Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spin The Bottle For Foods That Fit Your Moods

Whence last we met, we were extolling the virtues of "Cooking Like A Man and Saucing Like A Woman" or something to that affect. Well, today, I thought might be just the right day to play a game called Spin the Bottle. Virtually of course, but in no way like the Picnic Game:)

For those of you who may not be familiar with the teenage kissing game called Spin the Bottle, let me explain. The easiest way is this: a bunch of people, usually acquaintances, sit in a circle and place a bottle in the center of the circle. One brave person starts it off by spinning the bottle round and round where it stops no one knows. Wherever it finally does stop, the spinner, that would be the person who started it off, kisses the person that the bottle has stopped in front of. If the person who spun the bottle and the person that the bottle is pointing to happen to be of the same gender, they hug:) The kissee, that would be the person who was just kissed, becomes the new spinner and so it goes... As I said, simple form but you get the gist of it.

Our virtual spin the bottle party game will be using a ketchup bottle. Yes, that's right folks, a bottle of Ketchup quite similar to the die-cut Heinz Ketchup recipe booklet you see at the top of this post. The "formula" will be reaped from this colorful Heinz Ketchup booklet you see below titled, Spin The Bottle For Foods That Fit Your Moods Hence, the title of this post:)

As you might of guessed, this booklet was published by the folks at Heinz in 1970. Pop Art and Disco Fever at its finest:)

So, are you ready to do some cooking with Ketchup? Good because you are in for some emotional surprises for sure!!! First up, we spin the bottle and...Let's Get Stewed with some Frankfurter Stew!

No sense in getting "stewed" without some more company. I'm in a Lets-Have-Friends-Over-Mood. I'm spinning the bottle and serving this Devilish Dip!

Before we continue, I thought you might find this explanation as to how H. J. Heinz came up with the slogan "57 Varieties." It's scanned from the December 7, 1927 online issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

See red yet? I surely do. That's why I'm in a Seeing-Red Mood and serving up Pot Roast Au Gras. Don't forget the Red Eye!

I wonder what would happen if while spinning the bottle, it landed it the middle of two; persons or dishes that is. Let's try it! Spin, spin, spin and I land at...Turned-On-To-Cook-Mood AND, I'll-Fix-The-Family's-Favorite-Mood. You know what that means don't you? We'll be serving up Ham Loaf with Apricot Tomato Sauce, Ketchup Meat Loaf and Love Apple Pie for dessert.

Now that ketchup bottle is really getting empty, I think It's-The-Kids-Turn-In-The-Kitchen Mood I'm seeking. Like the booklet says, "Kids and Ketchup belong together! My grandson, Noah would agree. That child puts ketchup on EVERYTHING, including Corn-on-the-Cob!

FYI:Early on in Heinz ketchup history, it was advertised as a "Blessed relief for Mother and the other women in the household!", a slogan which alluded to the lengthy and onerous process required to produce tomato ketchup in the home."

Another famous Heinz slogan from the past (1967) was "Beanz Meanz Heinz", which makes me think it's time to aim for the Tired-Of-Meat-And-Potatoes Mood.

As you might have guessed, we're all growing a bit weary of ketchup and spinning the bottle. I think it's high time we say To-Heck-With-The-Diet-Mood

...and we bake up a Sunshine Chiffon Cake, minus the ketchup. Don't you? Marjie, hostess of the Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet blog, has just what the doctor ordered! Thanks Marjie!

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for playing Spin the Bottle For Foods with me. While we're "speaking" of games, I'd like to ask everyone's opinion about the Picnic Game this year. Should we or shouldn't we? I've had quite a few inquiries about it not only recently but pretty much the entire time I was on hiatus from blogging. I understand if many of you have made other blogging plans for Picnic Day and Picnic Month, but if you think we can get enough letters together, then I'm game! How 'bout YOU???

1. 70s Theme Party: Retro Food Recipes (from Betty Crocker, of course:)