Sunday, June 24, 2012

Look What I Found!

Friday was my birthday and while I was gallivanting around from yard sale to yard sale, Marion baked me a Birthday Cake!!!

Don't you just love when yard sales are on Fridays? And how terrific is it when that Friday also happens to be your birthday? Pretty cool huh? What's even more exciting, to me that is, is that in Pennsylvania, unlike Long Island, you can hit a whole town of yard sales all on the same day!!! Yep town-wide yard sales may just be the best!!! Besides the World's Longest Yard Sale, which I mentioned here. Now you know I'll be sharing these 2 for a dollar beauties!!!

Although I 'd love to share all the other "neat" stuff I bought while "yard-sailing," I'd much rather share a piece of cake with you and tell you about the very best ever present I bought for myself!!!

Can you see it?

May I present, drum roll..., My Fountain of Youth!

I know I should have waited until it was completed, but I just couldn't. Can you tell how excited I am? I have high hopes for this fountain just you wait and see!!! And you will see!!! And as much as I was thrilled to think of the possibilities of repurposing my Habitat for Humanity tub into a work of art, lol...

Now I can take my time and think it though thoroughly. Sounds a bit like something a procrastinator would say:)) The lady that I bought the fountain from "made me an offer I couldn't refuse:)" (It also helped that her very kind husband delivered it too:) We won't talk about how many "farmers" it took to get that baby on the back of my truck though. And how utterly difficult it was to set up. Or that it has to come down again to get fitted for its pump. Or that I will be mixing more cement to do a minor repair. You see that white bucket? That is going to be replaced somehow!!! And look how big my Pineapple has gotten!!!

Did you see the turtle by the fountain? Actually, how could you miss him. I just had to go to the nearest garden supply and buy the biggest turtle I could find. Although, I did hesitate when I first saw him thinking I could hold out until my next yard-sailing adventure. But hey, it's my Birthday, I'll splurge!

Speaking of reptiles, look what I found nesting in my garden work area. An an Amphibian!

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't frogs have tadpoles in...Water? A frog!!! I haven't had time to investigate yet but if she keeps hanging around, I will surely be googling.

Oh and before I forget, I've meaning to tell you. Although the mother Robin seemed to do a disappearing act with her "kiddies" unbeknownst to both Marion and I, she did return with at least one of her offspring. They now live happily in the pines by the garden.

And as for that yummy cake, it was delicious!!! Would you believe Marion apologized for using a mix? Oh that woman:) I should be so virile at the age of 92! Or is it 93 I keep forgetting, lol...As you may have guessed, I had an outstanding birthday, the cake was scrumptious and Marion, well Marion I thanked her profusely and then we ate our cake:)

Yes, I have big dreams for this everlasting fountain of youth however, although stunning, this isn't one of them!

Quick Picnic Game Update

Update June, 28, 2912
There are NO letters left to choose from for the Picnic Game. Isn't that just wonderful! Bring large blankets and even larger appetites. It's going to be Dee...Li...Cious!
Now don't worry, I'm not panicking but rather than wait until the last minute, I may as well mention it now. I know the letters that are left may seem recipe difficult, you might want try to think of them as a way to get creative.

For instance, last year when we were in dire need for a dish beginning with the letter X, Veronica came up with a rather inventive dish, Xerem.

Quite a few of you have said you will start delivering your dishes by Monday or Tuesday and that's just wonderful. The Picnic Basket is going to be brimming with so many tasty dishes. By the time you read this post, you should have received the "dishes" I've gotten so far. I won't be in contact with any of you today (Sunday) as I am off on a quick business trip to Scranton. I should be back late Sunday night or early Monday morning raring to fill our basket!

Thanks to everyone for joining in. If you know anyone who might want to join in on the festivities, be sure to let them know!!! Have a wonderful Sunday, Louise