Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ah April!

Beckoning from blue or storm skies,
April smiles, and then April sighs...
~Louise Bates~

We've been very fortunate here in central PA. March arrived with a whiff of April and if not for the last few days, it pretended to remain that way. I suppose you could say, March came in like a lamb and tried to go out like a lion but, it didn't. The rain today is most welcome and surely confirms that it is indeed April!

As you can imagine, things have been bustling at Fishing Creek Greenhouse once again this year. For those of you who may have missed last year's post about Katie, her family and their dairy farm, follow the picture:) I do believe there is also a recipe for Sugar Cookies for a crowd from The Best of Amish Cooking too:)
March was a busy month for setting up the greenhouses, sowing and planting. I can't recall a time I ever planted so many seeds and mind you, I'm a gardener from way back! How's it looking?
Greenhouse #2 is packed with freshly sown herbs and oh so much more:)
Around my place, the signs of Spring are also popping up. I was really worried about how this newly planted Primrose was going to fair through the winter but, it looks like "she" made it!
There's lots of "animation" going on in the yard. I wouldn't even know where to begin. The new Petit Carnations Marion planted last year have nestled in quite nicely and it looks like they are getting ready to pop! Although they are hardy plants, budding is a bit early for them. I hope they hold off a while. It's still a bit chilly at night.
Since the flower garden is filling in quite nicely, I've decided to tackle a new project in the next couple of months. I'm going to attempt to add a water feature using this bath tub I bought at the Habitat for Humanity Store down the road. The plan is still on the drawing board, mostly in my mind, but my thought is mosaic it!
I probably won't grapple with it until I return from Idaho in May. Chances are the fountains won't make it in before the end of the season either but I am going to try like heck to get it done!!! We'll see...Marion has been drawing all kinds of pictures and we've got tons of glass mosaic pieces we will be using to put the puzzle together. Like I said, we'll see...
As for the "visiting" houseplants who are eagerly waiting to go outside to play, the impromptu planting of the Candy Corn at the end of the season last year seems to have taken root. As a matter of fact, to our delight, one morning Marion and I uncovered this tiny Candy Corn flower buried within the scented geranium plant on the window sill. (the geranium has since been trimmed) We were giggling like school girls when we uncovered it. Lesson learned, Candy Corn plants can over winter in the house, Yeah! I did save some seeds too which I plan on sowing at the end of April.
I'm on the fence about the Pineapple Plant I started three years ago this March. If you look real close, you can see the tiny Candy Corn flower in the back round. That'a a String of Hearts hanfing in the basket. It blooms teeny tiny violet flowers which are cute but the charm really is in the heart shaped leaves dangling. I adore it! It took me a long time to replace the one I lost many years ago:) I'll be putting the Pineapple plant outside when the weather permits but, I'm undecided as to whether I want to nudge the fruit along or not. Again, we'll see...
I should mention, that statuesque lady next to the Pineapple Plant is Heliotrope. The intense fragrance this plant shares is simply amazing. I want to grow tons of it so I tried them in the house and it seems too be thriving quite nicely. Lesson learned: cuttings from heliotrope grow:) Here's a glance of last years bouquet. (I'll try to get better pictures this year:)
Yes, April is a month of uncertainty this year. I have lots on my mind and a few blogging/computer decisions also in the works. It seems I've been on the fence about those much too long and with Blogger's new Dashboard beginning this fine day, I may just have no choice but to nudge myself along:) I've read, it may take a while to get use to though.

"Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks"

Happy April everyone! If you've missed any of the celebratory posts I've done for all the food goodies April brings, I'm leaving a few links below and I've also included the monthly celebrations in the side-bar. Chances are, I won't be posting the rest of this week but, we'll see...
"April 1st is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other 364 days"
~Mark Twain~

1. Sourdough Bread Day
2. Chocolate Milk Powder Day is the 4th!
3. Don't forget Twinkies have a birthday this month!
4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is April 12th. It's Grilled Cheese Month too!