Sunday, September 9, 2012


I must have looked quite the site a few weeks ago when I "ran" down to my favorite Amish Produce Stand to get Marion a loaf of Amish bread for her noon lunch.

I say this because I received the most delightful surprise yesterday when I once again went down to get Marion a few snacks to hold her over while I make a quick trip to New York today. (I'll actually be gone by the time you get to reading this; I do believe those employees of mine think New York is as close as a quick trip to M&M. It isn't!)

The local produce stand is operated by an Amish family that lives in the neighborhood. The two oldest girls, who are twins, Rachel and Marianna are usually there from Wednesday to Saturday. Sometimes if either of them have an errand to run, the younger sister, Sadie, is there to welcome you. I'd say she's about 14 or 15 years old.

This one day when I "ran" in, I had been working in the garden in the vicinity of the compost pile. I may have mentioned what a terrible composter, I've been this season. (or is that compostee?) Anyway, as luck would have it, my gardening clothes, which are prehistoric Mr. Green Jeans, were noticeably dirty! (you may remember Mr. Green Jeans from the Captain Kangeroo Show, you may not. I know, I'm dating myself here:)
Marianna just happen to be there on this particularly sweltering day and I couldn't help thinking to myself about the many times that I have seen her laboring during idle minutes between customers. In all these years of going there, I don't think I've ever seen her stay still for even a second. If she isn't restocking the canned peaches glistening on the shelves, she's outside tending to the fresh produce or the many lovely plants they also sell. As we speak, the front of the store is overflowing with Fall mums. (I didn't have my camera with me when I "ran.")
In the course of me checking out with Marion's loaf of bread, we did our usual idle chat. She inquired about the flower garden and I asked her what fresh produce she'll have in store for next week. I don't like to pry into her personal life but I know her sister Rachel got married this past October and I was curious to know if she had moved into her new house. Many Amish newly weds around here wait until their friends and neighbors build them a house to live in. Rachel and her husband have been moving from house to house since October which is also customary. She is now at her parents house while the finishing touches and town approval are in the works.
I started to apologize for the state of my being when I realized that Marianna was looking a bit under the weather. Weary actually. I said something to her like "well one thing is for sure, when you're feeling so tired at the end of the day, you at least know you had a pretty productive day." Or something to that effect. She gave me this bright smile and as if something had just occurred to her she thanked me for the handful of 4 O'clock seeds I had given her last year. "They were so pretty" she said. "Now I have Morning Glories, 4 O'clocks and Moonflowers to remind me of the time of day" and she laughed. Did I ever tell you I'm like Mrs. Johnny Flower seed? Not only do I clip and pinch seeds whenever and wherever I see them with that trusty scissors of mine but, I also spread them around to whoever will take them. Here are a few this year's harvest.
With that, in her cute little Amish voice, for lack of a better Dutch accent on my part, she thanked me and simply pointed her little finger at me and returned to her chores. One of which is changing the weekly sign:)
I hadn't thought about it since then probably because whenever I did my weekly "run", Marianna was usually doing errands and since Sadie is extremely quiet and shy, I don't usually like to startle her with my over zealous New York accent. I do my picking, Marion has been on a Whoopie Pie kick, and I quietly leave. (well as quietly as possible for a New Yorker at heart:) This is probably a good time to share an Oatmeal Whoopie Pie recipe with you. I'm sure you're getting hungry thinking about all those Amish goodies:)

So yesterday, not quite attired like Lisa Douglas from Green Acres, I ventured back to M&M to get Marion some of her faithful snacks, yes, a few Whoopie Pies, a couple of Donuts and a freshly baked Shoo Fly Pie! (the woman sure does love her Amish snacks)

To my utter delight, Marianna was there and she was looking 100% better. It seems, she hadn't been feeling well since that day I saw her and she gave into it, just a tiny bit, by letting her sister Sadie work at the stand while she recuperated. She told me that she was thinking about what I had said and she gave me this as a gift.

Chances are I won't be blogging until next Sunday, another good Lord willing and the creek don't freeze kinda week:) However, I will have my MacAir with me in New York so I will be able to visit all your tasty blog posts. I was going to prepare the list for this weeks food days but quite frankly, I have a long drive in the morning and lots of people to scold when I arrive:) I think it's best I get some sleep:) Have a GREAT week everyone!!!

My "farm" truck in Pennsylvania.

And the trucks in New York. I guess you could say I like red vehicles, lol...

And lilac Butterfly Bushes:)