if you know of an Oreo Cookie recipe link we may have missed, feel free to include it in the comment section below. Enjoy! Louise